SRK – Salman at Star Guild Awards 2014: All Photos

The two biggest superstars in the industry shared a few picture-perfect moments at the Star Guild Awards 2014 held in Mumbai on Thursday night.

Salman was on stage when Shahrukh was handed over the trophy ‘Entertainer of the year’ trophy by his Chennai Express co-star Deepika Padukone.

Talking to the audience who had gathered for the awards ceremony, SRK said “It feels special to get this award in the company of Salman who is one of the greatest entertainers the country has seen”

In fact, the moment Shahrukh walked in at the venue to get seated, Salman acknowledged his presence with a “Hi, Shah Rukh”. The host of the evening also congratulated Shahrukh on the super-success of his film Chennai Express.

This is the second hug that SRK and Salman have shared since they shook hands and hugged at Baba Siddique’s Iftar party in July 2013 – a few days before the release of SRK’s Eid release Chennai Express.

Coincidently, their latest gesture comes days before the release of Salman’s Jai Ho which releases in theatres on January 24th.

Salman and Shahrukh hugged

Salman and Shahrukh hugged

Salman and Shahrukh hug again at Star Guild Awards

Salman and Shahrukh hug again at Star Guild Awards

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hugged

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hugged

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hug again at Star Guild Awards

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hug again at Star Guild Awards

Salman and Shahrukh Khan hugged

Salman and Shahrukh Khan hugged



  • Salman is the GOD of Good Looks. He is looking very young & Fabulous. SHarukh is looking good as well. Quite Happy with their Hug!!

  • Despite being such a huge superstar, Salman Khan doesn’t have huge ego. Salman Khan made the first move and gave his hand to congratulate SRK. During Iftiar party also, it was Salman who gave SRK a pat on the back and asked him to hug him. Salman even hugged his old enemy Vivek Obroi. Now SRK should lower his ego and make next move. This proves that Salman has a huge heart and he is the man of golden heart. Courage means forgiving and forgetting.

  • I said it earlier,and i will say it now also,all three khans are very good friends…just to be in media and gain publicity they do this..
    Also these Khans take away all the big holiday dates for their films and the others suffer.
    Then u will call Akki or Ajay a flop actor!!!
    Had JTHJ,Don 2,Ra one released without holiday,they would have struggled to cross 100cr even..everyone should keep this in mind.

  • Amir now will surely be jealous of their frenship coz frm 3 years he is taking advantage of their fight…now RIP most egoistic actor amir

  • @Babaji Ka thullu … you are living upto your name i.e. Babaji Ka thullu… had JTHJ released solo would have collected 160 + had Bal died some other day would have added another 10 cr…..had Don2 been single screen friendly movie would have added another 20-30 cr same for Raone…

  • @babaji ka thullu,ur first and third comments are too rude but ur second comment is too funny.I would love to give u two likes but @indicine just allow one.
    @secret admire, what do u want him to do?if he had done that u would have asked why he had done? he had not done that that is why u are asking why he had n’t done first??
    U salman fans are so confused.

  • @babaji i don’t agree that all 3 khans are good friends but agree that this is wrong that they all 3 want to occupy holiday release dates,i am completely in favour that none of 3 khans should release their movies on holiday. In the case of d3 we have seen if movie has craze among the audience we can get good collection on nonholidays too. They are bigger superstar among their generation so they utilize to get mullah on non-festive season will be good for industry. Similarly by allocating holiday slot to Actor like Akshay,Hrithik,Ranbir,Ajay etc are very good for film industry business. And all 3 khans movie whenever come its been an event for their largefan base. So it has huge chance to perform on non-festive season too. BTW its nice relationship b/w srk-salman is getting better and for Star Guild it was last year most watched awards function and this time it will become huge with gesture of this. Huge Trp comes for the show again.

  • @sachin 11,I have wriiten an apology letter to u if u have time u can check it out.I will not write anything good or bad about salman in this forum,if u promise me u will not write anything which hurt srkians.agree???

  • @babaji ka thullu,khans are unique.people showed uniqueness in them,also they are very handsome,also better actors than ajay, don’t cry and don’t post such self destructing comments.what will happen that will give relief to their fans and khan war will close soon.

    @jag,with beared and with out make up he is looking better than salman.some day please look close both on videos you’ll find the swelled with wrinkle face of your favourite.@salman fans,after watching this,I want to come out from this all day fight stuff and not even want to write against sallu they said salman started soon this war will come to an end.3khan’s film fans will watch their films,this makes bollywood to one step ahead.thank you @indicine.non khan fansplease don’t feel jealousness.

  • @buddha ki lungi Noone cares what you say or been saying for past few yrs so dont come here like some swami proclaiming you had a premonition /divine insight or something- get hold of your lungi n hike it outta here you buddha…

    @beinglungiwalafan Aamir and Salman, Amar Prem, true Dostana…. Regardless of how close Thakur n Bhai get- Aamir n Bhais dosti knows no bounds these days n Sarkar of Paglapur will never weasel his way back into the inner circle- hes a snake but as Al Pacino said in Godfather 2:- “keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer…”

    Bhai jaan has seen Thakurs treacherous back stabbing of Rohit Roshan during Rohit 3s media storm and feels its wise to keep the bitter buddha on the inside than outside where his treachery knows no bounds…!

  • @being a lallu Your grave misfortune is that you are neither a bhai fanatic nor a lungiwala as both fans group consider you a snake so you best jump on board a John Abraham bandwagon or worse jump on ranveer Singhs band baaja baaraat because you arent welcome in our fan zone- that much I do know…!

  • @laila i have never abused anyone in Srk articles so that means i have not hurt anyone and i always talk of cool things there like Lungi,coconut water,rice,school bag,scooter etc which your favourite star uses in his movies and if these unharmful things hurts u then i can’t do anything about

  • It is good they have hugged again. SRK’s expression in the second last picture is soul-touching. I don’t think he has got over their past friendship!!! From a Salman fan….

  • Hmm.. Finally india n pakistan met(just kidding)
    Dere friendship is just like dat.. Thoda pyar thoda mar.
    dey wil good frnz again in next two to three years in sha Allah.

  • @ Navin u called SRK a snake, va va u have special connections, u can abuse SRK all u want, but I am unable to say one word against bhai, u and ur bahi are relly the same with special connections and power to accomodate ur abuse but others cant reply and must keep quiet.

  • Hey guys do u all think that the craze of the Khans(SRK,SK and Aamir) was more than that of Amitabth????? Also who wud u say is the biggest bollywood star of all time??? I wud say SRK!!!!!!!!!

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