3 Idiots vs Chennai Express: Box Office Comparison

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Update: Chennai Express needs just Rs 5 crores to go past the 202 crore mark. Henceforth, it will no longer be 3 Idiots vs any other film, but Chennai Express vs every other film!

Day3 IdiotsChennai Express
Preview2.5 crores6.75 crores
Day 112.5 crores (Holiday Christmas)33.12 crore (Eid Holiday)
Day 211.5 crores28.06 crore
Day 313.5 crores (Sunday)32.5 crore (Sunday)
Day 411 crores12.62 crores
Day 59.5 crores11.50 crores
Day 69 crores12.56 crores
Day 710 crores19.60 crores (Independence Day)
First Week79.5 crores156.71 crores (7 days + paid previews)
Day 811 crores (New Year)6.48 crore
Day 910.5 crores8.51 crore
Day 1012.5 crores (Sunday)10.22 crore (Sunday)
Day 116 crores3.80 crore
Day 125.75 crores7.06 crore (Raksha Bandhan)
Day 135.25 crores4.51 crore
Day 145 crores3.25 crore
Two Week Total136 crores200.54 crores
Day 154 crores2.12 crore
Day 167 crores-
Day 178 crores (Sunday)-
Day 183.25 crores-
Day 193 crores-
Day 202.75 crores-
Day 212.5 crores-
Three Week Total166.5 crores-
Day 222.25 crores-
Day 233.25 crores-
Day 244 crores (Sunday)-
Total till fourth weekend176 crores-
Remaining weeks26.5 crores-
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores202.66 crores (15.5 days)

When 3 Idiots released way back in 2009, no film other than Aamir Khan’s very own Ghajini had crossed the 100 crore mark. While trade pundits were confident that Rajkumar Hirani’s third film as director would break all records, 3 Idiots shocked the entire industry and the trade when the film went on an absolutely historic run at the box office. Records tumbled, and the classic almost doubled the collections of Ghajini.

Since then, more than 1000 Hindi films have released and almost all records set by 3 Idiots have been broken. But one magical figure stands tall – the 202 crore lifetime business, which is probably equivalent to 250 crore or more in today’s times. Two films came close – Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger and Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – but both fell short.

3 Idiots - Chennai Express

3 Idiots vs Chennai Express

Which brings us to Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express, a film that has broken almost all records – Highest first day / Saturday / Sunday / Weekend / first week – you name it! Shahrukh Khan’s first mass-entertainer in ages has collected Rs 156.7 crore so far in just 7 days, and looks set to cross the lifetime collections of 3 Idiots.

But with competition from Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara this week, which will result in fewer screens and shows, Chennai Express might either cruise past 200 crores, get agonisingly close and fall short or struggle to get there.

What do you think, can Chennai Express collect 202 crores or more? Vote and have your say. You can also ask your friends to vote by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, so that we get as many votes as possible!

Can Chennai Express beat 3 Idiots?

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  • Ya, i am sure now because ce wom is excellent and ouatimd wom is poor. Ce need just 50cr to break 3idiot record which is possible, 2nd weekned will be seen clear picture lets see, 200cr club is waiting for king khan.

  • All fans of Salman, Aamir and Akki are praying for OUATIMD because if OUATIMD public review is good then Chennai Express will be affected. But I feel Chennai Express will cross 202 crore and create history in Indian Cinema

  • @Indicine. I just loved the way you compared.
    First with YJHD
    then with ETT
    then with 3 Idiots

    it might not cruise past Indicine. but definitely it ll cross. the mass entertainer together with extensive promotions of king SRK. it ll cross 3idiots.
    I still remember reading SRK interview in an article that these type of movies he meant masala entertainers comes once. and he needs to extensively promote it

    he still promotes his movie as though its his first with same amount of enthusiasm. great to watch and learn
    thank u once again Indicine

  • @ Indicine..OUTMD is not competitio here…CE will manage to score more money per theatre..thats why collection is not gonna drop by huge amount..i m pretty sure it will reach at 210!!

  • CE has colected in 7 Days more than what 3I colected in 19 days

    If CE 2nd week nos will be just like 3I nos then CE Will break 3I Record in just 2 weeks (with Competition from OUTIMD) with huge margin.
    If CE will be lower then it will break 3I during the 3rd week

  • if CE crosses 3idiots lifetime collection then its a national shame. i agree with Dark boy Dis CE is Not even 0.1% close 3idiots. for srk dumb fans CE is better than 3idiots. lol its most overrated pathetic movie. i have ever seen. it shouldn’t cross 3idiots collection. if it does. still people will remember 3idiots as a best bollywood movie and nobody is going to remember this chindi depress movie.

