Aamir Khan Productions on lookout for new female face

Actor Aamir Khan’s production house is searching for a fresh female face, who can act as well as sing, for their upcoming venture.

The 50-year-old actor took to micro-blogging website Twitter to mention the specifications needed.

“Hey guys, need your help to spread the word. Thanks. Love. a,” the “Ghulam” actor tweeted.

The complete post about the requirement read as follows: “Aamir Khan Productions is looking for a girl who can sing, in the age group of 12-17. Record a video of yourself singing a Hindi song of your choice and email it (or a link to the video) to: casting@akpfilms.com.

“Please include a short introduction in Hindi and attach a signed letter of consent from a parent/guardian.”

Aamir’s production was founded in 2001 and is known for launching fresh faces to the industry be like Darsheel Safary, nephew Imran Khan and Prateik Babbar.



  • Rapal yadav will be seen as twin of amir khan in his new Film & it’s the story of 2 twin brothers Amir & RajPal Yadav ..!

    public hve full faith in Amir khans movie bt interestingly Rajpal yadav hve more fans then Amir So Hoping A blockbuster …!

  • I desperately want to audition for Aamir Khan productions.
    Please Aamir take me I m a great singer,I am hot too and I don’t have any baby nipun yet.

  • Great gesture…

    If only Karan or Aditya did the same then we wouldnt have ended up with useless talentless star kids like Arjuna Ape Man Kapoor or Ranveer Pervert Singh being in B’town….!

  • He can select rk who is weak,frail n unmanly …..both in his acting n behaviour……!!…

    Rk too licks aamir’s feet…..!!…

    That makes procedure easy……!!…

  • This is a unique idea by Aamir for casting a fresh face . I personally feel it is better to take such auditions rather than taking auditions in a Studio . I am happy that Aamir is producing a movie . Aamir can contribute to Bollywood not only in Acting but also in Production and Direction . As a Producer Aamir has given solid movies such as Lagaan and TZP . He also gave a entertaining Youth Oriented Rom Com Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa and also co produced Taalash which was a brilliant Suspense Thriller . I think this movie will release in 2016 . So in 2016 there will be 2 movies of Aamir Dangal as an Actor and this untitled movie as a Producer . Aamir Rocks . I hope he does something exceptional in Dangal . Aamir Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AKP films :
    Lagaan(Oscar Nominated)

    Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa( Highly Critically Acclaimed)

    Peepli Live(Official entry to the Oscars for India 2010)

    Ship of Thesus (High Critically Acclaimed and National Award winner)

    Dhobi GHAT( High Critical acclaim, screened at many film festivals)

    Taare Zameen Par( High Critical Acclaim, official entry to the Oscars in 2007, national award winner)

    Delhi Belly (Critically acclaimed, most popular among youth in 2011)

    Talaash( Critically acclaimed, hit in India, Superhit OS)

    Tv Shows:
    Satyamev Jayate


    Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
    Main Hoon Naa
    Chalte Chalte
    MNIK (the only good film)
    HNY and many crapfests. ??

    Tv Shows:
    Zor Ka Jhatka ?
    Panchvi Paas ?

    You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which Production House is smarter, intelligent, worthy and applaudable.
    Choose wisely.

  • I believe only bhaijaan can do full justice to this role. We have already heard bhai’s melodious voice in hangover song. Moreover Bhai looks so young even @57 that he can easily pass off as aamir’s daughter.

  • Yeah why not,as our perfaketionist is habituated of working in other big banner and directors with gear to work his own productions .that’s why he is doing films with either emraan khan or with any new female face.so that if movie fails then at least there will be an option left for perfaketionist and his fans that movie failed due to emraan’s stardom/due to new female face.same with salman’s khan,who is doing films with chillar parties under his banner rather than himself.

    You need to guts to work with OWN PRODUCTIONS.after making YRF/DP,KING KHAN made HIS RCE as big as YRF/DP and and also made RCE as THE BIGGEST VFX COMPANY IN INDIA,probably in Asia.

  • That’s incredible! AKP has given classics like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Delhi Belly, Pepli [Live]…
    Whoever the girl be, movie will be remembered for long and it will be different. Love you Aamir.

  • Watched jayanta bhai ki lovestory yesterday, it was a nice rom-com, if you have time watch it, performance wise, main stars neha sharma and vivek oberoi were really good and some really sweet and touching moments in movie will make you remember it. You will literally fall in love with neha character, like I have (maybe my first movie crush!). I’m writing this to tell that I no longer trust critics as such movies always get bad reviews but are wholesome entertainers. You should also not trust them. After watching hamari adhuri kahani, that got worst reviews and watching abcd2 and ddd which got good reviews, I wanted to check whether in the past have the critics lied or not, and this film along with some others proved my point. Critics rate movies based on mood swings, if they are feeling good, movie will get good rating and if they are feeling bad, movie will get bad rating. I’m not saying indicine reviews are not honest, but talking about all reviewers in general granted sometimes they are right in reviews but that is only 30% of times. So if you liked the promos of a movie, you should go and watch it

  • Also, it is nice that they are looking for new singers but what we really need is some good new actors.

  • Aamir has got ambitious ahead, and i am he will deliver better & better with the time both in his acting and in his production , direction!
    God bless you! Truth is that everyone likes to see your work, be it salman fans, srk fans, akshay fans, all love to see your work, no matter how much rude they speak about you. Love a ! Keep it up!

  • @Sunny Leone ha ha ha your 60 crores club flop star is kicked out from welcome back, hera pheri 3 and aankhe sequel. lol. even john is considered bigger star than him and it’s better for producers to cast expressionless john rather than 60 crores club flop star. your floppy gobar looks like gay version of Vijay Raj. vijay raj and raj pal yadav have more fans than 60 crores club flop star joker kumar.

  • @Sunny Chamchi

    Really? That’s why the lifetime collections of PK was more than 5 akshay kumar films combined!

  • Aamir khan production- the name is enough for experimental films which become commercial and Critical success both. Another classic come from AKP.
    Another film is gonna join the list which include.
    1. Lagaan
    2. Taare Zameen Par
    3. Jaane tu…..
    4. Peepli Live
    5. Dhobhi Ghat
    6. Delhi Belly
    7. Talaash

    @indicine who is the producer for Dangal, is it from AKP or any other banner.

    @sunny Leone ki chachi. Again prove your idiocy again. Your so called Most fan following superstar worked in 8-10 films with Rajpal Yadav, but none if his film become blockbuster. But despite being less following than Rajpal Yadav you hoping a Blockbuster from Aamir, proves that how big you trust Aamir. We Aamir fans are hoping that Sid Malhotra gives Akshay a hit with Brothers, as both baby & gabbar wasn’t a hit. ROFL.

  • @ sunny please u can write bad comment about salman & srk but don’t write bad about amir . Amir khan is such good actor his versatile actor .

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