Aamir Khan’s Fake PK Interview for which he filed a legal notice

Aamir Khan is reportedly upset that Pakistani websites have carried his ‘FAKE’ interview, where he speaks about the ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ religions.

In a statement to the media, Anand Desai, managing partner of DSK Legal said “Mr Aamir Khan was shocked to find an interview attributed to him on several Pakistani websites in relation to his latest film PK. He has never given such an interview. It is clearly a fabrication by someone trying to impersonate him, done with the intent of drawing visitors to their website, and is defamatory to our client”

“Today we sent legal notices on behalf of Mr Khan to the websites. The impersonation is a very serious infringement of our client’s rights, and we will take legal recourse. Mr Khan will be filing a criminal complaint with the Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai” he added.

Below is the full ‘fake’ interview that was reportedly carried on several websites.

Aamir Khan

Unknown Reporter: You stole money from a Hindu Temple, but not a ‘chadar’ from mosque/tomb?
Aamir Khan (Fake): It is the money that people need to survive in this world, not the ‘chadar.’

Unknown Reporter: In a scene in the film, Lord Shiva was degraded. Why not the Prophet or Hussain of Islam?
Aamir Khan (Fake): First of all, none of the Lord(s) were degraded. Secondly Muslims don’t use any picture or figure of their Prophet or Hussain (A.S). Therefore, you cannot impersonate them in any way.

Unknown Reporter: Posters of missing Lords and Ladies of Hinduism were displayed in the film. Why not the God of Muslims?
Aamir Khan (Fake): I would reply to this question with the same answer. You cannot raise the question on Allah or His personality since Islam doesn’t show or use any picture of Him.

Unknown Reporter: The guy in the film was a Muslim while the girl was Hindu. The film ended up showing that Muslim or Pakistani men are not a fraud but loyal. Don’t you think that love story was a part of Jihad.
Aamir Khan (Fake): Well, no. The ending of the film had a message that Muslims and Pakistanis are not who we think they are. They are loyal and dutiful instead. Previously, we have seen a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl in many movies, neither we protested against it nor you did. I guess you shouldn’t protest now either.

Unknown Reporter: We saw you chasing and targeting a Hindu Saint throughout the movie. Why not a Muslim cleric?
Aamir Khan (Fake): None of the clerics in any Islamic society calls himself a messenger of God, or someone who can contact his God. Every cleric, no matter how senior he is, learns from the book of Allah, The Holy Quran, and preaches from it.



  • where is mnik is best movie. the mental srk said everytime he is khan, khan. why dnt he use his name. mnik was a good try to promote islam. i felt bore when i hear to much my name is khan.

  • This is very sad thing. First there was wrong rumours that Aamir used the donation money which he get from Satyamev Jayate to make Madarse,Mosque etc. For which he went to file a fir and than police arrested the culprit who spreading this nonsense.Now for pk again.
    I don’t know why people try to create negative vibe for a certain actor whose intention was never like this.
    More importantly peoples who easily believes these nonsense easily.

  • @romance I think you should not waiting for Raees as it had a Pakistani actress as lead heroine.Now you are sooner a new chameleon on Indicine.
    Remember your comments boycott pk and now saying pk had unnecessary controversy.Now again a u turn from ur side chameleon.

  • @romance, now u r talking ur non sense on jihad. Remember u r the same guy once who said muslims should watch khans movies and hindus should watch hr/akki movies. U appealed to muslims to not watch hindu actors’ movies. And now appealing hindus to not watch pk. Keep it up ur ChamleonGiri.

  • @sem

    So if you dont like some scenes you say that the websites have the right to tarnish Aamir’s image and he should ignore them. Care to explain?

