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PK review by Nipun:

PK! Undoubtedly the most awaited movie of 2014 has finally arrived. Expectations are HIGH like anything. After all, it has been directed by one of the best directors of India,Raj Kumar Hirani, who has given ever-green movies like Munna Bhai series and 3 idiots to B’town! The Amir-Hirani Jodi is back after 5 years with PK. Does PK live upto the Sky-High expectations? Okay, let’s find out.

The story of the movie is about a strange character PK(Amir Khan) who belongs to another planet. PK comes to Earth for some researches, But unfortunately he looses his machine that helps him to send the signal to his planet. So he starts searching for that machine. Accordingly, He gets familiar with human on earth and meets a girl, Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma) who helps him. Jagat Janani and PK then try to show the true colour of a fraudulent Hindu Guru(Sourav Shukla) in public and the story proceeds. Sanjay Dutt, Shushant Singh Rajput and Boman Irani are playing the roles of PK’s friend, Jaggu’s Lover and Boss respectively.

Director Hirani always comes with some social messages. Here also PK is probably based on superstition, which mocks the differentiation of God by different groups of people and inter-religion marraiges. The first half is superbly entertaining. It maintains a consistancy over the plot with so much interesting sequences. You will have a genuine fun throughout the first half. The introductory scenes of the characters are praise-worthy too! The picturization of songs like “Bhagwaan Hai Kahaan re tu” and “Chaar Kadam” are impressive too. The flaws lie in the second half. A scene which didn’t click was the one where PK falls in love with Jaggu and a song titled “Love is a waste of time” suddenly begins. I feel that part could have been shot in a better way. Also, the Bomb blast scene in the train makes the over-all plot a bit clumsy. Twists and unpredictable sequences are good when they suit properly with the plot. Instead of Bomb blast, they could have induced any other reason to show why the man(the person who had sold the machine to Tejaswi) couldn’t reach to the TV show. However, what still works in the second half was the war between Tejaswi and PK. Also,The last twist over the love story of Jaggu and Sarfraz impressed me.

The cinematography was really brilliant. There were beautiful locations of India and the outer country(Belgium perhaps!). The song “chaar kadam” was a visual treat! The background score works well. Songs are sounding sweet at big screen. Sonu Nigam’s “Bhagwaan Hai Kahan re tu” sounds incredible.

The other reasons to watch PK are the performances of the actors! Amir Khan’s role was too challanging, yet he has given proper justice to it! He was the heart of this film. Anushka has played her part very well. Shourav Shukla has got an interesting role and He did very good job. Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt have small roles. But, they played their part well. Rajput looked really charming in the movie and even made a good impression.

Over all, PK is undoubtedly Watchable. The first half provides you continous fun and entertainment. 2nd half has flaws and some clumsiness, but they don’t make the film terrible. A few modification over the screenplay as well as editing would have made it better. The best and most interesting parts in the story of the movie are the different troubles experienced by PK when he starts learning about Humans of Earth to get familiar with them.

So finally, PK is ambitious and a brave experiment. It’s not perfect. But it definitely deserves your time. I am going with three and a half stars. Watch it for the good performances, the brilliant locations and the interesting parts you will find in the movie. Undoubtedly it’s one of the “BEST 5 MOVIES OF 2014″ if not the “BEST”!

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3.5 stars

Review by GAURRAVV

PK REVIEW: A hard-hitting satire which flies till first half and crawls in the second:

Rajkumar Hirani is back after the terrific 3 idiots. Does he live up the expectations?

The answer is Yes and No. With PK, he tells us a better story, a more hard-hitting social comment, giving up on his 3 film old, feel- good formula. PK is difficult to gauge by genre. It is a satire at times, and later a rehash of the typical ManMohan Desai films. Yet it never loses it’s optimism.

PK has no strong supporting cast. No Circuit. No Chatur, No Dr.Ashtana. It is a one man show. What works for PK is its unpredictable humor which is genuinely funny.

What happens when a stranger who has no clue about religion mixes everything up? The film’s terrific first half mostly follows journey of PK who tries to learn religions, religiously. Laughs are drawn from nowhere and the premise seems rock solid. So solid that it can make Munna Bhai MBBS look like an average film.

The slump begins in second half particularly after 20 minutes when the stage is set for confrontation of Good V/s Bad. You can’t help but recall ‘OMG Oh MY God’ where the same things were told through the eyes of an atheist. The end in particular is full of ridiculous melodrama and over-the-top emotions which are seen in all the Hirani films.

However, this time the ending isn’t as corny as 3 idiots. It is certainly an ambitiously flawed attempt to tell a unique story, but what goes in favor of PK is the impeccable Aamir Khan! He throws himself into pk to an extent that you actually overlook the outrageously silly second half of the film.

