Bhool Bhulaiya – Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

Akshay Kumar’s Bhool Bhulaiya has opened huge all over India. At quite a few places the opening was better than Akshay Kumar’s last movie Heyy Babyy. On the other hand, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag has opened below expectations. Even with a star cast that boasts of stars like Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan the movie has failed to achieve even a face-saving opening.

Here is the Box office report from Box Office India

Bhool Bhulaiya which opened this morning was expected to open well but the bumper opening which it has turned out to be has come as a pleasant surprise after the dull period. The opening was in the 85-95% range all over with a big release on approx 650 cinemas. At many places the opening is better than Khiladi Kumar’s last superhit Heyy Babyy released just seven weeks ago. If the film sustains it will be Akshay Kumar’s fourth back to back outright hit after Bhagam Bhag, Namastey London and Heyy Babyy. This feat was last achieved by patriotic star Manoj Kumar as Be-Imaan(1972), Roti Kapada aur Makaan(1974), Sanyasi(1975) and Dus Numbri(1976) all scored heavily at the box office.

If Bhool Bhulaiya has had a bumper opening, the other release Laaga Chunari Mein Daag has opened to a very poor response of 15-20%. YRF have used a similar release strategy for this films as their last blockbuster Chak De India by giving it a small release(400 cinemas approx) and hope for a gradual increase in collections.



  • i like akshay kumar very much .he is my favorate actor in bollywood. i haave seen his all films. soughand to heyy babby. he is best simply .

  • laaga is quiet good than bhul bhaiya.rani has done a good job she is incredible in the film.nowadays people like to see all that hahahehe a serious story and a serious performance is not appreciated no one come in front of a camera n do what rani has done.what when mera naam joker and manoj kumar and dilip kumars would hit the theaters and they would have seen these sitution. my god they would have suicide people have lost indianity a nd all the values of indian cinema history

  • how stupid r these kind of people who support akshay who has just done haha hehe and swept off in each of his it hey babyor bhul.. .serious subject is lost.rani has won the most no of filmfare awards than akshay and has other 94 different awards including iffa awards for hetric continously three years .her commercial acting has given a tough competition too all the genres of acting.her box office impact is above3 billions in 10 years

  • i do agree that bhulaiya has taken the reward but laaga is a winner in true bollywood has indian songs ,indian place,indian cultureand story is a real stoy in a country like india.rani has done excellent work in the film from where does she get so much realistic poerful acting skills.

  • =((laaga rocks
    compare ranis graph withakshay in terms of acting.rani did a blind role in black so powerful and real look and akshay did it in aankhein just for acting and a foolish role rani keep it up laaga rocks

  • shiney ahuja has stole the show in bool bhulaiyaa ,vidhya balan is awsome and the movie is great .Thanks priyadarshan for such a wonderfull story and the songs are extra ordinary . At last bool bhulaiyaa rocks, go watch it .

  • :bow: i salute akshay for the way he has actually changed the concept of humour in bollowood & none the least to priyadarshan for his complete turnout from gardish to hera phei , bhool bhulaiyaa e.t.c. he is just mindblowing. this pair would rock the bollywood all through. keep it up.

  • :( rani stop all these nonsense roles and do something good. there is always so much tragedy in our life so we don’t want any more in the theatre. it has become a fashion nowadays that if one does a serious role then it is called good acting, “bullshit”. if you can actually make one feel satisfied and happy then it is worth. pls no more rona dhona roles pls, we are tired. i would advise u to take a break and come back after atleast 25 years. akshay rocks again

  • oh akshay rock…. and rani any body can do rona dhona…. but if u can make somebody do ha haha and make them happy that is called a good role atleast in my sence… stop making other people sad and next time please chose something good… i mean hilarius sub.

  • well the movie is great….akshay,shiny ahuja,paresh etc have done a brilliant job….vidya balan has done her career best role in bhool bhulaiya….thanks to priyadharshan for making such a great movie in bollywood….its really a great suspense…..musicways pritam has done fantastic work…..singer kk,neeraj sridhar vocals amazing…..really enjoyed the movie…camera works,art works are really superb…its very rarely to watch such different style of movies in bollywood…..great work done by all crews of bhool bhulaiya……any way wishing priyan to bring different trends of movies in future too……well done.

  • i dont know why people have forget the indian way of acting even hollywood movie has serious acting and why to blaame rani .she was been given the role and she did it .if it was rekha or sridevi or madhuri dixit then no one would had post a comment on rani the film got higher ratibgs and voting in all maner and the next year i think she is going to swip all the awards

  • in any way i think both the films is good and have different roles tell akshay to face the camera and do a tearful acting for continuos 30 minutes will he able to do …no ..because rani has done black , bunty aur bubly, humtum, kuck kuck hota hai.

  • i do agree with all above values because rani has a powerful acting …ACTING the word itself which is reuired in filmy duniya is well known to rani than akshay. bhoolbhaiya might be a blockbuster but laaga chunri mein daag is all time blockbuster one

  • i think rani has no competition because we all know that she is the best .she has about 99 % real accent in work and 1 % is given to her by us .

  • i being a foreigner liked ranis laaga chunri mein daag wht a movie i salute ashraj baanner and pradeep sarkar to make such a good film

  • can any body do all these rona dhona some one said it but i think the guy has gone mad
    vidya balan has no value to stand near rani and breath. being a newcomer she hasnt even done a fantastic job beside parineeta .because munnabhai was a sanjus film

  • :))well i ve watched bhagam bhag, namastey london,hey baby and bhool bulaiya. Sorry my friends akshay gave only one solo hit this year namaste london and Govinda, riteish and fardeen and vidya balan were better in the other movies. Theres only one super duper star and thats the king Shah Rukh Khan. Chakde india is the biggest blockbuster this year till date. Mark my words Om Shanti Om will break all records in india and overseas. Dont mind akshay kumar you got loads to learn from srk…..yuppi!!!!!

  • rani reminds me of “NIRUPA ROY”at her best, GOD HAS SAVED US BY GIVING US BIRTH AFTER THE NIRUPA ROY ERA, BUT WHO KNEW THAT A MORDERNISED VERSION OF NIRUPA ROY (RANI) WOULD COME TO SHOW HER ANTIQUES AND STRANGLE US TO A BREATLESS DEATH EVERY 3 HOURS WE GO TO VISIT HER IN A THEATRE. AMEN!!!!! and the upper buddy SRK is my favourite, but the flavour of the month is akshay. and u r right “OSM” will rock. :))

  • =)) :)) i have seen heyy babby 50 times … i just love all the characters akshay kumar is damn good .. i am from mauritius i just loved heyy babby n the baby too

  • AMISHA PATEL rocks. i liked her performance in bhool bhulaiya. she has proved to be the number 1 actress of bollywood. she has done the comedy role very well .

  • :)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))i think akshay is the most funniest guy in the india.gosh he can really make people laugh :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

  • i am also big fan of akshay kumar i saw every movie of him and i love akshay kumar best of luck for upcoming movies

  • akshay Kumar is …a….good….acter ….I….like….her….he….is…….best…..hero…..her……….to….much…..he….is….nice…..hero…..and…..romantik…..hero……hi….I….am…Randhir…..Raj…..from….kusheshwar…..asthan……darbhanga……(barania)………



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