Shahrukh Khan has lost it – Salman’s Bodyguard

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera who had a 2 second long role in Bodyguard, has harsh words to say on Shahrukh Khan. Quite frankly, irrespective of what kind of a person he is in real-life, SRK has achieved far too much, to deserve such words. That too from someone who is only known because he is Salman’s bodyguard.

Here is what Shera had to say on SRK

  • When asked would he accept movie offers from other Khan’s Shera who will appear in Dabangg 2 says “What Khan? I don’t know who are these Khans. My Maalik is the only Khan I know. Mujhe kuch nahi pata kaun Khan kya kar raha hai. I am only concerned about Bhai, whom I venerate.”
  • Recently, when asked about Kareena working with other Khan’s, SRK had said Kareena works with ‘Chotey Chotey’ Khan’s (small khans). Responding to that statement by SRK, Shera said “Yeh insaan kaun hai (who is this guy?). I think Shah Rukh has lost it. This is not him but a complex that’s speaking aloud. SRK ko dunia jaanti hogi, but main usey nahi jaanta. He should be ashamed of himself. Person’s stature can’t be assessed from his success level and what’s equally important is how humble you are. I always felt once the trappings of stardom has started to give you kick, you are on verge of going down.


  • @vinshal… how many movies u seen of rajinikanth?? he is 3rd class actor….overhyped and overated…..tamil actors lik kamal hassan,vikram,suriya are far better actors then rajinikanth….even if salman dont hav hair is good lookin person….

  • My prediction is 1st day collection will not below then 35 crors. Dont laugh friends it will happen very soon, best of luck my dear SRK

  • @Fake aaskaran Are you high??? Have you now started day dreaming about ra one and seeing trial bits of the movie in thin air!! dumb faggot

  • S= saala kamina
    H= haraami, halkat
    E= ek tha suvar
    R= rat (chuhe) ki aulaat
    A= aukaat kya hei iski?

    Saale ka naam hi jaanvaea wala hei to harkate bhi jaanvaro waali hi karega na, shera nahi kutta hei ye

  • S= saala kamina
    H= haraami, halkat
    E= ek tha suvar
    R= rat (chuhe) ki aulaat
    A= aukaat kya hei iski?

    Saale ka naam hi jaanvaro wala hei to harkate bhi jaanvaro waali hi karega na, shera nahi kutta hei ye

  • i think srk s preety concern about ra d way he promote ra one i
    must say something wrong in ra one it
    may be content or in faith of his own
    film ra one.its may be something new
    in india but overseas its lok like 20
    years old nd indian audience r more
    than before so why audience goto
    watch ra one than other holy
    supeqhero film. it s bolywood nd its
    about india so u make a film for
    indian audience.i believe ra one did nt
    recover his production cost around
    200cr.its nt easy if they didw den it s
    just average or semi hit in
    reality 140cr busynes s very dificult in
    india if u saw d other bigie except
    3idiots 202cr, (its content out of d
    world,everyon should agree dis)but
    bodygaurd 148cr. dabang 145cr,ready
    121cr,ghajni 114cr,G 3 107cr, singham
    100cr.these r doing wel because of
    masses as wel as classes.nd idont
    think ra one make it big without
    masses bt idont say masses nt love srk
    bt his film nt attract d mas audience. at
    last i think ra one final verdict wil b
    flop,avereage or semi hit,its only make a difference if content s outstanding wht say

  • For all those who r srGAY fans…. just read it and shut up your mouth…….

    Why and how Salman is the real King
    Why and how Salman is the real King Khan of Bollywood
    Shah Rukh Khan will have to beat his impressive record of three back-to-back hits

    By Sanskriti Media and Entertainment
    Published Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Salman Khan is the man Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan need to beat if ever they want to lay claim to the top spot in Bollywood.

    Salman had already set a record of sorts with ‘Wanted’.

    Even though a couple of films flopped after that, the Pocket Hercules roared back into the reckoning with ‘Dabangg’.

    Normally Salman’s hits are followed by a few flops, but then ‘Dabangg’ broke all of ‘Wanted’s’ records and then ‘Ready’ did exceedingly well after that.

    Now, ‘Bodyguard’ has gone ahead and not just broken ‘Dabangg’s’ record, it has also become the fastest Hindi film to collect Rs100 crore (Dh75.2m) at the box office which is what SRK will be trying to emulate when his film ‘Ra.One’ releases with 4,000 plus prints at the box office.

    The only record Salman hasn’t broken is that of ‘3 Idiots’, which is certainly not a solo hero film.

    Even if SRK manages to break the records, he still has Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan apart from Kareena Kapoor and villain Arjun Rampal in the movie when he attempts to overhaul Salman.

    For the moment, the King of the box office is still Salman Khan

  • My prediction- First Day 16-18 Cr (Wednesday) If liked/accepted with great reviews Thurs 18 Cr
    Fri 17 Cr
    Sat 19.5 Cr
    Sun 22 Cr If mixed response (I feel this will be the case
    most probably) Thurs 16 Cr
    Fri 16 Cr
    Sat 18 Cr
    Sun 21 Cr If disliked/ bad response Thurs 16 Cr
    Fri 14.5 Cr
    Sat 15 Cr
    Sun 17 Cr

  • i have only one wish for indicine team ,i hope by mid november allah gives u the courage to post
    even though i know it will be dificult for you guys to write but allah will give u the grace

  • Salman movies becm hit coz at tht time thr is no srk film watch it nw for nd don2 how it gona rock the whole world it been a year nw bt al we hear it people tok abt ths 2 film nd don2 nd nw it tym bk 2 action srk.nd he is nt scared of any comment eithr for tht sheera or salman.way 2 go king khan we love u

  • Fcuk u Shahrukh… if u can, make your film hit in ur own strength… why u are taking help from Sanjay Dutt, Rajnikatnh and Amitabh Bachchan?? Shahrukh u suck all the time u looser… Salman helped u when u were in need but when u felt Salman’s career is going to end… u stabbed him from behind u shamless selfish Dog Shahrukh. Salman is a noble person who has a heart of Gold u realized it but too late thats why Salman is not forgiving u even after u are saying sorry to him on Television in front of the whole world… copying his Dabangg dance steps, praising his films like Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard… Shahrukh… u rightly said in coffee with Karan TV show that u need to grow up like Aamir and Salman… yeah go and do this otherwise now Shera is cursing you… but after few days the whole world will curse you… your children also will curse you and don’t forget your children are 2 of the biggest fans of Salman Khan… u said it on the time of Salman’s film READY release time. Abey o kutte Shahrukh… best of luck for Ra.1… himmat hai toh tod ke dikha Bodyguard ya Dabangg ka record… agar tod saka toh King man jayenge tujhko aur nahi tod paya toh tu apne aap ko Kutta maan lena kyunki Salman Khan toh sher hai (Tiger) aur tu sala bakri ki tarah olta hai… mayhh…mayhh…mayhh… karta rehta hai aur kutto jaisa behave karta hai… aur Amitabh and Dilip Kumar ka copy karta hai… dum hai toh Salman jaisa apna style ka acting kar ke dikha… Salman bolta hai toh lagta hai ki ek Sher daharh raha hai… jeo Sher (Salman) Khan aur Kutta (Shahrukh) Khan tumhara baal bhi banka nahi kar sakta… maaf mat karna saaley ko… aise hi tadap ne do akele akele..!!!

  • WTH he is saying he don’t know shahrukh khan…..very funny hahahahaha…watch and don 2 and make sure your lallu bhai watch both movies i hope at least he will come to know how to make action movies. full time ch**iya actor hai lallu khan

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