O Zaalima: Love Song featuring Shah Rukh Khan

“When love strikes, no heart is spared… not even of Raees!”

There is something about Shah Rukh Khan and him romancing his leading lady on the big screen. This time around, he plays a character with negative shades, yet even Raees is not spared when love strikes.

Sung by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur, O Zaalima is a beautiful song.

Watch the song and tell us what you think in the comments section below:



  • Bad Bad Bad. How many worse things they will bring.

    Even God can’t save SRK & RAEES from complete washout.
    KAABIL All Time Blockbuster.

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  • [email protected] says:

    Maan gaye raees bhai tu hi hai romance king ..king khan of bollywood…

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  • Don’t watch this song while your blanket on….there is high chance that blanket will catch fire. :P

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  • @destroyer of my foot, Don’t u have a little shame u ugly loser ??????? Predicting 400 crores for epic disaster MD and yet it didn’t cross even 60 crores and still u spout your shit here again ….. Mc

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  • Superb song amazing wow King Khan noone can match King Khan’s romance chartbuster song o Zalima.

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  • 02:30-02:36 is enough to prove why SRK is an undisputed king of romance….!!!

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  • Mahira looks as yummy as dark fatensy chocolate. Will eat her alive if I ever get hold of her :*

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  • @Indicine : Time for you to change the overall buzz of raees from 8 to 10. This song is bound to create history and subsequently it will increase the buzz of Raees to an unprecedented level.

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  • This couple is looking awsommmmmm….I m sure other actoress must b jealous due to terrific chemistry between srk n mahira….lov them

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