3 Idiots Trailer – Today!

The trailer of Aamir Khan’s much awaited 3 Idiots will release across all theaters in India today. The news was confirmed by Aamir Khan himself on his blog.

The theatrical trailer will be 90 seconds long, while the television version will be 60 seconds. We’ll publish the trailer tomorrow, as soon as we get it.

Here’s Aamir’s latest blog on 3 Idiots and his secret identity on Facebook!†


So finally the moment has arrived. Today the 1st look of 3i (3 Idiots) is to be launched. The first trailer of the film will be screened in Cinemas all across.

A strange calm has descended over me, the butterflies seem to be drugged. Maybe they are in a daze, suffocated by the toxic haze of smoke from a cigarette…………. hopes Praveer.

But no! In fact they have been quelled by the steely resolve and an iron determination of the man who calls himself the Pucca Idiott.

Yes folks it is me on face book. Pucca Idiott was a secret identity I was using but unfortunately Star News ne mera bhanda phod diya.

Purpose of being anonymous was that anyone I interact with treats me like a normal guy. No extra fuss etc. Also I get to know what everyone is really thinking and feeling. Sometimes you might not share everything with me, or might not be totally frank with me, if you know who I am.

So this anonymous person I had built with so much effort will have to step aside now. Sigh, was having so much fun prowling about.

Anyway back to the first look. Tomorrow, or rather today, is the 1st step. Fingers crossed. Its a 90 seconder with a 60 second version which will hit TV on 1st Nov. Hope you guys like it. Tell me, Iíll be waiting.




  • wow… superb trailor… suse shot blockbuster… aamir s 222222222 gud man… its a engineerin campus so more youth attracted.. bollywood hungama has it.. watch it..” bahut shor ha na yahan pe.. wow thanks bol rahi ha aur mujhe idiot sunaye de raha ha…;)”

  • It’s an amazing trailor! Looks like we have another quality film plus blockbuster coming from Aamir! Can’t wait any longer for this film…!!!

  • AND also check song promo of de dana dan!!!!Risthe naate sung by F.Ali khan (i suppose ths is his voice) awesom song!!!really tht song rockss

  • sudeep: its a ok song dude… video s gud.. location s also fine but song s a bit slow to match it.. that guys voice doesnt match wit akshay..

  • Amish:Ya might be!!!but for me it is good song..i always like Fateah ali khan song…and i m not dissapointed by his voice again because he is such a fabulos singer in bollywood industry

  • Aamir looks so cute and he does infact look like a college student. So that has already been put to rest. And it’s about time we get a good comedy from bollywood.

    Going to ROCK!

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