53rd Filmfare Award Nominations

Filmfare Award Nominations

The Nominees for the 53rd Filmfare Awards have been announced. The most interesting nomination is Darsheel Safary for Taare Zameen Par. No, not in a Best Child Actor category but Best Actor in a Leading role. Darsheel is nominated along with the likes of Akshay Kumar (Namastey London), Abhishek Bachchan (Guru), Shahrukh Khan (Om Shanti Om and Chak De India) and Shahid Kapoor (Jab We Met).

Filmfare Best Film

Chak De! India
Jab We Met
Om Shanti Om
Taare Zameen Par

Filmfare Best Director

Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par)
Anurag Basu (Life… In A Metro)
Farah Khan (Om Shanti Om)
Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met)
Mani Ratnam (Guru)
Shimit Amin (Chak De! India)

Filmfare Best actor in a leading role

Abhishek Bachchan (Guru)
Akshay Kumar (Namastey London)
Darsheel Safary (Taare Zameen Par)
Shahrukh Khan (Chak De India)
Shahrukh Khan (Om Shanti Om)
Shahid Kapoor (Jab We Met)

Filmfare Best Actress in a leading role

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Guru)
Deepika Padukone (Om Shanti Om)
Kareena Kapoor (Jab We Met)
Madhuri Dixit (Aaja Nachle)
Rani Mukerji (Laaga Chunari Mein Daag)
Vidya Balan (Bhool Bhulaiyaa)

Filmfare Best actor in a Supporting Role

Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par)
Anil Kapoor (Welcome)
Irrfan Khan (Life in a… Metro)
Mithun Chakraborty (Guru)
Shreyas Talpade (Om Shanti Om)

Filmfare Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Konkona Sen Sharma (Life in a… Metro)
Konkona Sen Sharma (Laaga Chunari Mein Daag)
Rani Mukerji (Saawariya)
Shilpa Shukla (Chak De! India)
Tisca Chopra (Taare Zameen Par)

Best Music

A R Rahman (Guru)
Monty Sharma (Saawariya)
Pritam (Jab We Met)
Pritam (Life in a… Metro)
Vishal-Shekhar (Om Shanti Om)

Best Lyrics

Gulzar (Tere Nina – Guru)
Javed Akhtar (Main Agar Kahoon – Om Shanti Om)
Prasoon Joshi (Maa – Taare Zameen Par)
Sameer (Jab Se Tere Naina – Saawariya)
Vishal Dadlani (Aankhon Mein Teri – Om Shanti Om)

Best Male Playback Singer

A R Rahman (Tere Bina – Guru)
K K (Aankhon Mein Teri – Om Shanti Om)
Shaan (Jab Se Tere Naina – Saawariya)
Sonu Nigam (Main Agar Kahoon – Om Shanti Om)
Sukhawinder Singh – (Chak De – Chak De India)

Best Female Playback Singer

Alisha Chinai (It’s Rocking – Kay Love Story Hai)
Shreya Ghosal (Barso Re – Guru)
Shreya Ghosal (Yeh Ishq Hai – Jab We Met)
Sunidhi Chauhan (Sajanaji Vari Vari – Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.)
Sunidhi Chauhan (Aaja Nachle – Aaja Nachle)



  • I totally agree with all you guys who say that Deepika has NOOOO place to be nominated….even in a pathetic film like OSO (again i’m surprised its nominated for BEST FILM !!) she simply did not act—honestly the woman CANT act and i feel sorry for her….
    I think Vidya deserves the award for Best actress her performance was magnificent in BB and abhi should win best actor for GURU.. he gave the performance of his life.
    They should have nominated Shilpa for best actress for her performance in Metro and OSO should be scrapped from best film category and Metro nominated ….the story was so real and fantastically portrayed by a group of talented stars.

