Aamir Khan – The Undisputed Box office King!

Its not been easy for Aamir Khan, for he never was the mega ‘superstar’ that he is today. The 90s were dominated by the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Aamir crawled his way, all along concentrating on quality and content, to slowly make it to the top league and now beyond!

This decade after classics like Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir took a 5 year long break due to marital issues and other personal problems. He returned with Mangal Pandey which didn’t do too well at the box office. Soon after which many in the media wrote him off.

Aamir stopped giving interviews and never really promoted the commercially risky Rang De Basanti. The movie went on to do great business, soon after which Aamir returned with the record breaking Fanaa. He then decided to take up direction and directed the brilliant Taare Zameen Par and the rest, including the historic business of Ghajini, is now history.

But no one in their wildest of dreams would have thought 3 Idiots would come close to Ghajini, leave alone beat the 65 crore record.

What has transpired in the last 5 days is beyond imagination, beyond belief. Aamir Khan has set the benchmark so high, that it would take nothing less than a miracle for other stars like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar to come close.

There, no longer is a Top 4 – 5 in Bollywood, Aamir is in a totally different league altogether and without doubt the undisputed king of the box office!



  • Good article indicine

    SRK said after Tare Zameen Par that “Aamir might be a better actor than me, but my films make more money”

    See what has happened now. I dont think My name is khan can beat 3 idiots opening…..

  • Aamir is clearly the actor of the decade…

    Dil Chahta Hai
    Rang De Basanti
    Taare Zameen Parr
    3 Idiots

    They are not just hits…. but huge hits….

  • Out of 9 movies since 2000 only Mela and Mangal Pandey flopped. The rest (not including Fanaa ) were super hits.

  • Mangal Pandey recovered its investment. The decade has been flawless for Aamir and he ends it as the biggest star ever, arguably even bigger than Amitabh Bachchan was.

    If 3 Idiots goes on to be an All Time Blockbuster, it would be interesting to see how many stars have achieved two back to backs ATBB’s. Don’t think anyone has..!

  • Completely Agree, Indicine!

    Aamir is in another league, and it will be hard for anyone to even come close to him. I remember when the first trailer of Wanted came out, it was touted to be the next Ghajini. Some predicted it will be a blockbuster. It was a great movie but it was no where close to Ghajini. Yet is was successful in ending Salman’s flop streak! However when u look at what Aamir has done, you realize that no one is even relatively close to him.

    When it comes to box office, he hands down rules… When it comes to performances, he also hands down rules. You can make the argument that he would have won more awards if he took them more seriously and if he bothered to attend these functions. Even though he doesn’t attend anything, he has won numerous awards this decade for films like lagaan, dch, rang de basanti, taare zameen par. This is not counting the countless nominations he has gotten!!

  • Yes and he has achieved all this without a hardcore fan-following. Noone is crazy over Aamir like they are over SRK or Salman, just that when his films release, everyone makes it a point to go watch it. They don’t bother about reviews nor do they wait for feedback from friends..

    If its an Aamir Khan film, it has to be good – is what everyone strongly believes.

  • Three Idiots Continues With

    Three Idiots Continues With Bumper Tuesday

    Wednesday 30th December 2009 09.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Three Idiots is continuing with huge collections all over India. The early estimate for Tuesday business is around 9 crore nett which takes the films business to 60.75 crore nett in five days plus paid previews.

    The first week is now heading for unimaginable nett business of 75-76 crore which is higher than the lifetime nett business of every Hindi film apart from Ghajini, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Dhoom 2 and Om Shanti Om.

    Three Idiots will get more screen space in week two at many multiplexes and it could be that after two weeks it has crossed the lifetime nett business of Ghajini or at least be very close to it.

  • sorry indicine you are wrong me is a really hardcore amir fan and i know many hardcore amir fan he is the undisputed emperor of bollywood

  • its very true.. he is indeed ruling the box office..
    he promoted only the last 3 movies, which indeed were huge block busters… if he would have done more movies, shahrukh wouldnt b at the numero 1 position, though my favorite is shahrukh, i would simply state its Aamir the undisputed king at the box office… his ordinary film like ghajini had turned out 2 b a huge ATBB, so u can imagine 3i would du @ th box office. it has already touched 63 cr till tuesday and it would du a business of around 73-77cr n the first week, and a possible 45cr in the second week, which would take the tally of business btn 115-120 cr in 2 weeks… lets see how much this film will du lifetime, probably it would reach btwn 140-160 cr.. which no films would beat atleast in the near future unless his any new movie releases.. all the bst aamir for ur contribution in the last 21 years…

