SaReGaMaPa Challenge Winner

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007 Winner

Anik Dhar

Aneek Dhar has won the Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007!

Kolkata’s Aneek Dhar won the contest after beating the other two finalists Raja Hasan from Rajasthan and Amanat Ali from Pakistan.

Amanat Ali was declared the second runner-up while Raja Hasan is the first runner-up!

Votes received by the 3 finalists.

Aneek Dhar – 3.65 crores votes
Raja Hasan – 3.53 crores votes
Amanat Ali – 3.43 crore votes



  • saregamapa ke judge ko kuch nhi aata….jise winner bnaaanaa chaaiye tha bnaya nhi kisse bna diya….hain sarrre judge … hain …….unki………….raja ko jitaana chhaaiye tha ——– ko……

  • This is not fare. Raja is the best.. this is aneek and Himesh ‘s game I guess….

    Anyways I know that in future raja gonna be more successful person then aneek…

    All the best raja…… we all love you…

  • Well done Aneek – you were the best by far!!! Wish you the best in your career ahead – you will go far!

  • sallay kaminay manhoos hain yeh sb amanat was da best n he should hav won per bloodly rasal indians kabhi kisi achay ko jeetanay nhn de gay cuz aneek was 4rm india so he won

    i think all three are winners equally , all 3 will going more in future……………………..and one more thing in future we will hav to meet the chance to download the songs of three hitman,,rockman and yalgar man

    so 3 cheers for 3 winners
    “HIP HIP HURRAY”………………………………….

  • Hey Hey ZEE most controvertial channel. The Best & deserving was RAJA & the way the Judges were projecting for Aneek was not fair. DOWN DOWN ZEE. Be fair & let people decide & don’t ever try to discourage somebody to take wise decisions. Even Himesh Reshamyia is very partial & unfair. DOWN DOWN ZEE. ALL THE BEST RAJA.

  • Why cant we all admit that the BESTMAN WON – what all this India & Pakistan divide going on. Pakistant should be grate ful the indians gave them an opportunity to get this far!

  • Aneek is the best,versatile and a very cute person. He deserves to win.The whole world has given their best judgement, now we cannot comment on any one. we know that these 3 singers are the best singer,
    we are only ranking them. if it were RAJA or AMANAT, khushi utani hi hoti,jitani ho rahi hai. we love ANEEK,


  • JAI MAATA DI!!!! – Rock it – Mind blowing, fantastic, superb……well done!!! ANEEK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Be fair & accept that, so called judgement is not correct. The deserving guy was Raja. Any how ZEE is always unfair.

  • i dont understand ,wat happened to this ppl!!!!!!! does anyone hve an idea how much aneek paid to win this contest plz let me know …if aneek can win ,even i can win this contest………..
    RAJA ……….i proudly support u ,ur r da real hero…

  • Those who are not happy they suck. All 3 of them are good singers,but Aneek is the best……..

  • Hi…. It was a great competition. Today annek was good but if we go through over all view RAJA was the one. All deserve some grace but RAJA was the real man. Amanat is a good soofi singer I love his voice. But once more RAJA is RAJA….

  • They all were good, but raja’s voice is just divine. But knowone has control over the votes. Thats to do with luck.

  • No not at all. Zee is not a fair channel and the way Ismail Darbar & Himesh reacted with Raja from the beginning, acts like snaching the mic and others. Also this very evening the way Aneek was being marketed is always controversial. Zee should be Banned.

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