2 States vs Jai Ho: Detailed box office comparison

2 States has managed to do the unthinkable. The film has collected almost as much as a big film like Salman Khan’s Jai Ho in both the domestic and international markets.

2 States has also collected more on 16 out of the 21 days in its first 3 weeks, with Jai Ho only collecting more on its first 5 days at the box office.  To put things into perspective, Jai Ho released on twice the number of screens as 2 States and was also sold for more than twice the price of 2 States.

While 2 States is likely to finish its run with net box office collections of around 104 – 105 crore, Jai Ho collected 112.49 crore at the domestic box office. Overseas too, the Alia Bhatt – Arjun Kapoor film is likely to fall just short of the Salman Khan starrer.

Detailed comparison between the two films below.

 2 StatesJai Ho
Day 112.2817.38
Day 211.8916.45
Day 313.4526.1
Day 46.129.46
Day 55.587.52
Day 65.315.73
Day 75.394.95
First Week60.12 crore87.59 crore
Day 83.543.32
Day 95.384.4
Day 106.55.88
Day 112.282.14
Day 122.552.03
Day 132.111.54
Day 142.351.35
Second Week24.71 crore20.66 crore
Day 151.580.6
Day 162.60.78
Day 173.281.12
Day 181.040.42
Day 191.180.31
Day 201.020.23
Day 210.890.18
Third Week11.59 crore3.64 crore
Remaining Weeks2.1 crore0.6 crore
Total India Collections98.52 crore (23 days)112.49 crore (lifetime business 6 weeks)
Total Overseas Collections31.6 crore35.28 crore


  • 2 STATES has trended better as compared to Jai Ho.
    Although an average movie, but slightly less worse than Jai Ho.

  • Don’t forget that flop ho released on 3900 screens and 2 states on 2000 screens. All these 2 states,queen,gunday,ragini 2 are bigger than Salman’s flop ho.

  • Wow! Awesome! It’s deserving. I personally believe that comparison of collections is baseless. It is evident in the information given in the article. If Jai ho was released in a similar no. of screens as 2 states, with the similarly low ticket prices, it may not have earned even half of what 2 states has. Conversely if 2 States was released in a similar number of screens as Jai ho, with equally higher ticket prices, 2 states would have earned about 140 cr by now. Therefore I guess there should be an unbiased, reasonable or fair unit should be introduced to measure success of a movie, such as a combination of occupancy, screen count, sustainability throughout a long period. Comparison of collection is just ridiculous.

    • @Anupama, it doesn’t work that way. It’s like saying if Queen released on 4000 screens and not 800, it would have collected 5 times more. There should be a market for films too. Only the Top 5 stars can bring in audience in smaller centres, which is why their film get such a wide release.

      Also, Jai Ho under-performed at multiplexes. The footfalls (number of people who watched the film / tickets sold) of Jai Ho much more than 2 States. But the average ticket price comes down, as tickets at single-screens is much cheaper compared to multiplexes. Due to which the collections are lower too.

  • The bigger opening shows who is the clear winner in terms of stardom.
    Jai Ho (59.93 crore) >> 2 states(37.62 crores)
    Jai Ho= Salman + average content +average music
    2 States= Arjun + Alia + Great music + Novel factor + good content.
    So now wait for ATBB Kick which will rock the world.

  • Wanted,dabbang,ready,bodyguard,ek tha tiger,dabbang 2,jai ho,kick! EACH N EVERY MOVIE IN THE LIST IS OSCAR WORTHY. .salman is much better than johny depp,leo nardo etc.

  • Clearly 2 States is a more liked film than Jai ho,but it would be wrong to say that Arjun is a bigger star than Salman and these collections are due to Arjun-Alia…
    Jai ho was’nt a well made film,hence it was just being carried on Salman’s shoulders…
    Don’t know why Salman does’nt do films with good directors!!!

  • @indicine:so u seriously post all good comments? ? Some comments are also just for fun. .many times people like loki makes fun of lootera. Do you think that have sense? ? I have seen many ppl here give funny comments. They may be navin,sachin11,sss,loki etc. .However, i meant to say that salman’s movies are of one type and are below average in quality.

  • actually, jai ho’s trailor’s,songs and promos failed to impress the audience, that is why it collect so low.

