Aamir Khan praises National Award winning film ‘Court’

Actor Aamir Khan has praised National Film Award winning film ‘Court’, calling it a ‘moving and poignant’ story that touches your heart.

“I found it very moving and very poignant. It touches your heart and I loved this film a lot. My congratulations to the entire team. Every artiste and the director has done wonderful work,” Aamir Khan told reporters.

Directed by Chaitanya Tamhane, ‘Court’ is about a trial which unfolds in a lower court, where the hopes and dreams of the city’s ordinary people play out.

It was named the National Film Award winner in the Best Feature Film category for 2014.



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  • V want our king to praise the kela award winning film humshkls
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  • Nice to see actors praising actual deserving well made films and not your typical crappy movies which alot of actors do as a common courtesy. Still remember Aamir saying he didnt like Black which I agreed with as it was an overrated film… Huge respexXx

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  • 1989 –1990 National Film Award – Special
    Mention[2] – Actor for Raakh and Qayamat Se
    Qayamat Tak
    2001 – National Film Award for Best Popular
    Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment
    for Lagaan (shared with Ashutosh Gowarikar )
    2004 – National Film Award for Best
    Exploration/Adventure Film (To include sports)
    for Madness in the Dessert (shared with
    Satyajit Bhatkal ) [3]
    2008 – National Film Award for Best Film on
    Family Welfare
    for Taare Zameen Par

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