Aamir – Kareena kiss in 3 Idiots?

Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots is one of the most awaited movies of 2009 and the release date has been confirmed to 25th December 2009, to make it the 3rd back-to-back Christmas release for Aamir Khan.

Now here is some interesting info on the movie. According to sources, there will be 3 Kisses in 3 Idiots and all 3 are between Aamir and Kareena Kapoor. The first is a flying kiss, the second a kiss on the cheek and the third is a full-fledged smooch (during the climax we think).

Although Aamir plays a college student in the film, kissing the much-younger Kareena Kapoor, does sound a bit weird. The director though, without confirming the kiss scene, says Aamir looks perfect for the role!

While we await the release of the movie, we wonder if the Aamir – Kareena smooch will be as hot as the one shared between Aamir and Kareena’s older sister Karishma in the blockbuster Raja Hindustani..



  • If they are promoting already by mentioning the KISS. I will guarantee that this kiss will Rock all of Bollywood.


  • Why’re you calling this as weird?! Didn’t she share almost 10 kisses with a much older Akshay Kumar in Kambakht Ishq?!! Heck! Even her boyfriend is much older than her! Why only does her kissing scene with Aamir sound weird then?!

    For your kind information, Aamir plays a college student only for some part of the film. The film alternates between two time spans. So quit writing crap about Aamir playing a college student!

    He’s looking so young and fit and you’re still harping on the age issue!

    3 Idiots will rock big time! Naysayers be damned!

  • 3 idiots will be a CLASSIC in all sense and the biggest hit this year !!

    come on … AAMIR the best box office hero NOW and best actor for a long time along with the best director of bollywood!! can’t go wrong !!

  • thgis is rediculuos that old man is in the college …as a college boy…..i hope he must be in the mantle medical college…..having a treatment for the better manner…

    kareena is so cheap….everyone can get her kiss…but i dont appreciate her kiss….

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