Dangal Box Office Collections: Continues record-breaking 300 crore run

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is unstoppable at the box office, as the film has now crossed the 300 crore mark in just 13 days. The collections are beyond extraordinary. For the first time since the beginning of its run, Dangal has fallen below the 10 crore mark on a single-day.

Here are some staggering numbers:

  • Number of 40 crore plus days: One
  • Number of 30 crore plus days: Three
  • Number of 20 crore plus days: Nine

That’s a staggering number of 20 crore plus days, even the 2nd highest grosser of the year Sultan, only had five 20 crore or more days. Dangal has also beaten PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, both of which had six 20 crore plus days.

Dangal could become the highest grosser of all-time by the end of its third weekend, because it has yet another competition free week. But the way Dangal is running, next week’s Ok Jaanu could be more affected by the Dangal wave than the other way round.

Aamir Khan has yet another highest grosser of the year, taking his career-total to 7. The superstar reigns supreme at the box office once again during the weekend that he created and has dominated over the years.

DayDangalGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)29.78-
Day 2 (Saturday)34.82+ 17%
Day 3 (Sunday)42.41+ 22%
Day 4 (Monday)25.69- 39%
Day 5 (Tuesday)23.09- 10%
Day 6 (Wednesday)21.46- 7%
Day 7 (Thursday)20.29- 5%
Week 1 Total197.54 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)18.59- 8%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)23.07+ 24%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)32.04+ 72%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)13.45- 58%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)10.46- 22%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)9.23- 12%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)9.12- 1%
Week 2 Total115.96 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)6.66- 27%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)10.80+ 62%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)14.33+ 33%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)4.35- 70%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)4.03- 7%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)3.21- 20%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)2.97- 7%
Week 3 Total46.35 cr
Day 22 (4th Friday)1.94- 35%
Day 23 (4th Saturday)4.06+ 10%
Day 24 (4th Sunday)4.24+ 4%
Day 25 (4th Monday)1.37- 68%
Day 26 (4th Tuesday)1.27- 7%
Day 27 (4th Wednesday)1.16- 9%
Day 28 (4th Thursday)1.04- 10%
Week 4 Total15.08 cr
Day 29 (5th Friday)1.19+ 14%
Day 30 (5th Saturday)2.10+ 76%
Day 31 (5th Sunday)2.83+ 35%
Day 32 (5th Monday)0.94- 67%
Day 33 (5th Tuesday)1.01+ 7%
Day 34 (5th Wednesday)0.24- 76%
Day 35 (5th Thursday)0.54+ 125%
Week 5 Total8.85 cr
Day 36 (6th Friday)0.28- 48%
Day 37 (6th Saturday)0.41+ 46%
Day 38 (6th Sunday)0.50+ 22%
India Total Collections384.97 crore
Overseas Collections198 crore


  • Before Dangal trailer, when no one and not even Indicine believed that Dangal can cross 300 margin then I have moderate my predictions for Dangal and now it has cross 300Cr. Thanks to my understanding over EDX POWER.

    Predictions was

    Dangal .. 304 Cr→Good Film
    Excellent .. 355 (243)Cr
    Mixed .. 248 (170)Cr

    Due to Winder holidays periods having penalties of big holidays n big days too like Pre-Xmas market on 24, Xmas on 25, Good bye Year on 31, New Year on 1 which always start from 24 Dec & end to first week of January. The Christmas did what it suppose to do THE DHAMAAKA and it will continue it (shows its power) in future even if it is Non-AAMIR or Non-KHANS film except B & C list STAR. So I don’t get surprised by Dangal crosses 300Cr or 350Cr because I know the EDX POWER, NOT KHANS↓ better than anyone else. Follow the sign (▲) below for more details.

    ▲FACT→There is no need to be GOOD FILM to cross 200 Cr or 300 Cr when a Film is releasing on EDX holidays because EDX is like 7 Khoon Maaf. To cross margin like 500 Cr, needs something extraordinary even on EDX holidays (Fact validation:- all films release during 2014-2017).


  • Solo Festival Release helped the movie along with tax free in 5 states…Quite a favorable release period for all Aamir movies…Hope the trend will change soon…This might be his last Favorable release as Others will start blocking Christmas Soon…Salman in 2017 and SRK in 2018. Now we can see Aamir Struggling

  • Why some people’s jealous on shahrukh khan don’t forget he reach his spot on Bollywood from zero and he definitely came back mark my words

  • No one can understand the of power of EDX better than me and KHANS.

