Ra One Tamil Songs – Chammak Challo Dildaara

Shahrukh Khan launched the tamil songs of Ra One today in Chennai. The makers have also released the Tamil version of Chammak Challo and Dildaara. We have the video songs for you. Have a look

Which version of the song do you like better? Hindi, Tamil or both? Tell us in the comments section below.

Chammak Challo Tamil Song


Dildaara Tamil Song


Update October 11th: Shahrukh Khan has just released the Full Tamil Song of Dildara. Check it out


Update October 12th: Chammak Challo Full Song has been release too! Tamil version of Chamak Challo sounds good! Do tell us what you think in the discussion area below


Ra One directed by Anubhav Sinha is made on a budget of more than 175 crores (Sources say its close to 200 crores). The film will also be released in Tamil and Telugu (dubbed).



  • Just saw bit of the movie at a trial through a close friend…hhahaha..the movie is full of world famous SRK hamming. Nobody can do hamming better than SRK. ahahahaha..life time business 98 crores.. Flop. Also in the trailer going on the TV where SRK’s son says Mom watch your mouth after Kareena uses abusive words..is full of hamming…and that just the trailer..Movie has worse comedy and hamming than Rascals.

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  • @Fake Aashkaran…Acha Ji..Tu toh itna barda aadmi hai..tere ko toh SRK ne personally bulaake film dikhaayi..
    L O O S E R

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  • @aashkaran, ur whole family’s kidney selling price can’t afford the audio cd of ra.1……coz u r a fool….& comment wisely…otherwise ur body will be smashed……take care…

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  • haha…nice joke ashkaran…thn u must hav also seen Ek Tha tiger,Dabaaaang 2 and Dhoom 3…i think u r future Rajini…

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  • Idiots like ashkaran must never given attention , to provoke such ppl , do not ever accept the fact tat they exist .. btw who is ashkaran , wat did he say .. see this is way of treating ppl who grow up in families where no one in the family give a damn about their opinion , they come here express it in a very wrong way … so we should not blame him .. we should pray for him that may Allah guide him to the right direction … aameen

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  • @ ahmad…dude sorry to hear that ur family did that to you….well as you said thats the reason u come here and give ur opinion on someone else.

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  • @ RAKIN ANAN CHOWDHURY..hmm maybe u r right…and may be you can not afford the cd either as your mother’s and sister’s one night charge is 50 rupees..

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  • and i never said Srk invited me or something..i said through a friend who works at the place where they were watching the first print that came out. Trust me guys full of Srks’ famous hamming. You will see a lot of Srk that you Saw in his movie DUPLICATE. Hamming hamming and more Hamming. Didn’t u guys saw the trailor where kareena is abusing…just tell me urself..isn’t full of hamming.

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  • @ fake aaskaran the tendency you have to post the same comment in every srk news shows how big of a troll you are on top of that I highly doubt you’ve seen the movie on cast and crew of the sound, vfx, director and a company projectionist are allowed into test screenings and u and ur friends are far away from seeing it AND the time for ur worthless tries have gone. Write hamming overacting or anything the movie gonna make a bang and its gonna be amzing And you are gonna be one of those who sit in the line to see the movie just because you can justify you have watched the movie and hate on its specific scenes and take haters pride in it, won’t u loser ???

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  • Of course hindi album is better one. even though i am from tamil nadu always the original version rocks than the dubbed one. even we guys going to watch the movie in hindi only here.

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  • Hi….

    Fantastic songs…,
    I lIke Mostly Sonds Hindi…
    and Like Dubbed TAMIL SONGS……………
    So Good……………………………………………….

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  • i have only one good wish for indicine team ,i hope by
    mid november allah gives u the courage to post
    even though i know it will be dificult for you guys
    to write but allah will give u the grace

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