  • It will i guess……..every thing depends on this Weeks Collections which is likely to be atleast 35-40 cr…..

    This weekend will be atleast 20-25 cr……..

    Congrats to SRK…..

  • @Gewone: No doubt CE is doing well, but comparing it with 3 idiots is not fair. Even if CE breaks the recods of 3 Idiots by a whisker, that also after 4 years, its own record will not stand even for a year.

    So its good that Chennai Express is doing well, but rubbishing 3 idiots is not in right taste.

  • Should be fairly easy to cross 202 crores.

    Worst case scenario:

    This weekend (8+10+12) = 30 cr; Total: 187 cr

    2nd week weekdays = 10 cr minimum; Total: 197 cr

    Remaining weeks/weekends = 5-7 cr MINIMUM Total: 202+ cr

  • @Nilesh
    agree with u. sholay, ddlj, hahk, mother india, mugle azam, gaddar & 3i are the most iconic films ever in bollywood.
    bt the way salman & aamir fan putting question mark on srk’s stardom, hop they got there answer.

  • 3 Idiots jaisi story agar Chennai Express ki hoti to 500 crores hota business
    by the way 3 Idiots is first offer to SRK but hi was delay or rejected
    mind it you SRK haters

  • @Gewone what do u mean that what “3 idiots” collected in 19 days “CE” collected in 7 days ? “3 idiots” was a 2009 movie with less number of screens and ticket prices while “CE” is a 2013 movie with double screens and double ticket prices.Have u lost ur brain in theatres ? Anyways “3 idiots” record will last for almost 4 years even if it breaks but “CE” record is not likely to last for even 3 months bcoz of mega movies like “Krrish 3” and “Dhoom 3” r in line up.

  • Aamir fans like me know that Dhoom 3 will collect more then 3idiots in a week and then will open up a new 300 crore club which will be challenged by Salman khan films only!

  • Srk fans should Thank God “CE” is not a 2009 movie or “3 idiots” is not a 2013 movie otherwise there would have been no comparison if both movies released in same year bcoz “CE” would have been nowhere near “3 idiots”.

  • @Nilesh I didnt rubbish any thing
    They asked and I answerd with their numbers no more no less.

    There is a diference.

    BTW CE is not perfect like CDI, KKKH or the other srk master movies also not like 3I but we are talking about numbers here not quality

    according to the quality we can compare CE only with the last 5 years masala movies and to me it is better than all the last 5 years masala movies.

  • when indicine comparing ce with 3 idiots many hatters are saying comparing with 3 idiots is a national shame, some are saying ce doesn’t have any abilty to break 3i record etc etc. May be their comment is 30% right. But my question is where were those comment when 3i compared with such a crap movie ETT? CE is 100 time better than ETT.

  • 1st off all congrats to SRK and entire team of CE for collecting this big amount.Wheather It would touch 200 crore time will tell.But one question is coming repeatedly.Is Earning money is only bench mark to be a good cinema!I think NO and it should not be.A film with a very strong script, good acting and with a motivational statement is being remained in mind for ever.Yes I do agree that profit is a intregal part of any business.But a very good movie with a decent profit is also acceptable to all of us.SRK and Salman both of them have earned popularity by making or acting in masala movie, but now the time has come to change something or do something different .Many aspiring students are learning film educations .A Strong popular Man or woman in film industry can help them by investing or producing their films or ideas which will help our film industry.They should come forword and think about prosperity of indian cinema .

  • 156 crores in 1 week
    25 crores 2nd weekend
    40 crores 2nd week
    20 crores 3rd week

    Done…highest grosser domestic of all time. At least till Krish3 release, we can enjoy if not more.

  • This year i am getting so much surprises. .
    I thought ashiqi2 to be a hit,but it became blockbuster
    yjhd to be superhit,but it got alltime blockbuster.
    And now ce! !ok,i expected it to be fair blockbuster,but is a mega bb and it gonna break 3 idiots records. .
    Now i am waiting for k3 and d3. .let’s see what ‘s happening. .:)

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