Aamir Khan on Filmfare Cover: ‘Born to rule’

Aamir Khan is not known for making fashion statement and when he does feature on the cover of his magazine – his look, styling and even his clothing is different from anything that you’d have seen a Hindi film superstar doing.

It’s his birthday month too, as the superstar turns 52 in less than two weeks from now.

The actor was recently seen in the industry’s all-time highest grosser Dangal. A film that was watched and re-watched by his fans and the audience in general. The film is still running in theatres.

Aamir’s only release this year will be a special appearance in ‘Secret Superstar’.

Check out the one and only Aamir Khan on the cover of Filmfare!

Aamir Khan on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Aamir Khan on Filmfare Magazine Cover



  • We are Going to Celebrate his 52nd Birthday Next Week
    He has been in the Industry for 30 Years
    While It Seems Hardly
    He touched his 30s

  • Noone is bashing SRK Here
    But Unnecessarily
    SRK fans speaking against AAMIR
    That Imperial Blue ad should be Remade with SRK Fans.
    Tagline instead of
    Men will Always be Men
    should be
    ‘Moron will always be Moron’

  • @Khalid aamir is way more good looking and stylish than joker srk. Srk is ugliest actor sorry over actor of bollywood.

  • Indicine you should note that hritik came back aft3r 2 years with mohen jodaro but was rejected by audiece b’coz he was forgotted…
    It is 0nly trust of amir who brought audience to theatres..even he c0mes after 2 years..remember opening of mangal panday..

  • Abey… Kaun Salman Aur kaun srk???? We are talking about only superstars…. Not looters and losers…. Aamir has always proved his versatility right from choosing the script and every aspects of film making.. Grow up guys…. Accept him.. And honour him for his selflessness….. Love u lots Aamir….

  • @Hrithik Your Idol Salman used to Wear Aishwarya rai’s shorts in the late 90s ??
    And Don’t talk about Akshay..he Is Best dressed man from the 90s actors .

  • tagline is absolutely true that he is born to rule but thugs look is not looking convincing. he turning 52 now he has max 5 years. he should do now atleast 1 film every year. srk salman doing 3 movies in 18 monts which is good. his photoshoot in secret superstar look was amazing. haters who complaining that he doesnt look stylish just see that photoshoot once.

  • @Jolly Makkiholic : Dont blabber just sake of countering it. Do you have any evidence or proof of Salman wearing his GF’s shorts? I can show the poof for Mr. Bond’s shemale dressing sense of Mr / Mrs Khiladi !!!!!! Akki Best dressed man of 90’s it seems ? Really? ROFL !!!!!! If showing half of your hairy chest is best dressed man of 90’s then Anil Kapoor is all time greatest Fashion icon !!!!!!!!! Get well soon !!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik
    U still havent changed ur name dude !!
    I wonder why u always hide behind hrithiks name !!
    Ur lalwa khan will drive over u one day !
    Take care

  • He is looking ridiculous….It seems that is trying to project a young good looking man’s image, but fails

  • @rishabh : Why are you burning ?? Does it matter which id I use as far I am making sense. Who the hell are you to ask me to change my id ??? Get lost !!!!!!

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