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Why did Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi break up?

This is a pretty old topic, no real point in discussing it right now, but we are amazed by the number of e-mails we receive on this much controversial couple. Questions like

  • Why did Aishwarya dump Vivek?
  • Why didn’t she acknowledge their relationship?
  • Did Ash cheat on Vivek and date Abhishek?
  • Did she ditch him because his career wasn’t going great guns?
  • Why did Ash instigate Vivek to hold that infamous press conference against Salman Khan?

Such and many more questions are quite a regular in our mail boxes. But like most of you, we too aren’t aware of why the relationship broke. But after some research, we did get some info from the Times of India. Hope it answers all your questions!!

From a source who claims to be Ash’s close friend, here is what she had to say

Question : Vivek bailed Aishwarya out from Salman Khan, why then did she not acknowledge their relationship? Why did she treat him like a stranger?
Source: She has always stood by Vivek as a friend. They’ve attended award shows and charitable functions as a couple, travelled together in India and abroad and has also worked together in Kyon… Ho Gaya Na, which was directed by Vivek’s friend Sameer Karnick.

Allegation: Ash dumped Vivek after his movies fared poorly at the box office and started dating Abhishek. Why?
Source: This is utter rubbish. The relationship ended six months ago and Home Delivery was released much later, in December 2005. Aishwarya never made it obvious that she is more popular than Vivek in India and abroad. She worked with Abhishek in Dhai Akshar Prem Ke in 2000, much before she knew Vivek. She is very close to the Bachchans. She is certainly not dating Abhishek. Incidentally, Abhishek is a friend of Vivek.

Question: Ash didn’t give a much-deserved clarification to Vivek before splitting up with him and he had to read about it in the newspapers. Why?
Source: Ash had categorically told Vivek that she is not going to marry him. Ash did talk to Vivek about breaking off the relationship. The reasons for their breakup isbest known to them. And no, she doesn’t owe any clarification to the media. I know the reason for the breakup but would not like to comment on it since it’s personal. She likes Vivek as a friend and she doesn’t want to say anything negative about him. But then, if Vivek chooses to hallucinate about a relationship that was long over, it isn’t Ash’s fault, is it?


Aishwarya Rai is a Bachchan now and very Happily married. Just forget this incident and move on guys!



  • the only reason Ash had a fling with Vivek was to take him away from Rani…(Rani took the movie Chalthe Chalthe away from her….this was Shar Rukh fault…he replaced Ash with Rani) Saathiya was a superhit for the couple. they were very close…..because of Ash Vivek lost out big time. Rani does not talk to him at all. all movies they signed together were never made.

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  • I feel sorry for Vivek….he dared to take on Salman foe Ash. this cost him his career. Ash just walked away. she loves using people…..she has done that too many times.

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  • I like aish since i have seen her, as her big fan i would like to share this with you,

    aish and salman’s stories are world known ,how many times he spoilt her shooting’s
    hit her on face and so many more stories……!
    as salman gets very possesive about his all girlfriend’s ,which turns negative too…!he started calling vivek and threatened him on phone (late night’s)
    ash is always very secrative about her personal life which is not at all wrong..
    vivek on salmans calls got hyper and started giving interviews to channels…
    i personally saw 1,

    aish told vivek to stop it as she does not want to make her personal life public but vivek still did not do so which ended her relation …..

    some body is not clarifying something it does not mean that she/he is wrong ……..

    loads love



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  • people get over it. it’s history. she is a married woman. who cares why vivek and ash broke up. do you want the media to talk about your every break up. how would you feel if you were in abhishek’s place. let them be. don’t you have anything better to do than talk about other people’s lives.

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  • i think ashwariya is a bitch and goes only for name, fame and money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats the only reason she married abhishek so she can be on top forever as a bachchan….
    it can be clearly seen she is a fake at the award functions!!!

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  • leave it guys, ash is happily married women, dont interfare n leave that conversation…… she has to handle 2 family… leave her alone… she doestnt cheted on vivek… he’s an asshole…… watever she did was absolutely rite, vivek dont deserve aish….. he only deserse hate from people… watever he did with salman and aish was awful…

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  • ash is fake and always runs behind fame and money. she used vivek, everybody knows that.

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  • Aishwarya is fake exactly. She always used people to enter film industry she used Salman Khan and after that when she made her roots in bollywood she dithced salman and went behind vivek and everybody knows what happened to vivek after that press conference his career hit badly. She spoiled life of two best actors in the film industry. She always run behind the name, fame and money. She will repay it in her life. God is waiting for her turn and she will get nicely back.