    Khans because They know that they can’t give blockbusters, ATBB, HGFOTY and HGFOAT without EDX. That’s why they never release their film on non EDX.

    Congratulations to ME an KHANS for outstanding understanding over EDX POWER.

    Celebrate the Success…
    2016 Year belongs to
    1. AKSHAY
    2. SALMAN
    3. AAMIR and

  • aamir rocks and salman or indicine shocks. I still remember what have u answered in q nd ans section of last to last sunday that it is insensible to talk about 400 even 300 is difficult for dangal. And remember indicine keep this in ur mind that movies makes an actor star…salman was going through the bad
    phase before dabang nd u remember what was the result of jai ho. You should know this indicine due to the pressure of mr. perfectionist salman and srk start doing good movies . If salman kept doing the same type of movies that he used to do his stardom would have fade away. so pls think twice before you type. i know salman’s fan will be very angry on me..bt dis is the fact stardom comes after movies.

  • Extraordinary collection from most iconic superstar of box Indian cinema . He comes after 2 years smashes all box office record . Nobody has expected film will break all box office record . Its crossed 300 crore in just 13 days its unbeatable record maybe Salman can break otherwise door door take koi dikhayi nahi deta . I feel very sad Srk lagging behind from two khans . He was supreme form last decade he need strong script universal film .

  • 20 CR+ on 12 consecutive days shows the impact on the audience . For breaking records you need a record breaking first week but also a fantastic 2nd and 3rd week to beat all records by a huge margin . Dangal and PK will be the 2 Highest Grossers of All Time . This is the 3rd time when Aamir has occupied both the positions . In 2009 3 Idiots was 1st and Ghajini 2nd, In 2014 PK was first and D3 2nd and now in 2017 Dangal is 1st and PK will be 2nd . Nobody expected Dangal to cross 300+ but this is the power of Content+Stardom+Christmas . Dangal doing such kind of business during Demonetisation makes this achievement even more special . This shows people are willing to pay money if it appeals them . Raees and Kaabil will collect to their full potential if they will find acceptance among audience . Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • he is not superstar ,, hi is megastar .. please indicine, Aamir khan k sth b megastar likha kro .. salman khan k talwe chatna chor do mere bhai .. mujhe tumhri isi harkat pe bht gusa ata hai … sharam ani chaye tumko …

  • 5th highest grosser of all time for Aamir.Hats off

    @EDX You’re so accurate when it comes to predicting movies starring Khans but when it comes to Hrithik your predictions goes haywire.Hope you remember Mohenjo-Daro.

  • The Phenom

    December 21, 2016 at 10:36 am

    I will change my Username from ‘The Phenom’ to ‘The Phenomenal Idiot’ if Dangal crosses 300 crs. I am 100% sure it won’t be able to touch 300 crs , forget beating PK !


    ### where is this idiot now…… come up and show ur pace plz….

  • Heres my 3rd wknd prediction of 35cr minimum…!

    Fri -7.5-8.5cr
    Sat- 11-12cr
    Sun- 15cr

    Sunday could be in the high teens possibly touch 20cr as I expect family audiences to come out strong on Sat n Sunday…!

  • Its all about this wknd… anything above 30cr preferably 35cr will set the film well on its way to 375cr plus…! Remaining 2 wks before those 2 crapfests arrive on Republic Day wknd will be ample time for it to collect a good total…!

  • @12:26pm Jadoo Boy without Jadoo is a Silly Looking Shivering Child

    Abey idiot take your nonsensical understanding about EDX to Jadoo Boy n tell that shivering cry baby to release his crapfest against Salmir on EDX…!

    Truth is the cry baby will wet his pants at even the thought of even contemplating releasing his Non Jadoo Starrer against the almighty Salmir…!

  • Achi script ped pe nhi ugte.unhe banana padta hai.pyaar se,lagan se,mehnat se.aur ye aamir khan se acha koi nhi kar sakta hai.

  • Just 1 article about WW total of Dangal in 2 wks n it was a case of ‘blink and you miss’ bcoz the overseas figure was right down the bottom end of the article…!

    Still trying to keep up the media hype that only Pluto Boys mediocre overseas performances are worthy of attention eh….

  • Dangal is near certain to beat 3 idiots lifetime overseas total of $25 million by close of week 2….!

    Staggering achievement

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