Women are the leaders of India: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanSuperstar Shah Rukh Khan has said women are the future and that “one needs to have women to have men”, so they must be respected.

“It is important to talk about women who are making progress, taking our country forward and it is time to celebrate a little bit of brightness and positivity. You need to have women to have men,” the 47-year-old said here Thursday night at the launch of the Link Lady collection of watch brand Tag Heuer.

The evening also celebrated the power of women by felicitating four Indian women achievers, who have excelled and contributed tremendously to their respective fields.

Among those commemorated were Sara Pilot, for her contribution to charitable causes through her organisation Cequin; Pia Singh, for her work in the country’s luxury retail sector; Ritu Beri for being the pioneer of Indian fashion; and Olympic Bronze medallist Saina Nehwal for excellence in the field of sports.

Shah Rukh, looking dapper in a black suit, said it’s time to celebrate the women “who are the leaders of India”.

“It has been a few months now that we are witnessing all the news against women in India. Now everyone wants to come out and vehemently oppose the atrocity that happens with women in our country and around the globe.

“I think these are the negative feelings that are happening, so it becomes more important to have few sparks of brightness, beauty and goodness,” said the actor, who kept to his late-coming tradition, and turned up two hours later than the scheduled time.

The evening started with aerial and ground ballet performances, followed by the unveiling of the watch collection by Shah Rukh and TAG Heuer president and CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin.

Those who attended the event included Omar Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah, Shashi and Sunanda Tharoor, Sachin Pilot, Manav Gangwani, Anupama Dayal, Varun Bahl, Rohit Gandhi and Sanjay Kapoor.



  • srk’s upcoming movies have no good future but he is right that women r the future.

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  • That’s why every girl/women respect SRK
    every girl/women wants his dream man to be like Shahrukh Khan

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  • @sachin 11 something burning whenever a srk news comes u are on top of it and one if srk upcoming has no future then salman upcoming mental will make public mental and about chennai express at least it will be a superhit if not a blockbuster

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  • really …golden words from a superstar…which proves his wisdom and scrumption….

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  • SRK respects women. Was this statement even worth all the hassle and media attention? I suppose any news on SRK will keep ‘xzone’ intrigued and ‘star’ satisfied.
    Bhai roxXx

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  • @ xzone : i wonder u have seen censored things of srk and found everything in gold. :P

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  • @hritik…stop worrying abt myself…can u please tell me wat r u ding at this page…if u hate srk then better leave this page u looser….

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  • He’ll yeah, he is right.. But there are some people who have no respect for women..
    For example..umm I actually I don’t want his name here coz I feel disgusting while typing that fool’s first letter of his name but maybe u can take a Gues’s or probably u know that guy, who abused women’s, slapped them and even threatened to do harmful stuff to a celebrity named ayishwariya..
    Seriously that guy suxxx not “roxXx”

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  • srk can go at any extreme to show people that how good he is from inside but people know what the truth is. recently he wrote an article being a khan and tried to gain peoples sympthy but it back fired on him now more people hate for that. he trying to gain sympathy because he knows that people in india started disliking him and his movies. specially now you guys will get to see srk saying lot of good stuff to be in good book but there is one thing that common hate most is fake personality, wether it politician,actor or cricketer

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  • @Navin…definitely not…this news doesn’t deserve such media attention and hype…instead of it…news like a goon threatened aishwarya, a junkie crushed 5 beggars at footpath, a menace to society..who is soon suppose to be behind the bars…these news deserve much attention…
    indicine…plz satisfy our ignoramus “navin”..plz publish an article related to these topics…

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  • @ xzone : everyone knows who is a looser.. or should i help you in remembering kabir, tejas, NVS, Ahmed, Niks & Blockbuster ?? why the h_e_l_l u come on Salman’s page and mess with us ? we r here to show the reality of self proclaimed king !!!

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  • @ahmed: do you think he gives a $hit about of what you think of him? He’s already on his own league now, so he don’t need to prove anything, yet again, to people. He’s already achieved enough success, fame and money that one could ever able to achieve in their entire life time. So your opinion is of least concern to him.

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