Aamir hasn’t charged for PK, he only gets share from profits: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra went all out to praise actor Aamir Khan and director Rajkumar Hirani, for not only not charging a single penny for the film, but also for believing in quality over quantity.

Hirani’s last film released exactly 5 years ago, while Aamir has decided to take a share of profits. What that effectively means is, if PK doesn’t work at the box office, Aamir won’t earn anything from the film.

“All actors are overpaid these days. Please tell them not to, as the producers need to make good films. Hirani took five years to make his film. He could have easily made five films, but he chose to make one. Aamir Khan did not charge any money for this film. He will only be taking a share from the profits. Due to this reason, we were able to spend on the film, and come out with a good product.”

“It is my humble request to my colleagues that you need to make good films and not concentrate on 100 Cr and 200 Cr clubs. There needs to be only one club and that is the ‘good film club’.”
Well said, don’t you think?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani



  • VVC is one of those personalities who gets panned for his outspoken behavior. But whatever he says is always from his heart.

    Checkout his interview with Anurag Kashyap where he talks about Parinda. You see this raw unadulterated passion for cinema.

    VVC and RH make enriching movies which never fail to entertain. If you still hate these duo, I’d just like to ask, which bollywood director in the entire history has spent 5 years making one film after giving an ATBB.

    Best of luck sir for Broken Horses, you may not have many fans but I’m one of your biggest admirers.

  • aamir khan is a smart man.he knows charging fees for pk would hv meaninglessly increased its budget which could hv affected the quality of the film under commercial pressure.so its a really smart move.
    I m expecting a great film.

  • Quality over content…. Something that sadly not just in Bollywood but also on indicine afew readers overlook like nipun kumar or sambuddha mukherjee who post a large quantity of crappy comments with very little quality of work…! Hope they heed this message n act upon it…

  • Pk is blockbuster. Amir should do good movies like pk,3idiots, rdb, tzp n not ghatiya remakes like ghajini,tevar, aj n not boring flawed movies like mangal pande,rockstar,barfi.

  • going to book ticket tomaroow. i am so excited to watch aamir on big screen for the first time and raju sir movie.

  • Pk predictions – 180cr(good), 220cr(very good) , 300cr(xcellent)
    after all trailers of jan releases r out. Here is the verdict- khamoshiyan-Superb trailer. Will do 5 cr lifetime n becum a
    Alone trailer was also superb.
    Alone,khamoshiyaan,baby looking better
    than tevar.
    My prediction-
    alone- 40cr.(horror,good trailer,superb)
    Tevar-25cr(bad trailer, misfit lead actor, poor
    baby- 90cr (100cr will be ideal)
    khamoshiyaan- 10cr

  • so for a good films we should wait for 5 years and what should we do in between ??
    see no films…. if good directors need 5 yrs to produce a good film then i prefer big entertainers every year rather than wait years for for so called ‘good films’

  • Amir Knows PK will Under-perform at Box Office So He didn’t take any fees for PK. Time will tell He is Right or Wrong. Trailer is not creating any buzz. Film’s Music is weakest of 2014. Even lower Than Bang Bang & HNY. Only christmas can save some Grace otherwise PK will be first flop for Amir after Talaash.

  • @track buzz aka element here’s an interesting fact for u
    dhrama production’s ungli lifetime collection=dharma production’s 2 states 1.5 days collection

  • Oh boy! Now we wnt our king not to charge for fan and instead take share from profits but we fear abt profits this time becoz of non festive release may b our king wil get

  • We may not concentrate on 100 or 200 crore clubs but no one can deny the truth that films are made and released so that they earn these 100 crore 200 crore rupees..box office is the ultimate barrier for success and will remain so..a good film may win appraisal but every film is released so that it earns huge money..
    All the best team PK..I seriosly want 300 crore club to be established now

  • What’s new in that??
    As far as I know Amir had stopped charging a specific fee for any movie long back and so is SRK. They always take their share from the profit itself (one third I read somewhere – though don’t know till what extent it’s true).
    Anyway taking any bound fee is not a profitable business for these three khans because they are above all this money plus they know that if they are doing a movie it will turn a profitable venture for them, for sure.

  • kiran rao n aamir khan sons already watch this movie…n they said movie is Mr perfectionist best movie so far..
    omg what can I say..
    I will watch at 1st day 1st show.
    love u aamir n Salman.

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