Sakhi Lyrics – Satyamev Jayate

This week, the 7th episode of Satyamev Jayate was aired. It was about domestic violence. Like every other week, a new song was played at the very end – titled Sakhi.

Performed by Meenal Jain, with lyrics by Swanand Kirkire, the music of Sakhi has been composed by Ram Sampath.


Sakhi Lyrics


Aansun ke sang naa bahungi sakhi
Ab naa mein gumsum rahungi sakhi
Sehne se behtar kahungi sakhi..

Tan ke ghaav pe marham haya ka
Mann ka ghaav hai pyaasa dava ka (Repeat once)
Sitam ke andheron mein sadiyon hai bilkhi
Masoom bholi wo pyaari khushi
Ghut ghut ke kab tak jiyungi sakhi
Gumsum main ab naa rahungi sakhi
Sehne se behtar kahungi sakhi
Aansun ke sang naa bahungi sakhi
Ab naa mai gumsum rahungi sakhi

Waar ye pyaar kaa kaisaa silaa hai
seh jo gaye barambaar milaa hai (Repeat once)

Zulmi na khaabon ke peeche chhupa hai
Kaayar sa chehera dil se dukhi..
Julm main ab naa sahungi sakhi
Gumsum main ab naa rahungi sakhi
Sehne se behtar kahungi sakhi
Aansun ke sang naa bahungi sakhi
Ab naa mai gumsum rahungi sakhi


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TV Show – Satyamev Jayate Episode 7 (June 17th 2012)
Song Lyrics: Sakhi
Singer(s): Meenal Jain
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Music Director: Ram Sampath
Music label: T-Series
Song Duration (mm:ss): 03:00

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  • Dear Amir, OMG!!!! Best Indian show ever created by Bollywood(Indian Male OperaWinfrey) .normally I hate Indian TV seeirs but this one was somethingelse .Apne sahi kaha tha esa likhenge jo dil ko lagega..tabhi badlav aayega You are absolutely genius. Definetly apka ye show longo ka dil hila dega. I have been through a lot and I also had same deire to bring awareness through my story but never finished my book. I also expressed my life story through my paintings. Hopefully soon I will publish them to inspire more women. If I can come out from Hell, any one can do it I live in USA but you wont beleive there are several Indian husbands and in law’s treating thier wives worst then animals. These ladies are still living with same husbands getting abused by them on daily bases. Please let me know if I can do anything to make this show succesful. Medical business is becoming a dirty and ugly business in India. These days I heard in India doctors order several unneccessory tests, admit you in hospital, give you wrong medicine, wont diognose you properly for making a big bill. Also we have tons of medical/MBA and engineering colleges but not all of them have quality education. Har koi degree aise hasil karta hai jaise bazar se aloo khareed lete hai. We need to think about improving education system as well. More doctor more problem sabko paisa banana hai chahe kiase bhee banaye.Girls are getting MBA degree just to get married. There is no value left of higher degrees. In US not everyone can finish medical/ EE easily. College fee is extremely expensive and education level is extremely high. Only focused, dedicated and genius kids end up becoming doctor. Bachelor Degree has value here but in India there is no value..Am I right???Keep it up..God bless you and India.Thanks and regards from bottom of my heart,Meena


  • Truly inspiring….. This show has been a life changing one…. I have changed myself positively and I seek to be productive to my nation too…..Helping and understanding people is also important…..



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