Don 2 Hit or Flop – Box office Prediction

Over the last few weeks, we have received no less than 500 e-mails requesting a prediction on the box-office prospects of Don 2. Other related questions were the costs, the revenue from satellite rights and the most common question was if Don 2 will be a HIT or Flop at the box-office.

Here it is then, a longish but informative article on Don 2.

Don 2 Cost

The film was acquired by Reliance Entertainment for Rs 80 – 85 crores and an additional Rs 22 crores was spent on print and marketing. Total cost for Reliance – approximately 105 crores.

Don 2 Pre-release revenue

Initially there were reports that the satellite rights of Don 2 was sold for Rs 43 crores. But reliable sources (TOI) has the figure at Rs 37 crores, paid by Zee Entertainment. Other sources for revenue include home video, music rights etc which should be around 7 crores approx. Investment recovered before release – 44 crores.

That effectively means about 61 crores in Distributors share is what Don 2 needs to recover it’s investment. Should be easy! Unless the film is one of the biggest disappointments of the year, Reliance should easily cover costs in the first week of release itself.

Don 2 Release Details

The film will be released on 3000 prints in India. Additionally, according to Economic Times, it will also release on 550 screens in 3D. Add to that the overseas markets – Shahrukh Khan’s strong hold – where it’s likely to release in more than 100 markets. Considering the fact that almost every SRK release does well outside India, a huge chunk of the investment will be recovered from overseas collections itself.

Don 2 Hit or Flop

Summing it all up, we think Flop is ruled out. Like we said, unless Don 2 is rejected outright, it will do enough in it’s first week to earn HIT status. If the movie turns out to be good – which it should be, given the fact that it’s a Farhan Akhtar film – Don 2 has great chances of being a hugely profitable film for all it’s investors.

Apart from the pre-release promotions which has been a little low-key (could be the hyper marketing of Ra One that makes us feel so).. The timing of release is right, all the stars are huge crowd-pullers, the director has a following of his own.. It’s just about the perfect time for the ‘Return of the King’, for SRK to do what he does best. Rule the box-office.

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Stay tuned, a lot more on Don 2 coming up leading to the films release on December 23rd!



  • Indicine plz write your u used to do 3 cases..if film is very good..if its avg..and if its bad

    I think..DON 2 has no chance of being bad..Coz Farhan Akhtar is a quality director..and he knows how to extract the best of SRK..

    My prediction for weekend is

    47-50Cr would be the 3 day weekend..

    Christmas holidays is a big big boon for it..

    Should easily get into 100Cr league within the mid of 2nd week..

    Prediction – Superhit/Blockbuster

    Info :- if this film of SRK does well then he will take over Salman..who is just 30points ahead of SRK in worldwide BO race. with 633Points..

  • and it might go up..Coz I dont know..what wonders can 3000screen do..
    and yes it has potential to do 200Cr in India..and 100Cr overseas seeing the potential..but then everything lies in the liking of film

  • Aashkaran, it’s difficult to make such predictions. Although we got it right with Ra One predictions. We are coming out with one more article on Don 2 tomorrow, it’ll be interesting. Watch out for it :)

  • Don 2 is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters hindi cinema will ever see! It will easily collect atleast 200 crore and will overtake 3 idiots record!

  • don2 will be a total bakwaas movie hust like ra1.ra1 was a ghanta don2 is coming again 2 make us ill.god bless all the people who will be watching don2.coz after watching it they will get admitted to mental hospital..

  • Jo log yahan par Don-2 ko flop bol rahe hai unke paas dimag kam hai kya…..???

    Abhi indicine team ka prediction dekh liya phir bhi…

  • SRK is the king for the last 2 decayed and there is no doubt in this. Sallu is a good actor but yet he do not reach the level of SRK.
    The return of the king should be unanimously blockblaster.

  • Only two possiblities, BLOCKBUSTER or ALL TIME BOLCKBUSTER, nothing less than this is acceptable for me, and i know my king khan SRK never disappoint me… Don 2 will heigher grosser fir srk till now… 180 to 200 crores…

  • I hate it how people fight over whos better, Shahrukh, Salman or Aamir! Why cant people just watch the films and move on with their life! I am a big fan of Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir, and i like them equally! I think Don 2, Talaash, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2 and Yash Chopra’s Next will all be hige hits!

  • I love you so match @zarena.god bles you,me and salman tiger khan. I am saboor khan from afghanistan muslim pathan family. I can speak pashto,persian,english languages. Wher are you from?

  • DON2 weekend: 50-55 crore (25th Dec will be huge)
    DON2 1st week: 15-20 crore (on weekdays)
    DON2 2nd weekend: 15-20 crore (1st Jan will be huge)
    DON2 2nd week: 8-10 crore (on weekdays)
    DON2 remaining: 10 crore
    DON2 lifetime: 98-115 crore (taking into consideration that the movie will have a great script with superb action sequences and good word of mouth).

    Status: Super Hit

  • i think if it is excelent then it can break collection of 3 idiot because look when dhoom 2 was releasd it became a all time blockbuster so chill fans we r ready for king’s return what u think indicine?

  • I agree if it is excellent then it will sure break all records including three idiots lifetime record. Lets hope for the best. I m anxiously waiting for don 2 the return of the king. As it is directed by Farhan Akhtar so its looking very promising script wise. Best wishes to srk nd Farhan Akhtar.

  • i think don2 wont get any festive benefit….

    it has only 3 day first weekend—-
    23 fri
    24 sat
    25 sun — christmans.

    First 2 day normal days third day i.e. sunday should be huge but since its christmas evening shows will be hammered… if christmas would have been on some other day other than sunday it should have helped but here it actually resulted in drop in bussiness….

    Same next weekend like 31 and 1st is sat and sunday so i think this actuallly will reduce Don 2 collection…..

    So this christmas will actually be worse than any other non festive season as it ate up sat and sunday of DON 2…

    What do u have to say…….

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