  • @romance….only u make such foolish statement!! All d readers here for once have they ever brought topics on Shah rukh khan as…
    1. Relative of ISI(Pakistani spy agent)…Chief Lt General Zahir Ul-islam?
    2. Have they ever mentioned that SRK is a great fan of DR ZAIK..Islamic fanatic banned from entering UK and us??
    3.or SRK is against Dr Ramdev anti corruption campaign esp wit respect to a villa/ mansion SRK claimed was a gift in Dubai??
    4. A very close friend of one of CBI most wanted Bollywood producer Kareem morani?
    5. Or we mentioned that SRK will b detained at least an average of an hour anytime he visits america? R american hiding something from us??
    6. Did u c d tweets/campaign article SRK posted on condemnation/assassination of Osama bin laden??
    7. Forgot why SRK house was threatened to b burnt and was given ultimatum to leave for pakistan when he adamantly stuck with importing muslim pakistanis to IPL cricket team before he later backed out???
    @ romance ….listen dude i am a muslim i also have high respect for SRK even wit al these but i cant b stupid to b posting nonsense religious articles to entertainers that put smiles on our face!!!
    Aamir married hindu ladies twice!!…. Well i wont say much..wat i will just advice u is to b keeping ur mouth shut esp with high profile megastars(aamir srk salman etc)…they have huge fan base so pls LETS JUST WATCH THEIR MOVIES AND APPRECIATE THEM OK!! cos i know u r not a saint or prophet or watever!!!!
    Take note…leave our ICONS alone ok!!

  • Have amir raju got right to mocking on god ???have they right to play with people sentiments ???wish indicine can publish that two lines of mine…

  • Aamir decided on acting in a movie of that nature – he should accept what comes with him. Is he giving all money earned for that movie to the poor of India?

  • @sem Raju had a right to questioning hindu god being a Hindu so is abhijaat joshi and VVC.but who gave you right to support Pakistanis media wrong did.Where were you when srk said pak players should allowed to play IPL,you double standard moron.First look you and your idol before questioning.
    If Raju had wrong intention than movie couldn’t be all time grosser if only controversy helps than srk mnik shouldn’t be lag behind Aamir 3i with long margin.People loved the film I am Hindu and most of my friends also but not a single friend got offended.You supporting srk who put rest his nationalism by supporting pak player and you questioning Aamir and Raju for so called wrong deed in names of religion.

  • @sky,what’s wrong when KING KHAN said pak players should play IPL?are the players a big terrorists?what’s your intention of linking a statement about allowing a Pakistani player to play IPL with raju hirani/amir made fun of HINDU religion.I know you want to prove KING KHAN false from every possible way that even though is right 100%
    A controversy will help a movie 5-10%.

    pk is an highly entertaining illogical overacting movie that Indian lined to watch while MNIK is based on reality type with out so much entertainment and it also banned in many states.

    smj is a worthless show if also it has worth then amir is not the suitable person to host it who never donated a penny to any poor instead of taking 4cr in each episode only to tell how the peoples suffers big time.that also an insult to those poors who unnessarily becomes a joke.shame.on such actors who is making fun of own country’s people and made fun of HINDU religion unnecessarily to give a crap message that already given in a beautiful way.he is a worst personality ever even his twitter incident about KING KHAN proves how cheapest and low class that a person could be.

    @yuvraj,MNIK is not a suitable film for bhojpuri film watchers like you.

    @sani d,control your frustrations.

  • @ Suresh Sukhinath Subhramanium January 15,2015 at 12:54,

    who are you to call SMJ as worthless show??? your controversy hype king has not had any single hit show in his tele career. KBC 3 was biggest flop season amongst all seasons and paanchvi flop se tez his historic disaster show and flop ka zatka followed. SMJ is a farr farr better show than those useless shows. and tell me when did srk donated a single penny to the so called poor people???? aamir has donated blood and many things to the poor people unlike lungiwala who is only making money for himself. shame on that Goat voiced Chimpanzee faced overactor.

  • @sky now u going to decide others feeling…if your friends dont offened then its really its up to them…they dont have faith in godand they want to prove they r living in 21 sr century and they r open minded…

  • @sky i have not shown any kind of support to that article….as a amirfan u can digest pk then this article is also same MOKING on amir…

  • It is “Amir Khan” therefore all these controversies. If it would be named OMG-2, again with “Paresh Rawal”, it would be called a Jewel in film industry. Truly chameleon.

  • Why we did not felt our gods insulted in OMG? If we could not speak that time then why this controversies. We should have stopped it that time itself …. if it was NOT fair.

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  • aray baba answers ghor say perho , fake ho ya real answer correct dia finally islam is the best religion .

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