  • NEWS–

    1) Oh No…. the Title Badshah Khan/ King khan has been stolen from SRK..;) with 3 consecutive BB, breaking his own records– Aamir the new King of Bollywood..;)
    Am sure SRK is having sleepless nights nw..;)

    2) Tees Maar Khan has 3 akki`s in it… ;) Confused??– Its Akshay kumar, akshay khanna, n designer akki narula..;) — farah seems to be in love with d name Akki..;)

    3) Salman wants to get married n have children..;) hmmm Katrina R u Listening…;)

    4) Abhay deol wants to be an action hero– akki u have a tough competitor..;)

    5) Aamir says he s eagerly awaiting for ‘Veer and ‘MNIK’– nw is he challenging d other khans to break his record…;) hmmm

    thats all for nw…;) enjoy….

  • Completely Agreed with you indicince on the point that Aamir has a league of his own. When people were busy adoring the other stars, they forgot the fact that Aamir has always been a risk taker when it comes to experimenting with his roles…this started in the earliest stages of his career when he wokred in Raakh; a wonderful movie that was overlooked due to its non-commercial theme (which was way ahead of its time). The fact that he has an immense range of capabilities was later on portrayed in films like “Rangeela”, “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar”, “Earth 1947″ etc.

    He was always able and under-rated…but he knew his potential all the way. The only missing thing from making him the perfect star was the grand box office success factor…and then BOOM…he planned his cards and kept on showing them one after another…the diversity of roles he has played with prefection is unlimited…”Bhuvaan of Lagaan”, “Aakash of DCH” “Mangal Pandey” “Rehan of Fanaa” “DJ of RDB” “Ram Shankar Nikumbh of TZP” “Sanjay Singhania of Ghajini” and now “Rancho of 3I”…there is no over-lapping…there are so many variations to prove that he is not to be compared with any of the others in Indian Industry.

    Instead of comparing him with SRK, Salman or Akshay, i would rather compare him with Al Paccino, Johny Depp, Amitabh Bacchhan or George Clooney.

    At this stage of his career, he literally makes you wonder what he has in store for us in the future. He doesn’t claim…He Delivers !!!

  • aamir is da best of oll tym..he doesnt claim he delivers..well said..akele hum akele tum is ma one of da favourite movie..aamir was more dan brilliant in dat film..i still wondering why dis movie didnt clicked at da boxoffice.

  • Aamir is incredible
    but all the credit goes to the date of release ie., 25th Dec as it will be .long leave
    lets see next year with Akki can he attain that level with Tees maar khan think on 25th Dec 2010
    if so then really with date Else Aamir is Superb
    And dont Forget about “” VEER”” slaman

  • Amir kHan is the real king when comes to acting….Comedy drama or romancee…but never in action…………………..

    May his facial expression matches but never his hitsss


    here are the top ten stars of the decade who try to make common men with different works and thier charms to all so, plz dont compare any they are all superstars of decade with different shines … with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

    salman khan……hero,perfomer and actor and all in one good human with foundation like being human and his love for common people… and his originlaty shown in london dreams the exact person ssk is like manuu..

    aamir khan……actor,hero and performer with giving message with different aspects in taare zameen par for message to small childrens parents , ghajni …..true love of common man and recently claasic like 3 idiots meaningful message for yesterday , today and tommorow generations to come….

    hrithik roshan …..perfomer,actor and hero…..with claasic act of common man in movie fiza with karishmaa kapoor and his life time best …solo act in koi mil gayaa

    sharukh khan ….actor,hero,perfomer…..with common man act in swades and chakde india his best act of the decade

    amitabh bachan …actor,hero,perfomer…..with outstanding act in baghban as a father with mother hema malini , waqt claasic act of father son with akki and paa ….solo act

    akshay kumar ….hero,perfomer,actor…..with parehji and sunil, johny , rajpal…and many more one….make common man laugh with his comic acting skill in this stressful times of recession to common man by his comic act with all his team they reduce common people strees by making laugh to them with their classic comic act..

