2 States First Day Collections

2 States2 States has opened to an outstanding response at the box office on Friday. The opening was on-par or better than Jai Ho and Gunday at multiplexes in several centres, mass centres in North and Central India were average.

More than the film’s star cast, it was the popularity of Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘2 State: The story of my marriage’ and excellent marketing that helped the film collect Rs 12.25 – 12.5 crore on Day 1.

Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune were extraordinary throughout the day. The business in East Punjab circuit was so good that it has affected the business of last week’s regional release Disco Singh.

2 States also benefitted from a national holiday for Good Friday. Collections should be strong today and tomorrow the film could even cross the 15 crore mark, as the reports are fantastic.

Will 2 States cross the 100 crore mark is something that is already being discussed on social media websites and in the trade.



  • I did’nt expected this much…
    May be multiplexes are doing better than Jai ho and gunday..
    I think 100crs is sure for 2 states…
    And don’t think it is due to star power of alia or arjun or karan’s dharma prod,it is solely due to Chetan bhagat’s novel.

  • Forget about Gunday and Jai Ho opening,Holiday may fail to beat 2states opening.With just 45 days to go and no promotion.Trailers and songs are not shown on TV.
    They think Akshay sir’s star power is enough for it to take bumper/good opening.And what i am even angry is when they tweet about the youtube views of Tu Hi Toh Hai.They should know that rowdy rathore trailer had less views on youtube but with good promotion from utv and slb,it shattered all records.I think they are taking audience for granted and they will pay for it.I don’t even know why they gave the music rights to zee music company

  • And 2states will be a success but it won’t help Arjun Kapoor to gain star status or anything but Alia will benefit most.It was always a movie to push Alia
    Only Tevar will catapult Arjun to star status

  • And 2states collections has showed that multiplex,it is mostly about good marketing and type of film but in single screens,it is star power and that’s where Salman and Akshay sir are ruling

  • @aeyyy Akki and stardom? hehe. He struggles to get over 10 crore opening. Real fool. Salman cannot do anything without remakes. Stardom is when you rule Bollwood for 25 years or when you beat 3 Idiots with a simple comedy like Chennai Express or when your movie continues running at a theater for 18 years.

  • gr8 start, hope it continues itz run, undoubtedly this opening is due to the novel,, but have 2 give marks 2 da fresh & young couple of alia & arjun

  • 2states- it will be unstoppable- 111crs sure- chetan Sir is a super iconic star of India, arjun aalia were just a passage of movie to show the greatness of 2states book, if I would be casting director – I would cast – Aditya Roy Kapoor as KRRISH and Deepika padukone as ANANNYA :)

  • So nw even arjun kapoor’s film has bigger opening than d so called masala star..seems its time for bhai to retire.

  • holiday open more than 18 crore,single screens are safe becauase akshay is mass star.holiday looks a good scripted movie so multiplexes open be huge.

  • @Taylor Swift: Overtaking Jai Ho also means overtaking Ra One, JTHJ, Don 2, Talaash, Besharam, almost all movies of AKshay and Ajay, ZNMD, etc. SO basically all actors are over. Bollywood is over. HAHAHA

  • @LOKI, no stardom is not taking help from star cameos, honey singh songs, using IPL for promotions and using Rajnikaanth’s name for film’s success, releasing films only on national holidays. thats not stardom. thats called not having the GUTS. yes srk doesn’t have the guts. he is afraid of losing badly which he will when his real ugly face is exposed.
    no need to comment about Akshay. he has enough stardom, despite unsuccessful films, he is still there.

  • @Loki: stardom is not when you give 2nd or 3rd highest grosser of the year (i.e CE) with one of the most popular director, actress, and huge promotions. Stardom is when you give an ATBB (dabangg) with new director n new (kinda fat) actress without big production house to back up. Then that is followed by top two grossers of the year for two years in a row.
    Srk no longer has the ability to give highest grosser of the year. Last time Srk gave highest grosser was 2007. This is stardom?

  • For the last six years (i.e since 2008) only Aamir and Salman are giving highest grosser of the year. This trend will continue in 2014 also with Kick or PK being the highest grosser. It will further continue in 2015 with PRDP or Kabir Khan’s next. ALso in 2016 with Dhoom 4 starring Salman Khan. In 2017 Aamir will come back with a biggie. After that Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Sigh, etc will have higher chances of giving highest grosser than Srk.

  • @loki- u are so intelligent.. salman cannot do anything without remakes??? wat were dabangg, ett n dabangg 2??? remakes??? think before u speak u fool..

  • @loki aka kaddu – whose stardom are you talking about you moron. an actor who is struggling to give highest grosser of the year even after his life’s biggest hit. last six years highest grosser is dominated by salman and aamir. now this is called stardom. not whose record was thrashed in a matter of months twice!

  • @Akaash aka pakavesh
    Krrish 3 never beat CE, it was a big lie by the Roshans. And Doom 3 had Dhoom franchise and Katrina’s striptease which made it cross CE. CE was not a sequel nor contained vulgar songs like Kamli and not a worldclass action film but still it broke all records.

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