Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time (NDTV)

NDTV had a poll for the ‘Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time’. The question was asked to random people across the country, who were allowed to choose any actor from all of India. Below are the results, based on votes from 30,000 people!

  • 1. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 2. Aamir Khan
  • 3. Salman Khan
  • 4. Shahrukh Khan
  • 5. Dilip Kumar

Watch the video below



  • Must be a joke? Salman Khan at No 3 for greatest ‘actor’?? I would agree with anything – biggest superstar, most popular star.. but actor he isn’t.

    Indian people have always misunderstood the difference between acting talent and popularity. It’s the same with box office success and quality of movies. Sad.

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  • nice list… they all are all time greats… a big salute to all of them

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  • salman and actor??????…if you take 30000 people from a salman fans club this ill be happened. all know who is better srk srk srk

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  • @rocky very well said srk should be at no 1 bcs he have 16 filmfare awards in that 8 for best actor

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  • I agree with the Top 2.. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are the best actors the industry has ever produced. I would put Dilip Kumar at 3, Shahrukh Khan at 4 and Hrithik Roshan at 5.

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  • dilip shab should be first and no offense against mr bachan but media just like put him on top where in old times he was total dominated by late mr rajesh khanna and all time favorite dharmji. and offcourse all three khans there are in the league of their own and nobody was successful as these three before and nobdy will ever in many years to come

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  • Omg Now This is ridiclous. . Evry one knws yes salman is at his best in box office terms but he is better ACTOR than SRK,DILIP KUMAR…it realy hurts

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  • very good n accurate list.this list is 100% correct.amitabh is the greatest.aamir is the god of acting.salman has his own style of acting which is 3 are absolutely correct.only no 4 should have been replaced by no 5.good job ndtv.

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  • @rocky18 That’s true… there should be hrthik roshan in top 5 because this is all about acting…

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  • @rocky18 you are a jealous bum. amithab is hyped doesnt deserve to be in top 10
    1. dilip kumar
    2. dharm ji
    3. salman
    4. aamir
    5. srk

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  • @ahmed… really? Stop this obsession with the 3 Khans. Amitabh Bachchan at his peak was a one man industry and even if it was briefly, Rajesh Khanna was more popular than any superstar of today.

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  • Salman khan is the biggest star in the history of indian cinema.. we shouldn’t compare him with anyone. salman is salman. thats it.

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  • Where is Hrithik? Hopeless list. Hrithik was better than Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. He was better than any other actor in a historic role as Akbar.

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  • This new poll is definitely rigged. Because Some days ago I saw Srk won the NDTV all time greatest superstar by 50 % votes. How many times wl they come up with same poll just to please ‘other khans’?

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  • @Admin,
    Thanks for good joke collection from NDTV,
    Haha…..can’t stop laughing..
    Salman in top 5!!
    But be serious…SRK on top ever..

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  • useles where is akshay and hrithik. akshay who does stunt al do hiz self. indians c popularity nt talent.

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  • Always depend on box office salman is the best
    dnt depend on box office then here is a list
    1 paresh raawal
    2 ambarish puri
    3 anupam kher
    4 nana patekar
    5 nasruddeen sha

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  • SRK should have been at the top. We all know this. Still we find it difficult to accept. Why? Because Shah Rukh wins always?

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