    emraan hashmi…actor, performer,hero……with his clasic act in aawaraapan and common man act in jannat

    sanjay dutt ……actor,hero, perfomer with claasic act of munnabhai with circuit arshad warsi ….also reduced the stress of common people with there meaningful message in the movie

    ajay devgan …..actor,hero,perfomer…with classic act no words to say in gangaajal,the legend of bhagat singh and halaa bol with pankaj kapoor and also omkaara with saif and viveck

    saif ali khan …. hero , actor, perfomer with his charms in hum tum , dil chahta hai ,omkara and race

    so , in short top ten actors of decade for us with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

    salman khan

    aamir khan

    hrithik roshan

    sharukh khan

    amitabh bachchan

    akshay kumar

    emraan hashmi

    sanjay dutt

    ajay devgan

    saif ali khan

    this are top ten actor of last decade not to forgot with their co-stars of them the also delevered thier best with them respectively

    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • No Doubt Aamir is the undisputed king of bollywood but only if akki concentrates on scripts..there is no stopping him…its akshay kumar all the way….srk/salman are just a thrash in dustbins

  • I am a hardcore Aamir fan since Dil Chata hai, So why u guys telling that Aamir has no hardcore fans. We have been fighting all the way for Aamir by Shouting That ” Aamir is the best, Aamir is number 1, Aamir is the Emperor ” But media alwyes on SRK’s side. Now stop Shouting for SRK & say “Jahapana Aamir tussi great ho, Taufa kabul ki jie”

    An angry Aamir Fan.

  • When Shahrukh came into Bollywood, that time too many superstarts Aamir,Salman,Sunny Deol,Anil Kapoor, and Sanjay Dutt still SRK becames Superstar with one film.

    Leaveit superstar image, he conquired the millions of heart with no language barrier.

    “Shah Rukh is a truly brilliant actor. When he comes on the screen, you hardly look anywhere else but at him – he is that kind of an actor”

  • Top Hits 2009

    Wednesday 30th December 2008 16.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The last year of the decade has ended at it has not been impressive for 2009 with very few films living up to expectations. Three Idiots proved to be by far the biggest hit of 2009 while Wanted, Love Aaj Kal, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and New York proved to be other clean winners where all parties profited from producers, distributors to exhibitors. Some dubbed films from Hollywood managed to make their presence felt like Pralay Ki Shuruaat (2012), Slumdog Crorepati (Slumdog Millionaire) and Avatar but the list below is for outright Hindi films.

    All Time Blockbuster
    1. Three Idiots


    Super Hit
    2. Wanted – 35 crore share
    3. Love Aaj Kal – 33 crore share
    4. Ajab P K G Kahani – 32 crore share

    5. New York – 22 crore share

    Semi Hit
    6. Kaminey – 19.50 crore share
    7. Paa – 14 crore share
    8. Raaz TMC – 13 crore share

    Above Average
    8. De Dana Dan – 26 crore share
    9. Kambakkht Ishq – 25 crore share
    10. All The Best – 20 crore share
    11. Wake Up Sid – 13 crore share
    12. Dev D – 6.50 crore share

  • Akshay Kumar is making market corrections. After realizing that his last few films lost out on profit because of his high fee, Khiladi Kumar is now proposing a new idea to ease the way for his producers.

    Now, Akki won’t be charging a single penny for his upcoming films TEES MAAR KHAN and KHATTA MEETHA. This decision has been arrived after the actor realized that the market scene required such a move.

    Though, Akshay will be the co-producer of these films, making sure that he benefits from them as well, but this cost-cutting plan has surely given him an edge over many actors who quote nightmarish fee to their producers making the business of the film suffer in the end.

  • Indicine team i would like to know about whether kites can break the record of 3i…………as it will also gonna release worldwide.

  • Aamir is really a great actor, he thrwo himself in any role he get with passion and ease. he is indeed mr perfectinist. srk is good, but Aamir is better, this is coming from a die hard fan of srk I just like been honest thats all if not I like srk more but the true need to be told.

  • Indicine,

    Very nice of you to have finally given AK the credit he deserves. But it is wrong of you to say that he was “crawling” in the 90s. All his films in the 90s, barring a few early flops have been big hits and some of them like – Rangeela, AAA, QSQT, Raakh, JJWS etc. are considered cult classics.

    Raja Hindustani was the biggest grosser of 1996 and Dil was the highest grossing film of 1990.

    Films like QSQT, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Sarfarosh, Ghulam and Ishq have also enjoyed silver jubilees and even golden jubilees at certain theatres across the country. Jo jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, Dil, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, AAA, Rangeela are also among the films that defined the 90s.

    His film 1947 Earth also received rave reviews all over international film festivals and it was a hit for an arthouse movie.

    Most films he did, were always among the Top 5 biggest hits of their respective year of release.

    While he has certainly been the power force in this decade. Please don’t call him a crawling or trailing in the 1990s! That’s a huge insult!

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