Song Video: Meherbaniyan – Veer

Not too often do the makers include the full song video in the form of a trailer, but for some reason the Meherbaniyan song trailer is around 180 secs (3 mins) long.

The song is okayish, nothing great. Not amongst Sonu Nigam’s best, but should be popular if the film does well commercially.

Check it out – Meherbaniyan song video from Veer – and let us know what you think.




  • Thankx Indicne.
    i personally love da song. its something different to what Bollywood produces nowadays. plus Salman is looking adorable and even Sohail looks good. have to say Zarine is a beautiful looking woman and her smile is gorgeous.

    da choreography is wonderful azwell.

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  • Hi Indicine team. I like the song. It will be a hit if the film becomes a hit. The lady Zarine, doesn’t she looks a bit (just a little bit) like Pooja Bhatt, or is it just me?

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  • I loved the song,because of the picturization n amazing dance steps by Salman Khan.Definitely if movie does well this song will rock.Its not Okayish but thumbs up song if it touches ur heart.

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  • The song is not bad to hear.
    But agree when you watch the video then the effect diminishes

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  • I didn’t lyk d song….. actually dis is d only song of veer, which i dnt lyk dat much….. bt d video is just awsum… salman is lukin so handsome…….

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  • Look like Priyanka will be main Lead of akshay forthcoming movie”TEES MAR KHAN”… would be interesting to see it…looking forward to it

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  • indicine team this song is nt d best 4m veer thats right bt it is nt a ok song either…its a very good song and visuals are just awesome…salman looks fabulous…and this song is 10times better than sajda..

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  • Again unnecessary comparisons to Sajda. Is there really a need? Lets stick to Veer, Salman Khan and Sonu Nigam!!

  • Ho-hum. Just the sort of low-grade mush you would expect from a Salman Khan snoozer. Sonu Nigam needs to spend a year at an ashram, and decide if he really wants to sing for a living.

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  • Guys, 3 idiots has 80 cr nett. approx in its first week in india only…..does any1 know about the overseas…..indicine any idea?

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  • Tawny,

    Bufoon like you needs to spend your entire lifetime in a Mental Hospital… No need for your low-grade comments..

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  • Some thing new in bollywood at first time . Nice song & beautiful choreography . ” VEER” will be sure shot blockbuster .

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  • i love the song specially the smile of zarine khan and the music also.
    indicine team is veer getting publicity?please answer this

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  • isnt salman khan cousin using this site nowadays.i this he have earn more publicity than rakhi so stopped it.i that time think he wasnt born but the positing of comment shows he was commenting from some where else

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  • I REALLY LOVE this song and clip. The choreography and visuals really complemented it too. I’m a Westerner so perhaps it appeals more to non-Indian tastes? Like Wanted it is going to leave me with a dilemma – love the songs and romance but not into violence or revenge.

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  • @Tawny
    you TINY after watching so many srk movie u feel every movie is low grade and no dout that u may be fan of bhojpuri films GET LOST FROM HERE and go in the same ashram where u are sending sonu

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