Winners of the Free Movie Tickets contest

Thanks for the fantastic response to the ‘Ek Tha Tiger ‘Free Movie Tickets’ contest, we received more than 2500 entries in less than 2 days!

Now, before we announce the winners, here are the correct answer to the four questions that were asked.

1. How many Yashraj produced films before ETT has Salman Khan featured in?

A. Almost 55% got this answer wrong. The answer is ‘NONE’ as Ek Tha Tiger will be the first Yashraj film with Salman Khan.

2. What character does Salman play in Ek Tha Tiger?

A. Most got this answer right, but about 10% think that Salman plays ‘Bodyguard to Katrina Kaif’. Is this because his last film was Bodyguard? The correct answer is ‘Indian RAW Agent’.

3. How many films has Kabir Khan directed before Ek Tha Tiger?

A. A staggering 65% people got this answer wrong. Most think ETT is Kabir Khan’s directorial debut. Previously, he has directed Kabul Express and New York (which was a big hit). Correct answer is ‘Two films before ETT’.

4. Which was Salman-Katrina’s last film together?

A. Most got this answer right. Their last film was ‘Yuvvraaj’ which didn’t do well at the box-office.

Overall, after removing all the duplicate entries, only about 120 people (out of more than 2500) got all the answers right. Below is the list of 3 winners. We will contact you via SMS at 10AM IST.

  • Sanjay S (Hubli) - 962xxxxx45
  • Puja Kini (Mumbai) - 966xxxxx83
  • Arun (Jaipur) - 941xxxxx39

Congrats to all the winners. We hope you enjoyed the contest! Those who didn’t win, stay tuned as we have a lot more coming up. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest Bollywood updates. You can also participate in the Ek Tha Tiger Free Music CDs contest.



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