Aamir Khan’s Fake PK Interview for which he filed a legal notice

Aamir Khan is reportedly upset that Pakistani websites have carried his ‘FAKE’ interview, where he speaks about the ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ religions.

In a statement to the media, Anand Desai, managing partner of DSK Legal said “Mr Aamir Khan was shocked to find an interview attributed to him on several Pakistani websites in relation to his latest film PK. He has never given such an interview. It is clearly a fabrication by someone trying to impersonate him, done with the intent of drawing visitors to their website, and is defamatory to our client”

“Today we sent legal notices on behalf of Mr Khan to the websites. The impersonation is a very serious infringement of our client’s rights, and we will take legal recourse. Mr Khan will be filing a criminal complaint with the Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai” he added.

Below is the full ‘fake’ interview that was reportedly carried on several websites.

Aamir Khan

Unknown Reporter: You stole money from a Hindu Temple, but not a ‘chadar’ from mosque/tomb?
Aamir Khan (Fake): It is the money that people need to survive in this world, not the ‘chadar.’

Unknown Reporter: In a scene in the film, Lord Shiva was degraded. Why not the Prophet or Hussain of Islam?
Aamir Khan (Fake): First of all, none of the Lord(s) were degraded. Secondly Muslims don’t use any picture or figure of their Prophet or Hussain (A.S). Therefore, you cannot impersonate them in any way.

Unknown Reporter: Posters of missing Lords and Ladies of Hinduism were displayed in the film. Why not the God of Muslims?
Aamir Khan (Fake): I would reply to this question with the same answer. You cannot raise the question on Allah or His personality since Islam doesn’t show or use any picture of Him.

Unknown Reporter: The guy in the film was a Muslim while the girl was Hindu. The film ended up showing that Muslim or Pakistani men are not a fraud but loyal. Don’t you think that love story was a part of Jihad.
Aamir Khan (Fake): Well, no. The ending of the film had a message that Muslims and Pakistanis are not who we think they are. They are loyal and dutiful instead. Previously, we have seen a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl in many movies, neither we protested against it nor you did. I guess you shouldn’t protest now either.

Unknown Reporter: We saw you chasing and targeting a Hindu Saint throughout the movie. Why not a Muslim cleric?
Aamir Khan (Fake): None of the clerics in any Islamic society calls himself a messenger of God, or someone who can contact his God. Every cleric, no matter how senior he is, learns from the book of Allah, The Holy Quran, and preaches from it.



  • Aamir has the legal right to take action if the journalists ever deny the claim but Stuff like this should be illegal. You can’t just make up stuff about someone and publish your own website.

  • those who has a little brain inside their head will understand that aamir khan can never give this type of Interview & this type of answers…

  • Babaji ka thulu

    if u r a pakistani den its ok but if u r an indian then SHAME ON YOU! becoz he had ask those questions which means a lot.

    1st > pakistani are more loyal

    2nd > he differentiate between hindu and muslim(that only they are loyal) from his questions which is bad for both becoz this type of question may effect our unity and thinking about eachother, Though not much.

    But u need not to make hats off to that reporter

  • @Shail007… clearly, sarcasm is beyond you. It was just a sarcastic comment.

    Waiting for @gj001 and @saksham comment

  • Sunny leone- hey Aamir…. PK mein meri acting kaisi lagi ?

    Amir- aaila tu kaha thhi PK mein?

    Sunny leone- wo dancing cars yaad hai na!

  • What a shame!!! Stop it stop it! Some more how many time hurt Hindu religion? Now, out of control my mind. Who is the reporter?

  • Neeraj

    i know that was a sarcasm. Also that interview was fake. But why to make such a useless sarcastic comment. HATS OFF

  • Religious opportunists have neatly cashed in on PK. VHP, Bajrang Dal, these fanatic websites, Owaisi everyone!

    I think Hirani should make his next film on yellow journalism. He keeps stating that his films have based on real life experiences and after PK he has got a lot of it!

  • PK is breaking records in Pakistan so guess somebody wasnt happy about this and is trying to cause havoc… Poor souls

  • If Aamir can make fun of god then amir should also have take it as entertainment… tit for tat as simple as that… if u dont want to read just dont read…pk raises the bar of tolerancy

  • Interaction between Pak reporter and Some Buddha Mukherjee upon arrival…

    Pak reporter:- “We are so excited you could come- we heard nothing but great things about you from Navin who rated you highly n more worthy than rasputins thullu… welcome to Pakistan Sir. So what should I call you…?”
    Some Buddha:- “Emraan Hasmi”
    Pak reporter:- “But why…? I know who you are…!”
    Some buddha:- “Sssshhhh. First lesson- convince yourself of your new identity- if you cant then how will others believe you…!”
    Pak reporter:- “Oh wow I see- really smart…”
    Some buddha:- “Now ask me again who am I….”
    Pak reporter:- “Ok Sir… Who are you and what are you doing here in Pakistan…?”
    Some buddha:- “My name is Arjun Kapoor and Im promoting Youngistan…”
    Pak reporter:- “Sorry Sir but dont you mean Tevar…!”
    “Some buddha:- “Tevar…phew… Thats small fries- my real goal is spreading the message of Youngistan n giving your country the leftovers from India that Bollywood has shunned/ rejected outright like Arjun Kapoor, Zayed Khan n Tusshar Kapoor to name afew… I wont leave until you adopt my Youngistan…”
    Pak reporter:- long pause total silence before thinking what have we done giving this guy a visa before fainting

  • @sem

    He wasnt making fun of God just the babujis giving out wrong numbers n the middle men who have been praying on the weak hearted like you for many millenniums who are gullible souls ready to believe any old nonsense….

    Food for thought- if we switch places with our ancestors of thousands of yrs ago then would those souls want to waste their moment in todays times believing/ being confined to guidelines laid out by us from thousands of years ago…… Explore the world around us n not just the books that are holding us back dated way back….

  • @sem

    Really? He makes a satire and you say,”Fun of God” The trend in collections indicates people are watching it and re-watching it again. If he was making fun of God, the film would have crashed.

    Secondly, if you still have problem with the movie, go to court and file a case against it. The court will decide what is right. In the case of PK, every case has been dismissed. Even the Supreme court thinks pk is not offensive. If you still have a problem go to the President of India! Who gives you the right to misquote him? Who gives you the right to tarnish his image? He has every right to move to the court.

    He is following legal system. He is not behaving like a Goonda. He is not disrespecting Indian Constitution. Just because you are SRK fan you’re passing a lose comment. And for your info Srk himself supported PK. lol.

  • @shail007: You could’nt sense the sarcasm man! No need of crying over a sarcastic comment and that too which i made regarding a completely fake interview.
    My intention was to mock that “Unknown reporter” for asking such useless and senseless questions.

  • I am really happy that pk was embroiled in controversy because somewhat the controversies has helped the movie in a big way

  • Aamir Khan is an actor who will analyse a script and ask Qs like why would my character say this like this…? He will want to know the rationale behind such dialogues before making the right suggestions on how to improve it…

    Such a shame that as a society we just swallow whats written before us- digest it n never ask what are the ingredients or how the mixture was made or who made the recipe…. Its easy to be told what to do n harder to do something for yourself…. No wonder the babujis have been milking us dry for centuries as we give them a blank cheque in blind faith…

  • Aamir in Bollywood was slow and steady wins the race :) Aamir has struggled to achieve this kind of credibility by doing quality movies. g

  • Babaji ka thulu

    may be i don’t understand the meaning of sarcasm in that, sorry for that

    but will u tell me that do u understand the meaning of Hats off

    or just usually say Hats off to anyone, or on any useless comment

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