2 States vs Jai Ho: Detailed box office comparison

2 States has managed to do the unthinkable. The film has collected almost as much as a big film like Salman Khan’s Jai Ho in both the domestic and international markets.

2 States has also collected more on 16 out of the 21 days in its first 3 weeks, with Jai Ho only collecting more on its first 5 days at the box office.  To put things into perspective, Jai Ho released on twice the number of screens as 2 States and was also sold for more than twice the price of 2 States.

While 2 States is likely to finish its run with net box office collections of around 104 – 105 crore, Jai Ho collected 112.49 crore at the domestic box office. Overseas too, the Alia Bhatt – Arjun Kapoor film is likely to fall just short of the Salman Khan starrer.

Detailed comparison between the two films below.

 2 StatesJai Ho
Day 112.2817.38
Day 211.8916.45
Day 313.4526.1
Day 46.129.46
Day 55.587.52
Day 65.315.73
Day 75.394.95
First Week60.12 crore87.59 crore
Day 83.543.32
Day 95.384.4
Day 106.55.88
Day 112.282.14
Day 122.552.03
Day 132.111.54
Day 142.351.35
Second Week24.71 crore20.66 crore
Day 151.580.6
Day 162.60.78
Day 173.281.12
Day 181.040.42
Day 191.180.31
Day 201.020.23
Day 210.890.18
Third Week11.59 crore3.64 crore
Remaining Weeks2.1 crore0.6 crore
Total India Collections98.52 crore (23 days)112.49 crore (lifetime business 6 weeks)
Total Overseas Collections31.6 crore35.28 crore


  • after jai ho debacle,it proved clearly Ranveer and arjun is bigger star than salman.after kick debacle,bhai will retire soon.

  • I used to think Aamir fans are somewhat better than SRK fans but Navin seems to be on par with them if not worse!

  • @rowdy.. Really.???
    Though um a fan of akshay but still I need to say this.. U remember akshay’s joker.??
    Forget 30 crores it didnt even made 20 cr.. Lol n plzzz tell me which shahrukh movie collected 30 crores.. Ok forget 30.. say 50 in past 5 years..??
    U made fun of urself..

  • Arjun kapoor and Ranveer singh are much bigger actors then grandpa salman. Salman should compete with Tushar kapoor and harman baweja

  • Undoubtedly Hrithik is underrated cmparing to khans, if Hrithik has name with sirname khan then he should on top in industry, as he is far btr than each actor in each department, still his movies run well do well, beat khans, e1 agneepath make 1st day highest grossing record, still highest grosser for jan. Month, hr fans doesnt get jealous, khan fans get jealous just b’coz he is performing acting well in his movies… I think his guzaarish performance is top of the world, at sky high level… Filmfare win by srk doesnt mean he is best actor of that year, if guzaarish was perform well at boxoffice too then sure critics + bst actor both award winner could be Hrithik, no 1 able in industry who cn act better than Hrithik for any genre. Not ever aamir… Forget overactors shahrukh and salman…. Hrithik is only actor who always compared with hollywood stars and their talents, all hollywood media comparing Hrithik with their stars… “Undoubtedly he is only finest actor in bollywood”, SHABANA AZMI said that….. And its true.. Sry to cments on Hrithik and Khans on Arjun’s post.. But Hrithik haters are cmenting abt him 1st… Well Arjun is nice actor 2states sirprisingly entered in 100cr club.. Congo 4 huge success to Alia and Arjun…. Definately Arjun act btr than shahrukh act in ce, and dnt wnt to say for Akki best luck for his holiday… And khan fans please use burnol rofl, Indian media are sold out to 3 khans… And srk to khudko king bulane k paise khilata hai shayad. Worse acting k lie tak nominate krte hai use,.. Nly hollywood knows hrithiks talent…. Haters still nt accepted that k3 beat CE records 99% critics cnfirms uhat K3 breaked Ce records, b.coz of jealousy haters still nt accepted it.. Jago hater jago rofl

  • Shahrukh rejected villain role in race 3, there was speculation that his character will have three roles 1. like rizwan khan 2. like don 3. like rahul mithaiwala and the three will jump into a swimming pool after a 30 minute bike chase. Abbas Mustan hoped his overacting will overshadow that of Aamir in dhoom 3 and the movie will scale into the 375cr club at home.

  • A Spanish director just tweeted that if he were to make X-men with the Khans it will be
    1. X-Men Origins: Caprine (Shahrukh Khan)
    2. X-Men Origins: Bovine (Salman Khan )
    3. X-Men Origins: Porcine (Aamir Khan)

  • It is 73% confirmed, this Christmas gonna be the clash of the Dhoom antiheroes
    Welcome Back vs Bang Bang vs P.K .
    Who will win this clash
    Prediction closes at 2.56pm , March 14 2014 (IST)

  • @beyonder

    Fair enough as you have your view but I must say I would look better in a lungi that those dirty lungiwalas for certain so on that score Im defintely better than them.

  • @r20 and you are just a 420 fake akki fan who goes into hiding everytime akki delivers another 60 cr movie

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