Aamir Khan on Filmfare Cover: ‘Born to rule’

Aamir Khan is not known for making fashion statement and when he does feature on the cover of his magazine – his look, styling and even his clothing is different from anything that you’d have seen a Hindi film superstar doing.

It’s his birthday month too, as the superstar turns 52 in less than two weeks from now.

The actor was recently seen in the industry’s all-time highest grosser Dangal. A film that was watched and re-watched by his fans and the audience in general. The film is still running in theatres.

Aamir’s only release this year will be a special appearance in ‘Secret Superstar’.

Check out the one and only Aamir Khan on the cover of Filmfare!

Aamir Khan on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Aamir Khan on Filmfare Magazine Cover



  • I don’t agree with your previous q&a session when asked you aamir vs Salman the replied you made is childish! Giving all time highest grosser is not a cup of tea for many superstars, here aamir is giving back to back all time highest grosser which one can only dream of. In Tamil industry Rajini is coming very rare until he came Vijay and ajith or other superstars giving major blockbusters but when rajini come it is storm at the boxoffice, if someone say Vijay n ajith are bigger star than rajini then it is stupidity.

  • Aamir khan and hrithik roshan r the superstars in Bollywood who actually have the talent ,charisma , acting and everything to rule …aamir is my 2nd favorite after Greek god…..aamir khan is truely a perfectionist who delivers his best and takes the script of the movie to another level.

  • his hairstyle looks like a little bit what he had during the 90s… though a little short from then…

  • dangal became superhit due to long christmas weekend ask this non actor to release his films in non holiday like raees i bet it would have been disaster

  • christmas made star plus hiked rates plus showing deshbhakti every times he require content to make hi film hit raees with less content became hit in non holiday due to srks stardom in india there are only 3 stars 1 srk 2 eid 3 christmas under stood

  • Aamir and hrithik are poles apart from tat expressionless star who usually comes only on end to make loot among public …tat star has fooled the illiterate ,uneducated, povertydriven people who have no minds left. After seeing his garbage films .aamir and hrithik are pacific oceans of talent while salman is a small tiny pond full of mud ….

  • Aamir and hrithik are true powerhouse talents which are respected and adored worldwide..both these stars will had fans even after 100 yrs and even after tat …truly both these superstars are born to rule……both have the unique ability to perform as per the script of the film and still possess the ability to take the film to a whole new level ..some examples being gajini, 3 idiots, dangal, lagaan,raja Hindustani,koi mil gaya, jodha Akbar, kaabil, krrish series,knph ,lakshya ,guzaarish etc…a blend of extraordinary movies indeed….

  • Both aamir and hrithik have that special “x” effect which is required for a movies supersucess…..

  • Looking like an old grandad trying to be hip and cool,aamir’s forte is acting and not looks and personality ,leave that to srk who looks dashing and stylish in every magazine cover and indicine please stop licking aamirs feet just bcoz he delivers huge blockbustsrs in christmas even a laymen would say aamir is not at all looking good in this magazine cover.

  • @jolly makkiholic : Check Mr. Bond posters starring your idol in tiny black panty (not even underwear) even his wife Twinkle slammed him in KWK for doing that movie with that poster. Aamir looks worth million dollars Buck compare to Akki’s fashion statement in Mr. Bond. Lol

  • @Srk’s zebra fan : You are talking as if gangu teli has broken Avtaar’s records on Christmas 2011 with solo release. Even 2018 Christmas won’t be a solo release. Get that.

  • yes it was stupid reply of the question of aamir vs salman in last q n a session by indicine….he is giving back to back all time highest grosser without any gap…nd if any superstar comes after 2 yrs there is also a risk that people would accept him or not.

  • The stylist definitely took some cue from Ranveer Singh. I almost mistook him for RS, hilarious! ???

  • how many retake you took for this bad picture…..so ugly at least to say..

    he has record of most retaketionist in the world….

  • Loll…
    @Indicine is just salman fan…
    Go to hell indicine….i am leaving your site b’coz of your childish behaviour…
    You are saying to salman ‘mega star’ even Amir is ruling at box office since 2008…
    Consecutive 3 all time highest grosser is not tom_cat play…
    Shame indicine shame….
    Suck LUN of salman…
    He will not even give you his ASS…
    I’m sure you will not post my comment….
    #die hard Aamir & ‘akki’ fan….

  • That’s how this guys make cocktail about Salman and Aamir!! Listen Aamir is the boss ! You guys actually waiting for srk 300 or 350cr movie then u can say srk is top among khans,, but if someone ask Aamir no 1?then two major release in a year and when asked that is salman no 1 then replied even he can’t beat aamir in his peak time,, the day is not coming that srk beaks dangal record and u can say srk no 1.it’s been almost ten years to say ,,aamir is aamir!!! Salman ke sathe mix mat karo, salman is ultimate megastar which is a dream now for srk! Love Salman! Love aamir but want to love srk fans like this guys don’t understand that srk accepted he is out of the race

  • @Amitx aamir was always much bigger star than gangu teli srk ever since 1990s. Its only that he didnt work with big banners and big actresses unlike srk who heavily depended on them thts why he was ahead. Otherwise aamir was always baap of tiny stardomless flop actor srk in stardom. When tiny star srk was a small tv star, aamir was already established superstar.

  • his hairstyle looks like a little bit what he had during the 90s… though a little short from then…

  • @2:00 dont worry they are lallu’s pr who are promoting him big time. We all know who is ruling so no need to complain this childish clownish site.

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