  • @indicine
    If you find comments senseless then dont post them. No need for explaination. Hrithik fans have been poinlessly abusing Aamir, Salman and Srk from sometime. Without any reason.
    Maybe due to jealousy of the Khans success.

  • I think any films performance should be measured by no of footfalls not by boxoffice collection.2 states fared well only in multiplexes and I think its footfall was less than half of jai ho.perhaps that was the reason why akshay Kumars films collect less but even boss footfall was more than 2 states because it done well in single screens.

  • Hrfans abuse khans? Okay,see here
    hrfans who abuse khans:
    1.me(but nt always.many times i give genuine n honest comments)

    khansfans who abuse hr:
    a.virat kohli
    d.v santaram

  • When some stupids are making fun of JaiHo that it released in almost double screens than 2 states,let me answer them that a backstabber took 4 years to cross 115cr with festival releases & huge screens every time but film Ready being a non holiday release did 121cr much before the general ticket rates were hiked and in just 1700 screens.Also films like Ramleela & Bhaag Milkha bhaag did cross 115cr mark within limited screens in comparison to that backstabber’s films screens count.What will you say now ?

  • @indicine: Ok. So do you think that measurement of success of a movie based on its total collections is fair enough? If so do you really think that movies like Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 & Chennai Express which are the highest grossers of Bollywood history, were more successful than a wonderful movie like 3 Idiots which?collected more than 3 fold rise of its first week collections & which sustained excellently after the 1st 4 weeks? Isn’t sustainability beyond 1st 4 weeks a better way of measuring success?

  • Even arjun kapoor r now going to deliver 100 cr film which some 60 cr club flop actor can only dream off……..

  • @nipun have you gone mad
    Salman is better then Leonardo decaprio
    What a joke
    Leonardo decaprio’s tatti is better than Salman fuddu

  • So Arjun kapoor is bigger star than salman akshay and ajay
    @indicine akshay is no more remain top 5 star. Wake up. Even Akki fans approved it with complaining he don’t get festival release, his movies released less no of prints with low ticket price. If any star movies does good in single screen and interiors then mithun chakraworthy is the biggest superstar whose movies used to do excellent on video centers and bobby deol is bigger star than Amir khan in early 2000. Badal and bichchoo did better in ss and interior than dch.

  • YHB got 27 lakhs opening. That is the power of srk. His best acting in YHB could get even 1 crore forget 60 crore. lol

  • Akkis worst film can cross 60 crores. Khans worst films cant cross even 30 crore. Akki nonholiday film Rowdy rathore made 135 crore.
    Without holidays no khan movie crossed 125 crore. They are stars bcoz of holidays, yrf, and filmy background. Akki is the only selfmade bollywood superstar.

  • @nipin senior Your comments are not genuine and as Indicine rightly pointed out they are the most baseless/ senseless mumbo jumbo regurgitated rubbish floating around here on cyberspace…!

    Your attempts at leaving even ‘sarcastic’ comments are ludicrous and all Indicine are doing is saving us the readership all the bother of not having to read that garbage.

    Thank you Indicine n a firm reprimand for ‘nipin senior’ who in the last year started to believe his own self created hype that he was the sites resident drunk sorry critic but in all honesty his crappy reviews make KRK’s reviews look like intelligent masterpiece type work…!!

  • @anupama Your point is ridiculous- no matter how many screens a film releases on it doesnt mean every single show is going to be housefull. Gone are the days when Gadar, HAHK for instance had housefull shows for month after month, audiences nowadays decide before movie is released if they want to see a film or not and irrespective of reviews or WOM. Large Screensize guarantees a huge initial before negative feedback kicks in. Jai Ho was always gonna open big irrespective of screensize but it was not to sustain as its appeal was a one time watch only. Smaller films on smaller screensize can only sustain if they receive positive feedback. 2 States releasing on 4000 screens wouldnt have made that big a difference to its initial (maybe 10%) as its target audience was a select group who are also its mouthpiece n repeat audience. Its collected what it deserved n wouldnt have collected 20% more had it had a bigger release. Its appeal wasnt as big as Jai Ho so alot of screens/ shows would have been running to 10% n a complete waste of resources.

  • Its great to see that 2 states trended exceptionally well. @navin agree with you that no of screen size matter only for openings and much more the acceptability of the zoner. @ravi what are you doing man, when you tasted shit of Leonardo and Salman. Lol.

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