2 States Review: A solid entertainer

Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel ‘2 States: The Story of my marriage’ was a fluid read for most viewers and almost everyone felt that like his previous books this one would also be adapted into a film. And so after numerous directing and casting changes (Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor were all attached at one point of time) 2 States: The film has finally arrived to hit the big screen. Is it as good as 3 Idiots and Kai Po Che or is it as drab and awful as Hello (all three films being Chetan Bhagat book adaptations).

Story: If you haven’t read 2 States, here’s the story for you. Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) has had a silent rift with his dad throughout his life and he tries to escape the uneasiness in their relationship by studying hard and getting into IIM Ahmedabad. There he meets Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) and after a couple of dates they fall in love. The problem arises when they decide to get married WITH their parents’ approval. But the problem becomes a struggle when their families disapprove of the opposite family because Krish is a Punjabi North Indian and Ananya is a Tamil Brahmin! According to these two orthodox families, the North and South can never collide. Does it eventually work out?

In his first film as director, Abhishek Varman doesn’t mess up the film version of Chetan Bhagat’s most liked novel. He stays true to the book for the most part and doesn’t deviate from the proceedings. He has borrowed entire dialogues and scenes piece by piece from the novel, which is something that works for the film big time.

Also, when dealing with cross-cultural love, it can easily turn out to be biased and one-sided. Thankfully, 2 States manages to respect both the communities represented without ever losing its humour quotient. It is a major accomplishment for Varman that he keeps the film lighthearted except for the few dramatic scenes. 2 States is a solid debut for the director.

2 States
2 States Movie Review

2 States’ technical department is filled with top talent. Binod Pradhan who first made a mark with the cult Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron does the camera work for 2 States and brings the multi dimensional worlds of IIM-A, Delhi and Chennai together seemlessly. Namrata Rao has not wielded her editing scissors more than necessary but still makes a mark. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy make a return to form of sorts with 2 States. Their tunes have started to sound fresh once again with songs like Offo, and Iski Uski managing to sound pleasant.

If there is one department in which 2 States falters it has to be in the casting of the two leads, especially Arjun Kapoor as Krish. Arjun looks miscast in his role and he seems uncomfortable and uneasy doing the role of the silent rebel nerd Krish. Alia Bhatt is actually good as the feisty Ananya but that biggest drawback for her is that her chemistry with Arjun is severely lacking. A smidget of kissing and intimate scenes don’t make up for lost chemistry. Amrita Singh is quite funny as Arjun’s mother. Ronit Roy is terrific as the strict, distant father. Revathi shines as Ananya’s mother and Shiv Subramaiam also does a good job as Ananya’s father.

2 States is a faithful remake of Chetan Bhagat’s novel and makes for a light, breezy viewing with very few lagging moments in it. If you are in the mood for some solid entertainment, 2 States is the best offering for you this week. Abhishek Varman shows how a rom-com can be done right without ever trying to be attention-seekingly different. 2 States will offend very few and please many.

Box Office:  The book’s brand recall and the fairly popular publicity campaign has ensured that 2 States has taken a outstanding start at multiplexes in cities. The film has also benefitted from the Good Friday holiday. In the long run, it should be able find appreciation amongst the paying public.


  • Abhishek Varman’s faithful adaptation and non-offensive handling of things
  • Binod Pradhan’s cinematography works
  • Namrata Rao’s editing shines
  • Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are back in form with 2 States
  • The supporting cast led by Ronit Roy are perfectly cast
  • Alia Bhatt as Ananya is very good


  • The dramatic scenes overstay their welcome at times
  • The IIM-A campus feels unreal as it has been transformed into a typical Dharma campus ala KKHH and SOTY

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • 4 stars seems abit generous but having read afew reviews it seems critics are giving the film a thumbs up…!

    PS Novel never quite struck the right chord with me as it seemed too far fetched but was always intrigued to see how the film adaptation would turn out so will watch this one for sure if it is shown in a cinema near me over the Easter holiday period.