  • give the opportunity better than older bakwas actor Shahrukh. may be Abhishek for Guru, or Darsheel… and in actress Kareena.
    best movie: Guru
    best supporting actress: shilpa shukla
    supporting actor: aamir khan
    shreya and shaan
    A. R. rahman

  • well akshay you’ve obviously haven’t watched AN..It wasnt just about dancing..and for your concern the critics bashed THE MOVIE and not Madhuri…they praised her performance and even NEW YORK TIMES praised her performance..No way is she underserving..

  • SRK is the King…he deserves the award 4 best actor…But guys vote for CDI or OSO if u vote 4 either…SRK wud loose out..SO i think its better to vote for SRK in CDI….SRK is the KING!

  • eresha i think u r so intelligent than others.u knw y ???? but what abt darsheel???he also very good in tzp.what do u think abt that??? im also so surprised abt oso nominated 4 the best film.the last part of oso just like MADHUMATHI .im totally surprised abt deepika also. vidya & darsheel.thats my choice

  • this time defiately the best actor awards is abhishek bachchan for guru

    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    best actor- abhishek bachchan
    no other choice for best actor

  • I’m sick an tired of dumb fans of madhuri, her role was no different to Dipeeka of OSO, it was critically and comercially failure, the only reason she is on the list because of her past success, just like Rani for LCMD and Dipeekafor OSO, it is unfair on the actresses who worked hard in their roles like Tabu, Juhi, Shilpa, Vidya, Kareena, none of thhose performances are anywhere near those actresses who worked hard. in the list Vidya thorughly deserved the award, her role was easily the most toughest and complex role to play, her eyes just changed at the end, and made her look completely a different and freaky person. Darsheel, akki and Abishek deserve best actor award, especially darsheel.

  • If Filmfare is equivalent of Oscars then its the worst award ceremony of all. No nomination for Gandhi My Father, No nomination for Black Friday, No nomination for Dharm,,, These films are flops but were far superior compared to Om Shanti Om. Konkana Sen Sharma getting best actress in a supporting role but no nomination for Shefali Chaya’s acting brilliance in Gandhi My Father. Honestly is Om Shanti Om a brilliant Film over Black friday? For me the Best(should be brilliant, outstanding future star…) Actor Darsheel Safari, Best Film Chak De India, Best Actress Kareena Kapoor, Best Director Amir Khan for Black Friday, Best Supporting Actress Shefali Chaya, Best Supporting Actor Mithun Chakraborty for Guru. But one thing is imminent even a brillian acting for Darsheel cannot stop shahrukh khan. I am sure even if thare was no chak de india shahrukh would have got the filfmare for om shanti om or for any other bakwass film like om shanti om.

  • The real best actor is “Darsheel Safary” of TZP. At such age, this child show his best which is beyond of any of nominated actor.
    perheps the SRK would be best in “Chek de India” and show his chuavnism. but when we talk about Acting, Darsheel Safary is really best in All of nominated actors.

  • well akshay u obviously have an issue against madhuri comparing her performance to Deepikas. lol…AN wasn’t a disaster..actually it was a hit overseas..get ur facts strait..

  • Filmfare Best Film – Jab We Met

    Filmfare Best actor in a leading role – ONE AND ONLY AKSHAY KUMAR for all his movies this year including Namastey London, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, and biggest Blockbuster after OSO

    Filmfare Best Actress in a leading role – Kareena Kapoor

    Filmfare Best actor in a Supporting Role – Anil Kapoor

    Filmfare Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Koko Sen Sharma

    Best Music – PRITAM (JAB WE MET)

    Best Lyrics – Vishal Dadlani (Aankhon Mein Teri – Om Shanti Om)

    Best Male Playback Singer – K K (Aankhon Mein Teri – Om Shanti Om)

    Best Female Playback Singer –

  • Jaymin i think u r wrong.akshey is good in those movies.but not 2good like darsheel.u have 2 agree with that.as a child actor he has done wonderful job.u all r knw abt that.no matter still he is a kid or what.but he really deserve best actor award more that any actors among those.if u guys have watched tzp u will never say that srk or akshey should win the award.srk is ok wih chak de but in oso,this seems 2 b a joke.
    & vidya should win the best actress award,bcoz she also done a wonderful job.
    best music-monti
    best tyrics-sameer
    best male playback singer-shan
    best female ,, ,, -sherya

    im so surprised abt best supporting actress nominees ,what happen 2 vidya in guru????

