A Wednesday Movie Review

Note – This is a short review of ‘A Wednesday’. We have been extremely busy with the development of Version 3 of the website. Reviews of anticipated movies will be dealt with indepth reviews.

A Wednesday has a starcast that includes veteran actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. The duo last acted in a movie called China Gate way back in the year 1998. Neeraj Pandey gets them together once again in a hard hitting thriller.

The story is pretty straight forward. Its takes place on a wednesday between 2 and 6 PM. Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) a police commissioner gets a call from a man (Naseeruddin Shah) that 5 bombs are going to explode in Mumbai in 2 hours. To save the city’s innocent people Prakash Rathod has to release 4 militants. What will he do now in the short time period that he has been given? Will he release the militants or put many innocent lives into danger forms the rest of the tale.

A Wednesday Review

A Wednesday is one of the best movies in recent times. Its a hard-hitting thriller, great execution of the script by the director and performances that make an impact on the viewer. The movie is just 1:30 hours in duration and the director even manages to squeeze in a couple of comic scenes too.

Naseeruddin Shah proves yet again that there is just noone like him. Immensely powerful performance, he conveys so much just through his expressions. Anupam Kher too is fantastic, a treat to see the two legends together on screen. Also do watch Jimmy Shergill in one of his best performances to date.

Overall, A Wednesday is not to be missed. Its got the right combination of everything with reveting performance and a movie that will be with you long after you leave the cinema hall.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Must watch, preferably in theatre!

Other notes – I hope such movies work at the box-office. Rarely do we get movies that so well written, directed and performed. Two thumbs up to Shah, Kher and Pandey (The director)!

Reviews coming up – Rock On and C Kkompany (regret the delay), Hijack and Tahaan. Stay Tuned.



  • GR8 MOVIE ,, MUST WATCH,,, SUPERRRRB — NASEERUDDIN SHAH AND ANUPAM KHER – STUNNING PERFORMANCES. aamir bashir , jimmy shergill – hidden diamonds. i m overwhelmed by this movie == step up its neeraj pandey,, way to go . can anyone also tell me who his the gorgeous ,long haired dusky beauty playing aamir bashirs wife?

  • Kudos 2 pandey n neseerudin shah…Must watch muvi.Put great impact on mind…Last 15 min of film are damn good…..they showed up the true frustration a common man have.

  • Apologies for the off-subject take. Just read your little piece on Realism in DB’s LSD at Rediff. Methinks you have wnekeead your argument by using a technical counterpoint, a la one of the reviews of ‘Look’ ( Adam Rifkin ) at imdb – in fact, nearly the same point w.r.t the audio. Would it be possible to consider that when people talk of the ‘real’ in LSD, it has more to do with the characters and their motivations ( e.g the second segment ) as opposed to how the matter was presented or made accessible to the viewer….I guess I feel that a lot of critics ended up praising the director for bringing in voyeurism, which – is kind of a missed take I’d say. If it were the aspect of how your lives are no longer private that were being focussed on, then the movie is an epic-fail. It is fairly inconsequential. We’d be bemused but not shocked….However, if you were to take the same point of view as with which you approach OLLO – the movie hits its mark impeccably – A brilliant character study / observation. The characters seem ‘real’ – inasmuch as they evoke nervous and discomfited laughter/twitters in the audience at being presented a mirror when they least expected it….I do not have a problem with your perspective as such. Just that I felt that you could have done a better job with your side of the argument.:)

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