  • I will watch this film for sure…
    Don’t know but every other critic except you has praised Arjun’s acting in this film.

    But sincerely,i also felt after seeing the trailer that Arjun is a misfit..
    He is tall,well built and he looks better in action films than a romcom.

    I would have preferred Shahid,Sushant or Ayushmann

  • I agree arjun kapoor is an average actor.his looks,physique are gud.also,he sucks in dance.

    @indicine:u mentioned the track “iski uski”,but didn’t mention much better songs like “mast magan” by arijit singh and “locha-u-lafta” by benny dayal.
    Anyhow,i agree wid u in dat point about shankar ehsaan loy.they are back.but they did well in bmb. .bt bmb album was too overrated.however, They are classy composer unlike sajid wajid.

  • And 4 stars despite of pointing out a major negative(miscast) .anyway,it belongs to dharma.so 4 stars toh banta hai. Isn’t it dear @indicine. . .now kjo will retweet it.

  • overall average movie with terrible performance from arjun kapoor. His dialog delivery is awful. He is in industry due to his family background. Media is hyping kapoors – be it arjun or ranbir. Media stars!!!

  • karan johar movies recent — gori tere pyar me ; ek main aur ek tu , yjhd ; 2 states hasee toh phasee are of the same genre more or less. He is making fool of the audiences by presenting same rom-coms in diff ways each time by casting overrated media created actors .

  • But firstpost is condemning this film, i have no problem with desi media trashing bolly flicks but these same harsh critics lap up trash from US/UK, if Slumdog Millionaire was shot in Bangladesh,
    its imdb score would have been less than 4.2, even dabangg is abetter film than slumdog —

  • Welcome Back vs PK, though i enjoy a lot of Aamir starrers, i want John to beat him at box office just like Akshay beat him 7 years ago. who wants to watch Prostitute’s Kingdom,
    PK’s story is like this Aamir is a homosexual/atheist who sleeps with a prostitute and enjoys xxx
    for the first time and starts to believe in God. Please save yourself from soft porn and watch
    welcome back or just sleep at home. This Aamir is getting too proud and Indians should give the
    treatment SRK received between 2008 & 2011.

  • @bombey helmet:u forgot agneepath which wasn’t a rom com.btw,whatever may be the genre,but their should be some content. GTPM was a bad film. But HTP was a nice one. .story was not new though. .but direction makes it better

  • This the 4th greatest film of all time.
    My current TOP 5 great films:
    2.Hasee Toh Phasee
    3.Krrish 3
    4.Two States
    Two States might become more greater afterwards. But Lootera will never become less great.
    Gunday was on 3rd position but just yesterday it became less great. Krrish 3 jumped to 3rd position as its greatness increased.

  • arjun is gud but has a long way to go, he has to improve widout doubt,, cmng to alia,, she is a dynamite, jst outstandng, i nvr thought dat she cud perform just diverse roles soo early in her career, Ist Highway, nw Dis,, way 2 go gal,, movie is gud ,music is fresh bt nt outstanding, direction is superb, supporting cast terrific, in short agree wid u @indicine itz a gud entertainer, my side 3.5 stars

  • @Indicine,please publish the verdict of Main tere hero and the first week collection of bhootnath 2. thanks

  • I am pretty much impressed with Indicine review, if you not find your Male lead performance not even average,as you stated he is miscast in the role but still you had given 4 star. I think you are reviewing novel rather than movie. The review you had given the way it can’t rate more than 3 star for the film and if you find film worth 4 star than you are completely lying for Arjun Performance, i remember your review of Gunday in which you mentioned Arjun is average and he can’t able to stand against Ranveer, but when i watched the film i loved the movie and Arjun-ranveer performance. No doubt Ranveer is better but there is difference between a better performance and poor performance. And now you are rated him miscast and still 4 star,so it seems like you already made your mind when you seeing the film and what you want to write about Arjun,this time you caught. First Hansee to phasee a Pakau movie rated 4 star can’t bearable for even first hour for me and now 2 states confused review.