Special mention for the extra-ordinary dialogue writing in the first half, where almost every scene evokes genuine emotion. Watch out for the ‘Bhagwaan Hai kaha re tu’ song. A song which moves you to the core without manipulating you.

Final Words: Movie is strictly for those who have open mind. Won’t call it as good as Munna Bhai films, but PK is easily one of the better films this year. It takes the ‘OMG’ theme and executes it in the first half to a whole new level. Don’t miss it!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 7.5 / 10

Aamir Khan PK Posters

Aamir Khan PK Posters

PK Review by Navin

Just come from my second show of PK with family and I loved it more than the first time. Short review as I’m pretty tired from drive back n wallet surgery- expensive day but well worth every penny.

Ok so repeat values are definitely there and content is strong n captivating. Second half has the right elements including the forsaken love angle which mass audiences would love so I dont buy ‘this forced love angle sentiment’ of yours Indicine.

The best scene was the ‘The final Question’ segment- again similar to OMG but not many saw OMG n more will see PK so the emotions delivered by PK in his response n subsequent reasonings were sublime. Paresh did a stellar job but here PK is really exhausted searching for God n his suffering brings a silence to the room as we all can relate to similar frustrations/ fatigue.

Also the Sarfaraz / Jaggu church scene retold brought a tear to my eyes n audiences held their breath during that part. Really heartfelt emotional ride- top work team. I think second half was GOOD n ofcourse first half rocked big time but the ending scene (I wont spoil anyones enjoyment here so relax) brought the house down.

All in all PK the character was magnificently played by Aamir- cant see anyone else doing that role- he held the audiences attention with everything he did or said- proud of Raju Sirs direction as his friendship with Aamir ensured he got the maximum out of Aamir and PK.!

The only thing stopping me from giving the movie a total 5 stars is I (spoiler alert) would have loved it if Raju Sir had shown the audience PK using his ‘remote’ to actually send out signals to his spaceship.. This was shown in Koi Mil Gaya n the kids loved this in that movie so more so for the kids this addition could have given greater scope for kids to come back for more.
Film deserves more than 4.5 stars but thats the best I can give it.

Watch it and forget 3 idiots- different topic with 3 lead characters who brought so much to the movie- here PK and Jaggu are main draw so they are one man down compared with 3 idiots but still do enough to keep you intrigued through 150 mins. This ones a classic and box office winner all the way into the 300 cr club.

Rating: ★★★★½ 4.5 stars

Short Review by Fathiya

I came back from cinema now.. hilarious film.. well done Aamir Khan.. I loved your film and enjoyed every scene of it.. one of the best films of 2014 for sure and million times better than Dhoom 3 which he didn’t fit in the role.. that’s your baby Aamir.. he fits in such roles.. we all enjoyed watching it, family members and it really deserves 4.5/5 specially that it’s got a great message for the audience in whatever relates to belief, religion.

Rating: ★★★★½ 4.5 stars

PK Review by Tejan Shrivastava

*My Non-Spoiler Review* Saw PK The Film. It’s not even half as good as 3 idiots or Munnabhai M.B.B.S… Where’s the originality Mr. Rajkumar Hirani? Re-cycled plot of Akshay Kumar’s OMG — Oh My God. Movie intro scene and Aamir Khan’s entry reminds you of The Terminator films. Aamir’s locket is very much inspired from Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Background score reminds you of Love Story 2050.

Aamir is brilliant throughout and the only reason to watch PK. No other actor could have done justice to this role other than him. Anushka Sharma is superb as Jagat Janani. Other actors acted well too.

One big problem with PK is Rajkumar Hirani. First half is very good. Funny and entertaining but problem starts in the post interval scenes. The 1st half was written by Hirani and did someone else write the 2nd half? Was he even sure what he was writing? And then he said it took him 5 years to write PK. There’s absolutely no connection between 1st and 2nd half of the film. Too much of unnecessary drama, bomb explosion and all of a sudden terrible climax from nowhere. PK is Hirani’s worst work till date, but one of Aamir’s best act.

  • Acting — In one word — “Awesome”
  • Cinematography — Brilliant
  • Humour — Funny and mostly enjoyable but not suitable for family viewing
  • Dialogues — Hilarious and meaningful
  • Direction — Bad
  • Editing — Average
  • Script — Copied from OMG!
  • Songs — Situational but Below Average
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

‘Arjun Kapoor Fan’ reviews PK

Thumbs up

  • Aamir’s excellent mind-blowimg performance
  • Raju’s superb direction
  • Strong script by Abhijat, Vidhu, Raju
  • Superb dialogues
  • Cute chemistry between Aamir and Anushka
  • Strong performance by Sanju, Saurabh, Sushanth
  • Music though not as good as previous Raju films, but still good especially Bhagwan Kaha Hai Tu, Luv is Waste of time
  • Ranbir’s brilliant special appearance

Thumbs Up

  • Lack of chemistry between Anushka and Sushanth
  • Editing could have been better
  • Climax is little silly and not as good as expected
Rating: ★★★★★ 9.5 / 10 Must watch



  • 6th Review By Me ..

