Salman talks about the action sequences in Jai Ho

In an interview to a television channel, Salman Khan spoke about the action sequences in his upcoming film Jai Ho.

The superstar said that action is getting tougher with each film and the Sohail Khan directed film doesn’t have those unrealistic action seen in most masala films.

“Action is getting more and more difficult. It’s getting larger and larger. When it doesn’t get larger, its more gritty it gets more angry, like this film (Jai Ho). Action in Jai Ho is all about floor work. This action is a lot of quick fighting. This is like how a trained man would fight. This is action were you get hurt, you fall down.”

“Here the action is not about the hero bashing up a lot of people, them flying all over the place and the hero is just standing. No, the action in Jai Ho is not of that sort. Out here, the hero is working his butt off. He’s kicking, fighting, running, falling.. all that stuff.

Salman also said that he has been warned by the doctors against performing action sequences in his films.

“Yes, I am advised not to. Yes, I am still doing. I dont listen to them (smiles). In case you’ve not noticed, I do whatever I want to do man (his famous dialogue from Bigg Boss 7).”

Jai Ho releases in theatres next Friday.



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