Aamir Khan beats Shahrukh Khan in the overseas markets

Aamir Khan has comprehensively beaten Shahrukh Khan, not just at the domestic box office, but in territories where SRK is considered to be in a league of his own and way ahead of the competition.

Aamir’s latest release Dhoom 3 has collected around $12 million (73 crore) in the overseas markets in its first weekend, which is about 46% more than the business generated by Chennai Express. The SRK starrer grossed around $8.2 million (Rs 50.8 crore) in 3 days including paid previews in various countries.

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Dhoom 3

What should also not be forgotten is the fact that, Dhoom 3 released during the ‘Pre-Christmas’ period which is considered to be dull for films released in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Also, the ‘Eid’ period when Chennai Express released is huge in countries like UAE/GCC and Pakistan.

Dhoom 3 has also beaten the lifetime overseas business of Krrish 3 in just 3 days. The film could go on to cross Rs 100 crore in the overseas markets by the end of Week 1 and could beat the total collections of Chennai Express in its second weekend.

It is also likely to gross more than 3 Idiots (currently the biggest grosser) and My Name Is Khan, to set new benchmarks in the international business. What remains to be seen is if Dhoom 3 can cross the Rs 150 crore mark, which no film has managed to do so far.



  • So, Salman is the blockbuster King of India, while Aamir is the Emperor Overseas.

    Arrey bhai, koyi srk, krk, naam ka bandha tha, uska kya hua?

  • I have to start with Aamir, the back bone of the movie Dhoom-3…i was quiet excited to see the movie on the first day.From every expression to every move, Aamir has really pulled his character/s in the movie. It is a delight to see him in such a challenging role…It is after nearly a decade that I have seen such engrossing roles by an Indian actor and also the story is catchy as you see surprises and turns….There are two scenes which really takes your breath away…I am not sharing as you need to go and watch the movie! On the other hand, The start scene of Abhishek and Uday was quiet funny, they could have shown little seriousness to it…It looked force-fit as a start! Full Pantar-Baji (Crazy-ness)! A little different from his previous characters, Abhishek played a little better this time…2 brownie points to you man! Katrina also did her part well. Somehow MAGIC and other essential elements should have been little more researched and worked upon, could have taken it to a different level.But i have no complaints as i really loved it and was looking forward to this release for months. I do not see any point in comparison with any foreign similar movie..As it has to been seen with a fresh perspective and Dhoom series has its own connection! I will await the next Dhoom-4 with more for twists and turns! Good Work and My applause to the Entire Team of Dhoom!

  • D3 beating ce or k3 doesn’t mean amir beating srk or HR. .lol. .dhoom is the biggest franishe of bollwood as well as yrbanner. .

  • Wow aamir did it again…..and what is left is post-christmas period…..which will be record breaking in overseas….best of luck to Dhoom 3 in coming days

  • congrats aamir n team dhoom-3…but hard to believe the figures…hope SRK breaks dis record wit HNY n claim d position he deserves (i feel)…dhoom brand has certainly helped for huge collections…

  • NEVER…..SRK has 7 out of 10 most collected movie in Overseas……@Indicine are you mad ??? …..SRK always the KIng of Overseas……SRK IS THE KING OF BOLLLYWOOD…..SRK RULES BOLLYWOOD…….wait and watch for HAPPY NEW YEAR……..150cr+ on the cards in overseas………..

  • plz dont compare ce and d3.both were of different genre and released at two different times.comparison suits on clash or same genre.if want to compare two stars then see their whole career rather 2-3 film.
    gud collection.hope it do 250cr+.

  • Aamir Khan has seriously made a point even though Dhoom is a huge franchise. 3 Idiots is the highest grossing Bollywood film in overseas market which starred Aamir in the lead role, his next film ‘Talaash’ (Dhobi Ghat was an art film) did well overseas, too. Now, Dhoom 3 is on the verge to become the biggest hit overseas.
    So, he’s seriously challenging SRK in overseas since 2009, otherwise it was Hrithik at 2nd (far behind SRK) till 2008-09 after delivering two back-to-back blockbusters in overseas market.
    Although, SRK has been too consistent in overseas market, his normal hits in India have been blockbusters abroad.

  • @sakhi rawant Stop with all the delusional thinking and brace yourself for a Happy New Year where Jinx Abhishek will be back to form opposite Thakur in the first look of HNY on 31st Dec…!

  • Imax ticket prices help a lot to collect more in oversease, if srk play the vilen in d3 then it easily cross 100cr in weekned not forget ce is a mass apple film and dhoom is a huge franchisis n also release 850screen

  • Lol. It’s not aamir who crossed srk. It’s dhoom 3 which crossed srk. If aamir had so much following in overseas, why didn’t talaash fare well. Srk made history with chennai express whereas aamir needs a huge franchise like dhoom to beat srk. Even if dhoom 3 beats ce, it should be considered that dhoom beat srk. Definitely not aamir!


    Youtube King calls up his best buddy Aditya and congratulates him on a fine job with Dhoom franchise. Thakur wishes to work with YRF and super director Victor on the next installment. Aditya promises to have Victor meet Thakur on New Years Eve.
    Thakur thinks quietly that finally its gonna be a Happy New Year plus theres the small irritating matter of FLOP Tees Maar Khans Director Farahs next HNY first look releasing same day also…!

