Several kissing scenes in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, first for SRK!

Shahrukh Khan has always shied away from kissing his leading ladies on screen, but our guess soon after the trailer was launched, turned out to be true.

SRK and Katrina Kaif kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. And it’s not just one, but the on-screen couple have 3-4 kissing scenes in the film.

First on-screen smooch for SRK!



  • Yeah, me too knew that! OMG! I’m excited to watch this… Can’t wait till 16th….!!!

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  • Salman Khan admitted in Lilavati Hospital after watching the lip lock scene in JTHJ…

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  • I still can not believe it was liplock kiss, any one who watched it, was it really a lip kiss, both lips on eachother or just like KANK, I did not watch it yet, i want to know

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  • Public reaction after watching
    JTHJ :-
    Teri Bakwas Slow story,
    Teri boring love story,
    Phir Nahi Dekhunga Me,
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan,
    Jab Tak Hai Jann

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  • I can not believe ir, was it really lip kiss or just like KANK, just gesture. I still did not watch it

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  • @Indicine -- Its disrespectful that you allow to display the bad mouthing comments regarding Salman but my comment is awaiting moderation..

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  • i wanted that if any day srk kiss any actress then it should be katrina.i m so happy….yeeeeee..

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  • After seeing these kissing scenes, mrs.gauri khan will misuse her expensive sandals to thrash srk black & blue and i wouldn’t be surprised if srk has swollen lips, some red marks on his cheeks and some bruises on his body tomorrow. God save mr.srk from his wife.

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  • @indicine team. Wish you a happy,prosperous,joyful and great diwali. I would appreciate if my above comment’s moderation is removed.

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  • seriously….all you taking potshots at salman ….he is the only actor who didn’t feel the need to kiss onscreen !! also i find it funny , how every one simply forgets Maya memsaab !!

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  • He might have shied away from kissing on-screen. But he has never shied away from showing his ass on-screen. Watch Maya Memsaab.

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  • For all those talking about Salman Khan:

    Katrina was Salman’s girlfriend and they are no longer in a relationship.

    Salman least bothered about such things and he may have laughed after SRK-Kat lip locks !!!!

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  • i like kiss this not wrong second thing he is romantic actor he must act this things but why there are not any video for this scenes in yt .

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  • I was A Good Fan of Shahruk Khan Because He did not kiss any Girl in any movie on Lip but know come to know that he Did Now I Dont like him. Mr Perfect Amir Khan Is So many Times Better Than Shahruh. Because He had Given Blockbuster Moves and not Hiding his reality as he kissed many times in His films.

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  • For all the ones who think they are fans of SRK …what is wrong with you people??? it’s not the first time when SRK is kissing on screen, he did this and many more, in one of his first movies, Maya, or something like that…you can find the sequences on the internet.
    The only Khan who didn’t kiss ever on screen (but never is too late) is Salman Khan….even Aamir Khan has kissed many actresses :D
    GO SRK!!!!! Finally, once again you make justice…people are not expresing their feelings kissing on nose :))

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