Shahrukh Khan’s first onscreen kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

Shahrukh Khan has never kissed on-screen. Infact, a few years ago, he said he had two clauses before signing a movie; one, no kissing scene with his leading lady; two, he shouldn’t be asked to ride a horse!

But watching the trailer of Jab Tak Hai Jaan (exactly at 1:49 min), it looks like the film might feature Shahrukh Khan’s first onscreen kiss with Katrina Kaif.

Watch the screen caps, the trailer and tell us what you think!

SRK Katrina Kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

SRK Katrina Kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

SRK Kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

SRK Kiss in Jab Tak Hai Jaan



  • would turn out to be on cheek..well..Doesnt matter..if script demands..a small peck is fine..IT LOOKS SO INTENSE ..:D

  • Hi all movie goers i am ‘jab tak hai jaan’ movie. if you want to be entertained, if you want to be physically&mentally healthy, if you want to be happy, if you want to live peacefully and simply if you want to live your life, then please please never ever watch me. Only those who want to go to mental hospital and those who want to commit suicide should only watch me, because i am such a type of movie. So audiences please boycott me, as i am very injurious to everyone’s life. I am ‘jab tak hai jaan’ movie.

  • Woah.. looks like it indeed is a kissing scene between Katrina and SRK. Maybe they’ll blur it just before they actually kiss?

    I remember seeing something similar between Rani and SRK in Chalte Chalte. If I am not wrong it was the Tauba tauba song. In promos it looked like they kissed, but later it wasn’t. This is much closer though :D

  • People don’t assume things watching promos… It’s not a romance seen its just a hug and kiss from Katrina.. Promo is excellent and eagerly waiting for the movie to release

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    With his latest film Ek Tha Tiger touching a staggering Rs. 200 crores mark, Salman Khan has become the biggest star in Bollywood this year. While on the other hand, he has also emerged as the highest taxpayer in Bollywood, shelling out a whopping Rs. 8 crores for the September quarter.
    The 46 year old actor surpassed the rest of the industry by paying a sum of Rs. 8 crores as advance tax in July-September this year, as compared to Rs 5. crores in the same period last year.
    While compared to Salman, other celebs have been more modest (Katrina Kaif- Rs. 2.6 crores, SRK-5 crores, Akshay Kumar- Rs 7.5 crores), a marked increase from last year. However, Aamir Khan has notched a dip with just Rs 3.25 crores as compared to Rs 4.50 crores last year.

  • shahruk fans now shahrukh has shown what he is, in order to gain publicity look what he has done and u used to taking him in high cheap…..remember salman is salman he took pledge of not doing these humaliating scenes and ‘ek bar joe bhai ne commitment karde uske baad tou woh khud ki bhi nahi sunta’

  • @indicine what do u thing if the film release with sos than what will be the first weekend contention of jthj and if it release alone in this diwale than what will be the first day of the film…?

  • Ajay devgan will kill this crap with son of sardar on 13th novemaer and then Aamir khan will do the postmortem with talash on 30th november and after that salman khan will do the funeral with dabanng2.hahahahahahahahaha…

  • @abhijit dude..better agree the fact that jthj trailer is below average…daister on cards instead cryin on talaash&sos..

  • U indians don t know who is really srk. I m from africa and i swear this man is the biggest brand of india.Hw u are Comparing ajay and srk films even ranbir or hritik are better than ajay. Very disappointed by u guys. Marc from chad in africa

  • srk fans always say that jab tak hain jaan will not break records but it will win hearts….are agar hearts jeetenge toh jaada log theatre jayenge or jyaada records banenge……par yeh to flop actor hai ab nahi hearts jeet payega aur nahi records!!
    they also say wait for chennai express it will break all records…. last year bhi yahi kaha tha ki raone and don2 will beat 3 idiots…uske pehle bhi yahi kaha tha ki my name is khan will break 3 idiots record………par kya hua!!! srk fans u just wait wait wait wait & wait!!!!! bt haklu khan cannot even cross 120 crores!!!!

  • People, this trailer is Fantastic ;D
    Great content

    Just wait, you haters won’t have a place to hide your face when the film becomes a mega ATBB ;P

  • Take all fights to side forget its Srk’s film & watch this trailer & then watch Mausam’s trailer & ask yourself. All guys ask yourself. I think Mausam’s trailer is way better than this.

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