Aamir Khan at Star Parivaar Awards 2014: Photos

Stars present at the event: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Shreyas Talpade, Tulip Joshi, Vatsal Seth, Anita Hassanandani, Jennifer Winget, Gautam Rode, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, Rithvik Dhanjani.

Location: NSCI

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao at Star Parivar Awards 2014

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao at Star Parivaar Awards 2014

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao at Star Parivar Awards

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao at Star Parivar Awards

Shreyas Talpade at Star Parivar Awards 2014

Shreyas Talpade at Star Parivar Awards 2014

Tulip Joshi at Star Parivar Awards

Tulip Joshi at Star Parivar Awards



  • Hahahahaha and tingu fans say he don’t attend awards. Truth is he isn’t invited for filmfare,iifa,screen,star guild ( hosted by his friend salman ) aamir calls salman for help for dhoom… Salman calls SRK for helping in making jai ho hit

  • @sakhi They could have invited Srk too but goats are not allowed there as they may dirty the place.
    Wow Aamir is looking so young…. Ageless.

  • Now Amir also know importance of awards. I want to see Amir to perform as a host. Sala apun ko pata tha award muze nahi mileaga isliye award nahi attend karta hoon

  • The most boring actor acc. to me bt he is somehow perfect in choosing scripts otherwise he would be in the list of ritesh,john,saif,sanjay etc coz he isnt versalite and cant uplift his movies without scripts,director etc.

  • With due respect 2 Aamir Sir,.. i dint Understand Y he attended dis Awards (Star Parivaar). Even though da awards are meant 4r TV but the Channel and Organisers are da Same Who Organises SCREEN & IIFA awards… So taking his Point of view i believe this award ceremony is also Sumwat Fraud and awards who attends them… If he cant attend dose Film related awards dan how can he attend dis Awards… Just cz he is not Nominated Here…

    Aamir Sir Desh ki Jaanta Sab Samajte Hai

  • This is a television awards show not films awards and he does not accept any fake award like fakefares, IIFA etc. National awards are the most genuine. They are not affected by boxoffice.

  • Salman, Aamir & Hrthik are always on the target of SRKians. If your HAKLA KING is the best then why are you worried?

  • Not a single goat fan should speak about the superstar who owns THE NO 1. FILM IN HISTORY OF INDIAN CINEMA #DHOOM3
    The king’s was happy with his new Lungi but he forgot to check the expiry date which as at the back it read ‘use it as much as possible before 20.12.2013’ now 6 month has passed and he is lungiless!

  • Aamir is here because of ‘satyamev jayate’ and srk is not here because of ‘kya aap panchvi paas se tez hain’

  • legand – SRK is the best and we are not worried. it’s your tingu who was worried and didnt believed dhoom 3. after two or three days he got know the figures were not bcoz of but buying BOI n giving them money to reduce k3 collection so that the unbelievable figures of dhoom 3 dont raise much eyebrows . but alas dhoom 3 collection – 15 cr for abhi/uday, 35 cr for katrina, 15 cr for dhoom series , 50 cr bcoz of high ticket price ( 900 for imax) ( cleverly almost every thearte of india had a ticket price higher than that of Chennai Express. let me explain front rows in single screens for ce- Rs.15 for Dhoom 3 – Rs.25 and for gold class in PVR or any other high end multiplex Chennai Express-Rs.320 dor dhoom 3- Rs.450 i have screenshot of both) so the collection comes down to 165 cr now lets divide Chennai Express collection POINT Noted HERE is Chennai Express Released In normal Ticket prices with 10 % rise For Eid day and independence day . Collection – 10 cr for rohit shetty as his two or three movies has crossed 100 cr so he too has an audience , 25 cr for Deepika as she became Number Actress ONLY AFTER CE NOT BEFORE IT so final collecton comes down to 205 cr just bcoz of KING SRK

  • Kuch log aamir khan ki height ka mazaak banate hai abhe agar height se koi great banta to abhishek bachan india ka sabse bada superstar hota

  • Future projects of SRKians: A website touted to be Encyclopedia of Indian cinema where everything begins, centers around & ends at Hakla King!

  • Lungiwalas are envious n understandably upset bcoz Sarkar isnt there n no sarkar means no lungi dance…. Poor fellows but for the rest of us we get to see the record breaker n industry trendsetter Mr Perfect Khan…. Yippee

  • CE box office analysis:
    80 crore due to Deepika+70 crore due to Rohit Shetty+ 25 crore due to Eid+ 20 crore due to popular music+11.55 crores due to Rajni Tribute+ 45 lakhs due to SRK(YLJK lifetime)=207 crores.

  • So Aamir thinks Star Parivaar Awards are genuine? It was evident he was never invited to awards earlier nor won them so he tried to pretend that he was not interested!
    SRK was chief guest at 10th Star Parivaar Awards, unveiled new Star Plus logo and won special award in 2010. Tingu getting invited now after all these years is nothing. He’s just following the king!

  • We pray that Aamir will not attend bollywood awards shows otherwise our king will not get any award in presence of aamir

  • Kujli bulli – yea just like SRK has 8 filmfare awards n our beloved perFAKEtionist has 1 award… Now our perfakenanist is competing with television actors he can’t win so he bring his wife kiran for producers of this award for making a new parivaar

  • Srk came with a train full of lungis to sell them in star awards..he was being quite but suddenly his inner businesman shouted ‘lungiiii le lo…’ everybody noticed him.
    And thus he was asked to leave

  • @vikram awards are for entertainment only and almost all awards are fixed and again you made fun of my name you chickrum

  • @Deepu A big difference between Aamir and Srk attending awards is that Srk still attends awards to receive award but Aamir nowadays attends award functions to give awards like last time he attended ndtv awards and presented kangana ranaut a award.Aamir is always 2 steps ahead of everyone whether it is starting 100 crore club or 500 crore club worldwide but don’t worry in a few years Srk will also become eligible to present awards like Aamir.lol

  • All the dholu guys just chill, it a tv award show and aamir never said he not attend any tv award show, he said for film awards and he not going there from long time. And its his wish whatever he do in his life. Btw today he met with PM Narendra modi regarding to issue lift by the show and public voting for change campaign. So he knows what to do at least he don’t make the people to get lathi from police for a normal win. @pickrum dude just pick rum and chill.

  • @vikram All top superstars hardly attends award functions but that doesn’t mean that they r not invited and if they r not invited means the organizers can’t afford them to pay their fees to attend awards but i must appreciate Srk who always attends awards and gives good company to unknown newcomers and other popular actors like Tushar kapoor,Chunky pandey,Fardeen khan,Zayed khan etc which can be often seen in award functions.lol

  • Sachin25- so you mean salman khan is a small star as he was invited for filmfare in which tushar kapoor,fardeen khan,chunky pandey,aftab,sheryas talpade were invited

  • Day of a Srkian
    wake up-
    watch koyla n ra1,
    abuse othrs,
    manage anti salman amir Hrithik etc pages,
    post fake records n die.

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