  • Best Film Chak De! India
    Best Director-Shimit Amin(Chak De India) & Aamir Khan(Taare Zameen Par)
    Filmfare Best actor in a leading role :Shahrukh Khan (Chak De India
    Filmfare Best Actress in a leading role
    Kareena Kapoor (Jab We Met)
    Irfan Khan (supporting role)
    Shilpa Shukla (supporting role)
    A.R. Rahman (guru)
    Vishal Dadlani (Lyrics) Aankhon mein teri (O.S.O.)
    Sukhawinder singh (Singer male) Chak de
    Shreya Ghosal (Singer Female) Barso re – Guru
    deepikapadukkone newfemale
    rambeer new male

  • vidya balan deserves the award cos she is the best this year …what a performance man…..kareena has to stand ten steps behind from her….no comparison




  • No nominations for Akshaye Khanna? Unbelievable and Shocking!!! Very strange!!!!!!!!

    Akshaye Khanna deserves to win best actor for Gandhi My Father! It’s not that easy to play the real life character with great understanding and maturity! He looks that he is the real Harilal Gandhi!! It’s his best performance!

    Akshaye Khanna was wonderful in Aaja Nachle too! He should have been nominated as the best supporting actor for his cool performance – MP Raja Uday Singh…. Also, he was exceptional in Salaam-e-Ishq….hope he gets a nomination for the best actor in a comic role!!

  • madhuri is definately shud definatey win. it doesn’t matter if her character wasn’t as complex as vidya’s, she played it vey well and she clearly displayed energy, enthusiasm and effort in her role. Vidya only had one complex part when she danced as if she were possesed. The rest was simple and there wasn’t much life in the character or pesonality, not as much as there was in madhuri’s

    kajol won 4 her comeback last yr

    hope the queen will reclaim her throne this yr wid her comeback

  • yh madhuri shud win, aaja wasn’t appreciated 4 wat ts worth. the critics are just sad people who just clump together and pick on someone to make their day

  • Although Shahrukh Khan is my favourite actor, but he won many awards, and he must gives chance to some other actors to win.
    Shahid Kapoor still got a long way to go, he still needs to work hard on his performance and his phisics look as he still look boyish.
    Akshay Kumar deserves some awards this year.
    Ranbir deserves a best newcomer award – he didn’t sound as a newcomer in Saawariya. He was so good.

  • VIDYA & DARSEEL. lots of ppl saying madhuri bcoz she is a great actress .but in 2007 vidya deserve that,i knw madhuri is good.but in a,n she did deserve best actress award.


  • best actress should b non other than youngest kapoor girl kareena only only one n only she deserves to have best actress award wht madhuri ….rani mukharji r doing in this categori they r now over they should go home ….kareena kareena kareena n only kareena would win award..n for best actor should b baby bachan i mean abhisehk bachan but he is not a baby in acting now if they both dont win the award then it would b a cheating of fil fare awards i shall never watch film fare award in future

  • Madhuri should certainly win the award. The success or failure of a film is hardly ever the criterion for an actor’s performance in a film. This year hasn’t been particularly good for female actors. Among the ones that have been nominated, only Madhuri deserves it because she was and is the only actress ever in Hindi cinema that can carry on her shoulders alone a poor script and shoddy screenplay and still make the performance look and feel convincing.

    If the jury is not bitten by bias, they will certainly give her at least the Critics’ Award, cos as I remember not one critic wrote a bad review about Madhuri in the film.

    So, Madhuri for the Best Actress Award!

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