Aamir hasn’t charged for PK, he only gets share from profits: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra went all out to praise actor Aamir Khan and director Rajkumar Hirani, for not only not charging a single penny for the film, but also for believing in quality over quantity.

Hirani’s last film released exactly 5 years ago, while Aamir has decided to take a share of profits. What that effectively means is, if PK doesn’t work at the box office, Aamir won’t earn anything from the film.

“All actors are overpaid these days. Please tell them not to, as the producers need to make good films. Hirani took five years to make his film. He could have easily made five films, but he chose to make one. Aamir Khan did not charge any money for this film. He will only be taking a share from the profits. Due to this reason, we were able to spend on the film, and come out with a good product.”

“It is my humble request to my colleagues that you need to make good films and not concentrate on 100 Cr and 200 Cr clubs. There needs to be only one club and that is the ‘good film club’.”
Well said, don’t you think?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani



  • @Indicine. What would be the screen count and what are trade expectations???.
    @navin. Pk looks classy movie no doubt but to put on those huge figures they need the mass centres I meant single screens to perform par excellence. Which I doubt . Fingers crossed.

  • And to add on when they made 3 i no one had expectations from them and failure was not a disgrace. . But now the expectations are sky high and even a minor fault in script or its execution may lead to serious consequences. Hoping for the best and hope pk turns out to be masterpiece just like CDI and MNIK.

  • @ARK…u cant do a single bit of stuff what Akshay does..not even any actor. first you do atleast treat your parents right, and stop being a parasite. then say about overpay n all.

  • No matter how many chameleons who are king aamir’s haters, say whatever crap like going on his height or stardom, but he is the only one who has remained at the top since 2008 only baring 4 months in a fluke year 2013 when rohit shetty’s movie held record temporary, but I bet that haklu tingu oldie will not be able to break dhoom 3 or PK’s lifetime records with any of his future movies. Haklu is nothing without big heroines, big directors. Haklu failed to break king aamir’s ghajini’s record even after 3 years in 2011 with DOGGY 2 with same Christmas release and no competition. Poor haklu and his poor fans.

  • @ V Shantaram, keep dreaming. Pk will be flop only in some sadakchaap slums like yours dream. Pk will easily break all records and cross 300 crores. PK has way more buzz than overhyped crappy $hit year. So keep dreaming. PK will be highest grosser of all time.

  • See raja natwarlal articles 60 percent comments r urs .. N see fanny,dei,kill dil .. Only 1-2 cmnts of emmi fans.
    Its payback time.

  • @Indicine please check the facts as some people post anything and you post it blindly in this article one guy post “Taalash” is flop and PK will be second flop and all aware “Taalash” was a hit.

  • Salman fans here talking over quality. Motu Bhai ke fans don’t even know what is quality. Their motu vai is a overactor criminal and they should know that.

  • When does half actor’s started to charge?,lol.it’s an insult if half actors will start to charge as a result they will not again get a big movie to work,so well done amir for taking such steps.also Adi didn’t gave a single penny after the success of d3,lol.

    keep dreaming half actor fan,this will struggle to surpass his their own 3i,HNY is out of reach.

  • @sss the quarter actor fan please stop crying baby. I know how much it has hurt you as your Charlie Chaplin failed to make any impact at the box office. Hope Charlie Chaplin gets a job in aamir or salman’s house so he can earn some money. Quarter actor an never beat aamir or salman in stardom. Pk will smash CE, kick and dhoom 3’s all records. Aamir is the richest actor in India. Much richer than quarter actor haklu. Haklu didn’t get a single penny after the debacle of multistarrer Crappy $hit year.

  • @sss

    So much about box office.

    Kindly watch movies like Earth and Dil Se. Both were major failures commercially. Does that mean those movies were bad? NO. Commercial success is momentary. What you leave behind is your work.

    Seriously you must watch these 2 movies. SRk and Aamir both were light years better than what they are doing at the moment.

  • @David,I was joking to seek attention of tingu fans like you so don’t take it seriously,lol.but you’re overjoking,lol.

    @Gaaurrav,completely agree with you.BTW I watched each and every movie of KING KHAN except a 1992 movie called idiot,I couldn’t found that movie anywhere.DIL SE was a wonderful movie and best.Mani ratnam film till date but didn’t watched earth,mp till now.KING KHAN and amir shouldn’t go in the way of salman however it’s the demand of FANS what they can do?while making/breaking records only did by THESE 2 actors.

  • @Noan, 3 Idiots performed very well in mass centers despite of being a “class” film. So, I don’t expect PK to under perform in mass centers as long as content is good.

    Furthermore, Aamir’s character speaks Bundelkhandi/Bhojpuri type language and there’s a song named “Ayo Re”, where the lyrics and picturization is done by keeping small centers in mind, so it has enough “mass” ingredients.

  • Agree. This needs to be the norm for all films. Among the theatre collections, around 38% is lost to entertainment tax. Beyond that is what the producer gets. Before spending on the movie, producers need to target collections of 50 crores. Which means that the producer will get around 30 crores. Now if a producer gives 25 crores to the star, then its definitely a bad proposition. Appears that producer is the only one who does not earn from his venture. This happens because of the assumption that a movie having a star will easily cross 100 crores. This has not happened with Akshay kumar and Ajay Devgan movies

    This was explained by Amitabh while making Pa. They wrapped up the movie with a cost of Rs 15 crores. Nowadays producers are spending so much money, one would think some black money issue is being handled with this venture

    What Aamir has done with Pk is the right way for all stars. Take a token amount of Rs 1 crore. Rest should be a share in profits.

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