Ra One Song Video: Raftaarein

After Chammak Challo, Dildara and Criminal; Raftaarein is the latest Ra One song video to release. What’s interesting about this particular song is, it gives you a glimpse into all the hard-work that’s gone into the making of Ra One. Especially the action sequences.

Have a look!




  • Yes it shows that why srk has spent more than 150 crore on ra 1. It looks awsome. i don’t have any othere better word to praise ra 1. Love u srk.

  • Wow…..this seems to be an great effort by Ra.One team….
    Feeling confident about the movie; will break all records.
    This movie will really prove world THE TRUE POWER OF BOLLYWOOD & SRK :))

  • wow is the only word ,no other bollywood actor can attempt lyk srk this movie gonna be all time blockbuster will cross 200 crs mark and beat salman nd amirs record

  • Superb King was King, King is King and King will be King, its not looking like a bollywood movie I have the f
    eeling that its some kind of Hollywood movies making awesome.

  • this song is very nice…..n the shooting of the action scenes shows that how difficult it was!!!but the only srk did cos no one could do so except the KING….the hard work of him will definitely give him a very sweet n fruit full result….cOS eVERY ACTION HAS EQUALL N oPpOSTE REaCTiON…..god bless u shahrukh

  • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Chart busting number.

    Legs are started jump & dance after seeing this video.

  • joe be careful what u say..it is tribute..to the greatest singer…its R.D Burman style of Singing..

  • part of SRK interview.

    I can easily go in a comfort zone, make two films a year, hype them because I’ve signed them as a star, make them cheap and they will be big hits. I’ve done that for 20 years and I’d like to do that now. I’d like to do a small film that will be a superhit on the day it releases.
    In all this, many days I sit down, especially when I was injured, and I think — when I came from Delhi, what was it that made me a star? When I think back on it, of course I got lucky and got great directors and good breaks but all that was the physical part.

    But what made me a star was that I could take a chance and not have anything to worry about in terms of losing.”

    SO here i m reinventing myself taking risks which made me star………..

    GOlden words GO SRK GO

  • What real Raftaarein lyrics mean for Sallu and Aamir fans..

    Tharraate Tharrate Saare Records Hain
    Aage Bas Sharukh Hain
    Peeche Baaki Khans Hain..

    Ting Ding…Ding Ding..Ting Ding Ding

    Chuke Guzrega Ra.One Toh
    Saare Jo Records Hain
    Bas Toota Hi Jaayenge

    Ting Ding…Ding Ding..Ting Ding Ding

  • Ashkaran lagta hai ki srk teri maa ki sath soya hai tab jakar tu ….. Aur srk ki maa ke sath king of the king salman soya hai tab sharukh ……?

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