3 Idiots vs Ek Tha Tiger – Detailed (Updated)

In the last few days, every second comment on our website is about Ek Tha Tiger crossing the magical 200 crore figure of 3 Idiots. While Salman fans are confident of the film joining the 200 crore club, his critics are quick to point out that Bodyguard crashed after the initial extended weekend. The neutrals believe, Ek Tha Tiger is not the most deserving film to go past an ‘all-time classic’.

Our take – box-office records are meant to be broken and 3 Idiots has held on strongly (and deservingly) to the top-spot for three years now.

As things stand today, with higher ticket prices and many more screens (almost double), Ek Tha Tiger has had a huge head-start.

So far in 10 days, the Salman Khan film has 147.6 crores in the bank. At the same stage, 3 Idiots did 90.5 crore nett.

The difference could well be the second weekend, when 3 Idiots went from strength to strength. If ETT picks up over the coming weekend, it’s very likely to cross the 202 crore mark and even surpass that by a decent margin. If it crashes, then it’s likely to shut-shop with 180-185 crore nett.

Below is a day-wise comparison between 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger (will be updated everyday)


UPDATE: Ek Tha Tiger had a very good 2nd weekend of around 21 crores. The second Sunday business was more than double of it’s second Friday.

After 13 days, the difference between 3 Idiots (130.5 cr) and Ek Tha Tiger (178.17 cr) is still huge. It should add another 7-8 crores by Thursday, after which, the release of Joker will have a significant impact on ETT.


UPDATE (1st Sep): Ek Tha Tiger has dropped this week with the release of Joker. But the fact that Joker has already been rejected, gives ETT a good chance to put up better numbers on Saturday (today) and Sunday, as it should be the first choice this week too.

The film stills needs about 13.5 crores to cross 200 crores and about 15.5 to beat 3 Idiots. Difficult!

Day3 Idiots (Official)Ek Tha Tiger (Official)
Preview2.5 crores--
Day 112.5 crores (Holiday Christmas)32.92 crores (Holiday)
Day 211.5 crores14.52 crores
Day 313.5 crores (Sunday)12.90 crores
Day 411 crores16.75 crores
Day 59.5 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)
Day 69 crores20.64 crores (Holiday EID)
Day 710 crores16.31 crores
First Week79.5 crores137.15 crores
Day 811 crores (New Year)10.45 crores
Day 910.5 crores6.61 crores
Day 1012.5 crores (Sunday)4.53 crores
Day 116 crores7.00 crores
Day 125.75 crores9.18 crores (Sunday)
Day 135.25 crores2.92 crores
Day 145 crores2.60 crores
Two Week Total136 crores180.44 crores
Day 154 crores2.39 crores
Day 167 crores1.97 crores
Day 178 crores (Sunday)1.25 crores
Day 183.25 crores2.11 crores
Day 193 crores3.15 crores (Sunday)
Day 202.75 crores0.88 crore
Day 212.5 crores0.86 crore
Three Week Total166.5 crores193.05 crores
Day 222.25 crores1.04 crore
Day 233.25 crores0.71 crore
Day 244 crores (Sunday)0.42 crore
Total till fourth weekend176 crores195.22 crores
Remaining weeks26.5 crores4.04 crores
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores199.26 crores (40 days)


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