  • Hasee Toh Phasee was the bestest rom-com movie i have ever seen. It was so realistic and grounded, it had soul and emotions and humour, all in perfect jingle. Only pathetic haters who love films like ett,ce etc can hate HTP.
    I don’t think 2 states will be able to match HTP, 2 states has huge hype only due to its novel, people have read it and were curious to know how its cinematic version would be.

    Best films of 2014 till now are Hasee Toh Phasee,Gulaab Gang,Queen two of them are led by anurag kashyap’s Phantom films. I have to say this, Anurag, man you rock!

  • also YJHD was very very overrated crap. It was totally over the top. It never deserved 180+ cr. same for Gunday which was an awful film. Queen and Hasee Toh Phasee are far better films than these.

  • @Ehinome Okojie I think you should get back your balls before PK releases as you are castrated and watching PK’s phenomenal success may give you a estrogen (female version of testesterone) attack.
    That estrogen attack will then make you develop huge man-breasts, maybe as big as Sunny Leone. So be warned.

  • the reviews of 2 states are quite mixed.. while some critics have really liked the movie while some have given it a thumbs down.. its really confusing.. though i agree the lead cast of the film is totally a misfit.. ranbir n deepika would have been the perfect cast playing the punjabi boy n a south indian girl.. the film would have been an all time blockbuster n the biggest hit of the year.. it would have also been the most awaited film of the year had they been cast.. the makers missed a tricked while casting.. i will definitely watch 2 states this weekend.. lets see wats in for store..

  • n adding on to my previous comment i must say indicine fooled the audiences with the reviews of HTP.. the movie was a utter crap or average at best.. cant believe indicine gave it 4 stars.. i really doubt the ability of indicine to review movies now

  • @lootera aka loki:grow up u idiot .

    @ehinome oki whateva:
    first of all,u need to get free from you ill and evil mentality. If someone plays a role of a gay/homosexual or a transgent ,what’s the problem in it? ? ? ? ?in fact,it could be a landmark film for bollywood. .if someone is doing lip kiss and half naked scene ,that what’s the problem? ? Problem doesn’t lie in the film,but it lies in our ill mentality which we call narrow mind. I am not supporting craps like nasha and ragini 2 in my comment. .but if a movie has content and it’s trying to do something new for the society.then we sud appriciate dem . They are artist and as for amir and raju hirani,they are dedicated people.i don’t think they will disappoint.

  • Rajeev masand n anupama chopra,each has rated it 2.5/5 ! Now i’m a little confused whether to watch it or not. Indicine has give 4 stars even after pointing out a major limitation. Masand’s 2.5 stars say it worth a watch .anyway,i will watch it after 15-20 days when i will finish my all exams. .

  • watched the movie today amidst a packed house.. it’s indeed a solid entertainer packed with some old fashioned melodrama, good humour and realistic romance instead of mushy and candyfloss things..

    @Indicine..now despite you giving 4stars..i would beg to differ with you with respect to Arjun Kapoor..

    Man..he was the soul of the movie..he has portrayed the character of a nerdy Krish Malhotra efficiently..it’s indeed a welcome change from the grey characters he has played so far..also he was one of the reasons i could tolerate Gunday..

    His underplaying of the character goes hand in hand with Alia’s spunk and energy..

    Amrita Singh was hilarious as the Punjabi Saas..Ronit Roy leaves his mark in a small role..Alia’s parents too play their part well..Good direction by Mr Verman as he has maintained the essence of the book and therr have been few cosmetic changes made in the screenplay..only people who have read the book will realize it..

    Overall i would recommend people to watch this movie twice..once with friends/girlfriend and other with family..

  • First of all the movie is quite entertaining…….
    But don’t worry our bhojpuri Paan bhai gonna remake it next year will some crap jokes and mindless action ….

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