    Victor meets Thakur and promises to cast him in his next. Thakur is ecstatic. Victor says dont you want to read the script Sir..? No no says Thakur- I trust you completely and I have full faith in my friend Adi and YRF banner. Victor smiles and curls up his moustache…!

    3 years later, Christmas 2016 arrives and at YRF Studios at a press gathering, Victor proudly beams to the world that heres the next installment of his super successful franchise… Victor standing on 1 side and Thakur on otherside pull down the cover to unveil the poster… Theres gasps everywhere and complete shock, Thakur faints, Aditya back home watching TV pulls out his hair, There in Big Bold Letters are words that send a shiver down every cinelovers spine- TASHAN 2….! :-P

  • Aamirs dominance in overseas or indian box office will be accepted by me only if he manages to put up equally good number for his next film pk. Otherwise, sorry ppl. It was dhoom factor. Not aamir khan! Even if a new actor is cast in dhoom 3 ppl will go to see the film. Nothing great!!

  • @Rohit, yes, you are right, srk was pretty good overseas, and today too his fanbase is unrivalled abroad. However, in India it is completely opposite. His star power has waned since, say, after 2005, and since 2008, Salman is the unrivalled superstar.

    Aamir cannot be called a star or superstar, because he is much above anyone.

    While Salman has sheer star power, Aamir can work magic with ridiculously simple scripts like TZP and Peepli Live and turn it in to a winner. I would say, take any star in Talaash, and it would have bombed at the BO, but he managed to collect near to 100 cr, that too without any big promotions etc.,

    I guess that is more commendable, but then he had to do that, as in his own words, he doesn’t have the star pull of Salman, and hence he decided to work his way.

    He made his shortcomings in to his biggest assets, and now people associate him with a difference. They look upon his movie as something hatke. They go looking for a completely different take on things and expectations are huge.

    He has balanced the commercial and artistic angle of movie very well.

    If we see the list of movies, they are not just blockbuster, but path-breaking that would stand the test of times – Lagaan, Dil Chhahta Hain, TZP, RDB, 3 idiots – all will be etched in our memory forever.

    A director like Ashutosh Gowariker is best remembered for Lagaan, and he has since went in to oblivion, until ofcourse he made news for all wrong things in an award function.

    Aamir gets in to the crux of the character and it stays in audience’s memory forever.

    A big salute to this revolutionary actor of bollywood.

  • The moral of the story is be careful for what you wish for…!

    The Jinx that is Abhishek was the HERO of Dhoom 3 and hes also the HERO of Happy New Year… Somehow I doubt very much that lightning will strike twice at the same spot- Abhishek will revert back to his old self and deliver another flop in Farahs next…!

  • Its combination of amir & ‘DHOOM’ power not only amir khan, if any A-grade hero play lead roll then definately achieve a blockbuster. DHOOM is undoubtly the biggest franchies of bollywood.

  • not its clear that srk has no big fan following in overseas.its his movie that appeal to overseas people otherwise ranbir also beat srk their.

  • @ts you ill never accept Aamir’s achievement in overseas, reason- Ghajini was at no. 6 position of all time overseas collection till 2008, 3I – still siting at the top of the overseas grosser.
    Talaash- not release on any festive occasion but was on no.9 position for all time overseas grosser till nov 2012. so neither Aamir or his fans require and care what yoyu think about Aamir stardom in overseas.

    @Navin & @JC epic comment bro.

    Aamir broken all the record by big margin even before the festive season start,73cr in normal weekend all over with 700 overseas screen as i read hile ce had released on 750 screen on festvie season still we have seen so huge difference in collection,D3 collected almost 60% more than ce in overseas, is this only due to Dhoom power, no. here Aamir involvement is equivalent to D3 franchise.

    srk fans committing every where that no one can play negative character better than SRK, srk remaked DON which was a cult classic film of Big B along with Multi talented and one of the best director Farhan Akhtar, result it was a moderate success, some called it was hit some called it was average, neverthe less succesful and superhit in overseas, in 2011 Don 2 came highly promoted and was expecting to break 3I record, got postive reviews collected 106cr with 2 open weeks, and 11-12 million$ in overseas, result was a hit in India and blockbuster in overseas, but point ot be noted it was nowhere in the collection of SRK own MNIK forget 3I, so when srk being so popular both in India and overseas not able to create or make Don franchise popular than Dhoom, is this fault of Aamir.

    Hritik fans taking credit of Dhoom franchise success for his Idol Hritihik, but its surprising to see Hr was part of KMG,krissh and Krissh3, there was not a change of director or hero in the film but still it is not great franchise which it should be, as HR made the Dhoom successful on his own.
    so funny what interesting 3 non-popular actor Abhi,Uday & john started the Dhoom film with a debutant director Sanjay Gadhvi and made it complete hit by their own with limited promotion. then comes Dhoom2 which was conbributed well by Hrithik (result HR fan thinking Dhoom is nothing without him)
    the best thing of Dhoom3 supersuccess that it shwos Mirror to HR fans that Dhoom is YRF franchise and it success only due to them neither by john or HR alone.
    Aamir stardom given it historic start, but still i feel that whole credit of this success is mostly belong to John,Abhi & uday who given us super cool Dhoom.Bravo and kudos to them.

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