When Khiladi met Chulbul Pandey!

Akshay Kumar reached the sets of reality show “Bigg Boss 6”, hosted by Salman Khan, to promote his film “Khiladi 786” and said it was great when Khiladi met Chulbul Pandey.

“It was great, we enjoyed it and had fun. It was nice, a bit of a jig between Khiladi and Chulbul Pandey. It was fun,” the 44-year-old said here Friday on the sets of “Bigg Boss 6.”

Meanwhile, asked who he thinks is the biggest khiladi in the “Bigg Boss” house, Akshay said, “It is tough to say because this is a game where you have to stay alert at all times, till it ends Jan 12.”

“There is no internet, no TV, it’s just rest of the people. Everyone is kind of playing a game of chess, so it is tough to say who is the khiladi,” he added.

“Khiladi 786” is Akshay’s co-production with Himesh Reshammiya and also stars Asin. The film opened this Friday to a mixed response.


Salman Khan with Akshay Kumar on Bigg BossSalman Khan with Akshay Kumar on Bigg Boss

Akshay Kumar with Salman KhanAkshay Kumar with Salman Khan

Akshay, Asin with Salman on Bigg BossAkshay, Asin with Salman on Bigg Boss

Salman Khan with Asin on Bigg BossSalman Khan with Asin on Bigg Boss

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  • K786 1st day is LESS than Talaash and Lifetime also will LESS than Talaash as Well.

    Akki failed to Create NEW RECORD(3 100cr in YEAR)…

  • Dabangg 2 have ANSWER of “How much film will collect during Friday Release”???

    This will help to the Predictions of All Big films of Friday Release in Future.

  • After watching salman dance more than half of professional dancers in india either left the country or committed suicide!!

  • cmon yaar dnt insult rajpal yadav by comparin him wid non-actor salman khan, rajpal is a vry gud actor seriously, he cn mek u laugh at any tym !!

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  • @outlander u really r the outlandish naj_is au’lad of rajpal yadav and velocity is ur hij ra bro’ther.

  • @ king kumar both are friends man…but i think ouatim 2 will get preponed…two reasons:-…1)becoz shooting of ouatim 2 is almost complete they would want it to release it early…2)akshay’s career has again began sliding down…first joker & then k786…& since salman’s hair look will be same as that from tere naam it will have huge hype..

  • @tejas, for ur king info, akki is frend of srk, srk and akki celebreted together by watching rr, akki celebreted due to rr success, and srk due to ipl win. And also keep in mind that there wives are deep frendz. Dont try to make war b/w akki srk fanz. Akki is frend of sallu, srk and aamir.

  • @tejas, reasons are right, but dont say his carear is sliding, after joker, he bounces back with omg, and k-786 will pick up. And may be, salman postpon his film due to frendship bcoz akki has already blocked eid day.

  • @indicine, plz remove all foul languaged comments. Plz. U r not checking comments, but just wrote that we wre checking comments.

  • @raj, k-786 is released on 2786 screens. According to boi, it has huge potential to pick up. And per early estimates it pick ups considerably. So it will collect 100 crore. And akki will make record.

  • @ king kumar ….but i’m sure for 1 thing ….ouatim 2 & radhe will definitely not clash….but sincerely i don’t think that k786 will pick up…..well still goodluck to akki!

  • @ ali everybody knows that except kjo & bachhans & chopras nobody’s fast friends with srk…everybody hates him in bollywood…

  • @velocity shivering lik fever sufferin patient is acting right? Becoz hritik gets awards in india dont think he is actor! In znmd farhan&abhay showed hritik wat is actin all about

  • K786 will not collect the figure of Talaash. K786 will flop or will be below average at boxoffice.
    K786 is a bad film. I wasted my hard earn money, expecting to film to be good.

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