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  • ashwariya was lost and in frastration after break up with vivek her decision to marry abhishek is out of
    depresion its show in her eyes now, sorry babe

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  • What the hell is this Im hearing that , salman khan hit ashiwarya, I know she is a liar, she lies about everything , she lies about her fake eyes, she lies about bleeching her skin and now she is contantly lying that salman khan hit her, salman khan has two sisters and he respects his mom so much, I doubt whether he would ever lay a finger on ashiwariya, ashiwariya was jealous of salman khan because he was already a big star, she wanted more attention than anythign else, vivek was madely in love with her and was also jealous of salman khan, I am sure salman khan don’t even want to see the two of them , but just because seh is a woman he said good things abotu her during a recent interview. lord I wonder why seh had to marry a tree b4 she would of get married to abhishake, She is a blights to men, look at what she did to vivek career and she wanted to pull teh same thing on salman khan, but im happy things ddin’t work out with sallubhai and the ashwariya… now tough luck abhishake your career is done, take up some different trade like a business or some thing . hahaha

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  • Least expected things crawl into one’s lap in all the wrong times. Aishwarya truely accompanied Salman inspite of her family’s lack of fondness. She was abused by him indeed. Aishwarya, as a very normal woman, was crushed after her experience with Salman. Vivek comes along. You know when a man wants a woman so bad? When he does not get enough attention from his desired one. Aishwarya’s broken heart didn’t permit her to get into another relationship and make it so public in the fear of not being strong enough to be able to put herself through hell again, which drew Vivek even closer to his woman! He craved for that place in her life and felt he was very much ready to even marry her so he becomes the only apple of her eyes. Vivek really needed to allow her some more time. I feel Aishwarya-Vivek were a gleaming couple, one of the finest. It’s very unfortunate she, as a woman was not ready for things much more with him right that point. For instance, Saif Ali Khan allowed four years to pass before Kareena could actually be ready to marry her man after her experience with Shahid and look how well they both have developed into each other today. It’s always time and patience that needs be allowed for the desired results. But we are only human and emotions play a big role on our actions. I truely believe Aishwarya and Vivek would have been the golden couple in Bollywood.

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  • i think ash is fond of money and position.she is a wich who used salu bhai and vivek to bloster her career,she can even ditch her husband abhishekh.she is a fake from head to her eyes are.goodluk salman and vivek

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  • i think ash is fond of money and position.she is a wich who used salu bhai and vivek to bloster her career,she can even ditch her husband abhishekh.she is a fake from head to her eyes are.goodluk salman and vivek. mohubat ab tijarat ban gaye hai.

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  • Who do you think you people are talking about her like that?! Why do people think they can get involved in celebrities’ lives,call them bad names, and get involved with their personal lives? There’s a reason why Aish and some other actors decide to keep their personal life private, that’s how it’s meant to be. You don’t advertise everything that goes on with your life especially if it’s a bad chapter in their life. Some people here are talking as if they know Aishwarya or Vivek personally. How can you people assume Aishwarya used him for fame and money? First of all, what is Vivek? A nobody. Always was, always will be. She did kyun ho gaya with him in 2004.At that time she was already famous, she attended Cannes before 2004, she was listed as 100 most influential people in the world. She was already big at that time she is famous all around the world Vivek is famous ONLY in India that’s a fact. Are you ppl saying Vivek was the reason she was in Time Magazine, Oprah show, listed in Harpar’s Bazaar as the ninth most beautiful,declared most beautiful miss world in history in 2000, appeared on numerous magazines around the world, had a tulip named after her, became ambassador of Lo’real,Longines? No so how could she use him when she is more famous,more successful, & wealthier than him? She has so much going on in her life that ppl are just jealous. Maybe he used her & that’s why she dumped him. Blame everything on the woman, right? And don’t talk of ruined careers. Aish’s was almost ruined by Salman. She lost many movies because of him like Chalte Chalte & Veer-Zaara, hit movies. Only person responsible for Vivek’s career fail is himself and Salman. He became enemies with Salman & as the big don of Bollywood he ruined it for him. Who would work with Vivek after making enemies with Salman? No one that’s Bollywood for u.If Aish didn’t lose movies cuz of Salman it probably would’ve made a big difference in her career as far as Bollywood is concerned. A lot of u are just saying dumb things just for the sake of argument. It’s strange how u presume to know her.

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  • Aishwarya looks very happy with Abhishek Bachan. And yes her eyes are real for godsake. I expect non-Indians to say they’re not,but when Indians say it it’s such a shame. So many Indians have colored eyes and not all of them are even famous.

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