Wearing the Kings XI Punjab T-Shirt because they were the best team: SRK

SRK wearing Kings XI Punjab_s T-ShirtSoon after the Kolkata Knight Riders won their 2nd IPL trophy, Shahrukh Khan was seen hugging Preity Zinta and also wore the Kings XI Punjab T-Shirt.

Khan was all praise for the Punjab team, who were by far the best team in the league stages “I am wearing the Kings XI Punjab T-shirt because they were the best team in the IPL.”

Talking about his good friend Preity Zinta, who he launched in Dil Se, Khan said “Preity is very close to my heart, she discusses the team with me, she discusses her life. The one team that we wouldn’t want to have played in the IPL final is Preity’s”

“Both the team owners (referring to Shilpa Shetty’s Rajasthan Royals and Preity’s Kings XI Punjab) were launched by me, both are very very close to my heart.” SRK said.



  • Congrats to srk…
    I too feel KXIP were the best team in this IPL,but then silly things cost them the final.
    Why not playing Rishi Dhawan instead of Awana?
    Mitchell johnson bowling that one short costed the match…
    Very disappointed:(
    I was wid this team from the 1st season from the time of Yuvi to Gilchrist to maxwell…
    I hope they come back strongly next year and win…

  • When did srk became a producer (atleast not before PBDHH) or director to launch Shilpa (Even he was struggling during Baazigar days) & Preity (Mani Ratnam’s Dilse suddenly became srk production moreover he was not even a producer at that time). If working with debut heroines means launching then Salman has launched Maximum actresses !!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like Srk is not completely happy with KKR win. Instead of KKR jersey he is wearing Kings XI jersey. In soccer, players exchange their jerseys after the match but Srk may have snatched the jersey !!!!!!!!!!

  • Srk wants to take credit of Preity & Shilpa careers n still his fans blame Aamir for taking away credits !!!!!!! After few years Srk will say I lauched Divya Bharathi, Raaj Kanwar & Hema ji !!!!!!! Lol !!!!!

  • @babaji ki lungi
    Mitchell didnt cost them the game- you clown- he was bowling to a tail ender n for the record Piyush Chawla does not have a rep for pulling anyone over the long /square leg boundary for 6 let alone the Fastest bowler in the world. The same Johnson who 6 months ago knocked 10 bells out of the english batsmen in the Ashes. Any fast bowler worth his socks will know that bowling a short pitched bouncer to tailenders is a worthwhile ball bcoz tail enders dont like balls flying by their nose at 150Kmph. Give Chawla credit as he connected n it hit the ball in the middle of the bat which flew just over the square leg fielders head for 6. Great shot by a lower order tail ender.

    Blame anyone then blame the other 2 quick bowlers- Awana n Balaji… They bowled rubbish n too many back of the length rubbish that got clobbered over the leg side for boundaries. Sandeeps omission was puzzling as he was in good form this season but Balajis inclusion backfired on Kings 11. Hard luck but well played KKR- 9 on the trot so form team won so thats good to see.

  • srk launched shilpa and priety he jst praises himself.They both jst debuted with srk he did not launched [email protected] you too wrote that Srk launched Priety what was going on ur mind while u were working on this post

  • This man never stop amaze me how good,humble and gentle he is…… if all boys in the world were like him, the world would be a better place.. But he is one and only… Congrats to him and kKR ! and well played to Preity Zinta’s team also !

  • Shah Rukh Khan Not Just A Great Star But A Great Human As Well
    See ! He’s Wearing The Jersey Of Kings XI Punjab, Just To Cheer Up The Disappointed Preity Zinta
    That’s Our King ! SHAH RUKH KHAN
    ‪#‎ MassiveRespect

  • Now haters having more reason to hate SRK.

    (1) Why KKR won IPL ???
    (2) Why SRK is expressing happiness as if he has won the cup ???
    (3) Why SRK is wearing KXIP jersy ???
    (4) Why SRK said he launched pretty and shilpa ???
    and the list goes on and on and onnnn.

  • Hahaha nobody bothering about Hritik’s comment. Everyone enjoying srk and kkr’s success. Kkr is yeh team from nowhere to champion. Sad for king eleven which is my favorite team in this ipl along with kkr.

  • @navin uncle
    For ur kind information chawla is’nt a tail ender like a ishant sharma or umesh yadav..he can bat decently and has played well before against KXIP in the qualifier 1 match.
    He did’nt bowled the yorker coz he thought that it might have yielded a single and brought back chawla to the strike for the next over!!!
    Anyways what has happened has happened….better luck next time.

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