‘Paani’ is a dream, I hope it happens: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan, who is likely to play the lead in Shekhar Kapur’s dream-project ‘Paani’, says is has been his lifelong dream to work with the ‘Mr India’ director.

At the Whistling Woods acting academy, Hrithik said “I would just say that working with Shekhar Kapur is a lifelong dream of mine. Paani is a dream and I hope it happens.”

“I am looking forward to working with Shekhar Kapur and apart from work, just being with that man, in his presence, I feel comforted. On a personal equation, Shekhar Kapur is kind of an enlightened soul. So when I am with him, I feel a little enlightened, I feel a little good about myself” he said.



  • Acting is a passion for actors like hrithik ranbir aamir srk.
    Acting is business for actors like salman akshay ajay.

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  • @Gopalsain, m sure fr u a classic film means unreal over d top action, mindless script, no story, unnecessary songs,item songs etc !! ryt ?? u r pathetic

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  • Paani is going to be a masterpiece! Wonder who would be the hollywood actress. Kristen Stewart said nice words about Hrithik maybe she will do this MASTERPIECE

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  • hritik sucks!! he has been in industry for 12 years & given just 8 hit films!!! hahaha….& agneepath mein katrina ne kya classical dance kiya tha?? us item no. ki vajah se film itni chali…

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  • chota bacha hritik!!! only 8 hit films!!!! hahaha!..relly he is over rated actor!!

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  • @srk d great
    jthj is hit due to sympathy for yashji. Go and watch d movie so that it can earn some more.

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  • @ jack…jthj bhi hit hai bachhe…aur waise bhi srk ne bohot hit films diye hai!…hritik k jaise sirf 8 nahi!! hahahaha

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  • srk in 2006 – 2012:-
    1chak de 2)oso 3) rnbdj 4)mnik 5) raone 6)don2 7)jthj 8) don 9)kank…
    srk in just 7 years given 9 hit films…hritik in his whole career from 2000 to 2012 given only 8 hit films!!!! seriously these r facts…hritik is an overrated actor..

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  • jthj 102 cr in three weeks…life time 104 cr….wat a shame…he has to be called slave infront of hrithik not a king…3 films have released..don 2,ra one,jthj all festive releases,nd has more screens….but none crossed 120 cr …lol….wait 4 krrish ,u ll knw wat box office power of hrithik iz…

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  • Bollywood has one and only one superhero HRITHIK.
    Srk try wid ra.1 falls flat.

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  • @ afraz ha dekh liya tere hritik ka power ….12 saal industry main hain 0 atbb, aur sirf 8 hit!! wah kya power hai!

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  • @ afraz aur overseas ki toh baat hi alag hai….hritik ki ek bhi film nahi top 10 main…srk 7 ab bol bachu!

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  • @srk the great – SRK’s biggest movies and and most hypes movies like Kachra.One and Jab Tak Thi Gaan didn’t cross even 120 Crores in India Lol and Hrithik’s Agneepath did more than 120 Crores now wait for his biggest movie of his career Krrish-3 which is going to be thunderstorm and it will cross JTHJ business in just 2-3 days then wait for Paani which would be even bigger.

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