    First Half Brilliant (Flawless)
    Problem Lies In 2nd Half. I Think Hirani Was Busy And Approached Sajid Khan To Direct The 2nd Half. LOL. I Mean How Can You Let The Story go Terribly Down After Such A Brilliant First Half .

    Climax..Silliness at Its peak. As a filmmaker you need to make sure that audience leaves the theatre with a good impression but again the ditsy climax kills that.

    Over all okay ! but not a film by Raju Hirani Standards


  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan: i feel your reviews aren’t matching with your rating. You cann’t give 9.5/10 to a film after pointing out 3 problems in a film. No offence to u though!


  • The arjun kapoor fan review is nothing but imaginetive, the guy only cares about thumbs up nothing else.He is preaching honesty nowadays but wait till Baby releases his honesty will just desert him to put akki down because he is flopy indisguise as pointed by @element.


  • Not instrestd in reviews of peoples like nipun,arjn kapr fan for them all movies r craps v cnt believe them
    navinz review is exaggerentd

    gaurav and tejanz review luks geniune
    fathiya is comparing dhom3 with pk- so rejectd


  • With a few modifications in the 2nd half, it would have become the best film of the year.
    Best 5 movies of 2014:
    1. Queen
    2. PK / Filmistaan
    3. Filmistaan / PK
    4. Dedh Ishqiyaa
    5. Haider


  • I used to trust critics and decide which movie to go for. but I have just seen the lunch box and its the most boring movie in my life. It’s about a woman delivering lunch to aman and return receiving letters nothing [email protected] is the only site I follow and I will never change that I have seen hny recently its was very entertaining I first hated indicine’s review but I have understood now. Don’t tell me class and masses thing I will rather watch hny than a movie like lunch box which has the worst ending. Most critics also have hatred towards some actors, I have just gone through Rejeev masands tweets, he never misses to mention trailers of movies but has not mentioned Baby posters or trailer while he is full praises for sonam’s dolli ki dholi.his hatred towards akki is too much.


  • Some Good news for aamir fans
    1.Imdb ratings for pk:9.00 highest ratings for indian movie…
    2.aamir twitter followers has crossed 10.2million..
    3.srk is leading the poll called” worst movie of 2014″ by 44% even better than humshakals 26%(abc news poll)


  • before it’s trailer,the 3i fame made it the most anticipated film of the year.after released trailer it felt like a mediocre trailer with some copy of barfi act by amir.but after released the movie,one thing cleared—-the whole pk family cheated the audience through it’s story and made angry to normal audiences of India through it’s over and over hike of ticket’s just a old wine in a new bottle and whoever seen and loved OMG,It’s MY kind recommendation for them this movie not even one time worth watch.though all star cast of pk executed in a well manner irrespective of average script of the story,but the highly overrated act by mr.amir khan made me irritated through out the movie however I hardly watched the climax only in order to know the whole story.I almost made myself to leave the theater after few minutes of initiation of 2nd half.

    thumbs up:though there’s not a bit excellent wow scene/fact is there,still I have to do this

    -direction is good
    -cinematography which will made the movie watchable
    -screenplay is average

    thumbs down:

    -highly irritation act of amir khan(act plagiarised from barfi+charlie chaplin)-this is the most negative drawback that is inappropriate star cast.also whoever think this is amir’s best act will regret after watching this,highly unacceptable.

    -plagiarised story from a well known popular film OMG.I should write it’s a almost direct copy of of OMG ,because they stole the main concept/background from OMG and rest the clever raju hirani managed as usual though he took 5 years of time,highly dissapointed their audience and ruined his past glory of MB SERIES/3i.

    SO I hardly managed to somehow give a rating considering the thumb up review of mine.



  • I just checked IMDb, P.K has been rated 9.0/10 by 7000+ users!
    When it had 600 votes it was rated 8.0 and now that voters have increased to 7000+ , it rating also increased to 9.0. Without a doubt P.K. is the most appreciated film of 2014, both critically and by public.


  • Got to say, I enjoyed reading Nipun’s review the most. Very well written and matches what I thought of the film too…

    Worst was Arjun Kapoor Fan.. he seems to praise all movies to garner support for his youngistan.. Don’t worry.. Noone will even watch Tevar to give it a high rating. :D



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