Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Tips

From someone who was obese at 90 kgs to Bollywood’s most renowned fashion icon, Sonam Kapoor has indeed come a long way. But the journey hasn’t been easy, far from it. “I never planned a career in films. I neglected my diet and I put on so much of weight” she says.

How exactly did she go about her weight loss program? Did she take help from a professional? Read on to get all the details on Sonam Kapoor’s Weight loss tips, secrets, diet and more!

How she prepared for the year long weight loss program.

  • It was my mother (Sunitha Kapoor) who helped me initially to get rid of my excess weight. She was against over-eating and kept me off from stuff that I loved to eat – like ice creams, sweets, fried items, chocolates etc.
  • I set my weight loss goal to 35 kilos. I did a bit of weight training (with the help of trainers), power yoga, general fitness and a bit of Kathak (classical dance) helped me too.
  • My general trainer also put me on a low-carb, high protein six-small-meals-a-day diet. (exact details on the diet are below).
Sonam Kapoor when she was FAT

Sonam Kapoor when she was FAT

Some weight loss tips from Sonam Kapoor

  • Try to eat every two hours a day. Small meals instead of three large ones. Avoid oily food and sweets as much as you possibly can.
  • Try and set a routine for yourself and follow it! No excuses whatsoever. Remember there is no shortcut to weight loss.
  • Exercise. Cardiovascular exercises work best with weight training. To bust the myth, lifting weights does not mean you will get bulked up like men!
  • When you have time for yourself, you could put some music and dance.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine, drink green tea instead of coffee.
  • Then the usual stuff – have lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • Include egg whites and lean meat (chicken, fish etc) into your diet.
  • Ever-changing work schedules make it difficult to maintain / reduce your weight. But following a strict diet always helps.
Sonam Kapoor before and after!

Sonam Kapoor before and after!

Sonam Kapoor’s Fitness Regime

  • 30 minutes of cardio every day
  • For weight training I focus on different body parts each day like Abs on Monday, followed by shoulders on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday and so on.
  • Dance classes twice a week, power yoga sometimes and I play a bit of squash too.
  • In summer I go swimming.

Sonam Kapoor’s Weight loss Diet

  • For Breakfast – Egg Omlette, toast, fruits and water. Green tea without sugar throughout the day. You could include multi-vitamins (consult your doctor)
  • For Lunch – Vegetables, chicken, roti, curd and fruits. For Roti’s it’s protein-rich wheat.
  • For Dinner – It’s better to have dinner as early as possible, atleast 3 hours before your sleep. Usually, it’s a bit of grilled fish, chicken sandwich, salad and a glass of protein shake.


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