Aamir Khan gets court notice for promoting homosexuality on Satyamev Jayate

An Indian court has issued a notice to Bollywood actor Aamir Khan for allegedly promoting homosexuality on his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate, according to Indian newswire Press Trust of India.

The court has asked Khan to file his response to the allegation by December 19.

The case, filed by advocate Mandeep Kaur in Chandigarh, alleges that Khan’s conduct on his show was in violation of the Supreme Court order on homosexuality. She has appealed that Khan’s act be treated as contempt of court, PTI reported.

The episode telecast on October 19 discussed the lifestyle and rights of the ‘Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender’ community, a matter on which the Supreme Court had already given its judgement, Kaur said.

Khan in his show asked public to vote for amendments to section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which was promotion of a criminal offence on television, Kaur alleged.

Kaur told PTI, she sent a legal notice to the actor on October 19 seeking an unconditional apology but received no response.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan



  • but actually those who sent aamir a legal notice should apologize to aamir for having such regressive mindset

  • Indians!
    Feel sorry for him as he worked his ass off for that episode and this inconsiderate person is asking for an “unconditional apology”.

  • I think it is was a poor regressive decision from Supreme Court to suppress the homosexual community,every developed country in the world has obligations towards the minority group…homosexual rights should be granted as soon as possible if india wants to progress.

  • People may have extreme opinions on homosexuality but it is completely unfair to sue someone who is peacefully discussing a topic and wants to amend a law. It is nothing but a breach of human right. Clearly the jobless advocate is en-cashing on Aamir khan’s fame.

    Hope the court dismisses his futile appeal.

  • I find it funny when people term a person homosexual if he supports homosexuality.

    By the same logic, if I support animal welfare apparently now I’m a DOLPHIN!!

  • narrow minded Indian mentality #Sad
    I am not a fan of Aamir Khan but I really respect him for the efforts he has put in with Satyamev Jayate :)

  • the 3 khans are very confusing people, please tell me what kind of religion do they belong to? They pretend to be Muslims even Aamir once go to hajj, how can a Muslim promote homosexuality? I am not against the rights of homosexuals, but stop hurting religious sentiments just because of publicity.

    l like hr ajay rk and akki coz they are more honest than the khans who have no particular faith.

  • Aamir coming out of the closet. If you see his wife Kiran, she looks like a man, hair cut short, almost no make up.

  • This is hopeless coz aamir is doing right thing and not something wrong but there is a hindi proverb that kutto ko ghee hazam nahi hota and all people against this episode of satyamev jayate are the same

  • People with closed mind shall be living out of space… we are living in times where Homosexuality is now common.
    there are people that commit real crimes and serious sins in India, they should be punished not innocent people.
    Aamir needs to be given a medal. The show was down to earth, genuine,compassionate and heart warming, showing the human-side to the LGBT question which should be the only side…. there was nothing scandalise, nothing deviant, nothing deemed unacceptable…it was in all intense and purpose fair.

  • @rockow, as a muslims, we must speak with people who may be Homosexuality in a way that doesnt make us seem like we are constantly condemning them, for their life style choice/sexuql preference.
    plz do make some research about where does Islam stand on Homosexuality??.
    btw @Gj007, 02:01ou are right mate.

  • Homosexuality is not a crime,it’s natural. It existed in the old period too. Just like a hetero-sexual mayn’t want to be a homosexual, we cann’t force a homosexual to become a heterosexual too. some narrow-minded people will never understand it.

  • I support Aamir Khan wholeheartedly n also respect the homosexual community even if it means supporting foes like nipun n babaji… Everyone has a right to find happiness where they can as lifes too short to be lived by restrictive ancient moral/ social parameters….

  • i am not an aamir fan. in fact i think aamir & ajay devgun are the most boring actors. but this allegation on aamir is just stupid. i agree with aamir on this one.everyone should hav their free rights.
    and some people should really get a life instead of filling a case on famous people just to get some publicity.

  • everyone is jealous of aamir as he is far ahead of his contemporories in box office as well as this TV show satyamev jayathe.

  • a day will certainly come when there will not be any existence of god,religion,nationalism & narrow minded people. it is simply a generational mental growth so it’s bound to happen & cannot be stopped by idiots or anyone for that matter.

  • homosexuality a cause of negative mindset. does sex is really needed in love? instead we have to promote our old thoughts brahmcharya, yoga etc to control these bad things. i never hear about homosex in any old book. another big disease of globalisation. bloody foreign followers making our india more dirtier. save earth.

  • @true fact, boring people who have boring and bad taste in cinema always think about class actors as boring actors. andd you are no exception. according to me shahrukh, salman and akshay are the most boring actors in bollywood. i can never digest to see their movies. ajay might be boring, but aamir is surely entertaining. get a life moron. I never watch srk’s movies because he is extremely boring. and that’s why he is far behind aamir at the box office.

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