Madras Cafe First Day Collections

Madras CafeShoojit Sircar’s Madras Cafe has collected around Rs 4.5 – 4.75 crore on its opening day at the box office. The film started slow in the morning, but business picked up towards the end of the day at multiplexes in big cities.

Critics have praised the film and reports from theatres is excellent too, so Madras Cafe is likely to put up much better collections on Saturday and Sunday. We expect the weekend business to be around 16 – 17 crores, which is decent for a film carrying little or no pre-release hype.

The film will rely almost entirely on excellent word-of-mouth. So if you haven’t watched the film yet, go ahead and give it a try. Its easily one of the best films of 2013. Read our review on Madras Cafe.



  • hey why u forget aashiqui 2 it d best movie made iN bollywood history after sholay ddlj nd 3idiots

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  • I wanna watch it cos it is the first Hindi movie made about my country’s biggest prob ever.

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  • nice…this movie is not made for box office collection….this is a nice movie at all

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  • @indicine what is d budget of madras cafe??
    i mean how much business does it need to get a HIT tag..??

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  • AASHIQUI 2 BAKWAS MOVIE…..ONLY SONG ARE GOOD…..otherwise films is bakwas…..
    madras cafe is good movie…

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  • John is one of the Finest and thinking producer of bollywood. He will take bollywood to another level mark my words.

    He knows his strength, but he is not Salman who always try to play safe and dont want to come out of his comfort zone. Actually as an actor he has limited circle that is why he cant came out of it.

    But as an actor and as a part of bollywood if u get from here then its ur duty to give back something really amazing.

    John did it very early. Like Vicky Donor & now Madras Cafe.
    SRK gives VFX studio. and some really qualited movies too in return.
    Aamir is also doing good as well.

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  • collection doesn’t matter ……
    this movie is heart winner……rocking performance by all of them….

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  • just watched madras café. really awesome movie indicine. loved it to th core
    where this movie ll win ur heart
    1) excellent picturization.
    2) no over the moon action sequences like one man hitting 20 people
    3) johns sincerity with his role
    4) and even nargis is also good. would say way better than she was in rock on

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  • chennai express bakwas movie its not biggest hit movie of bollywood, hindi movie like sholay, mugle azam, mother india, aradhana, roti kapada aur makan, inkaar, insaaf are the biggest hit movie in bollywwod. not like chennai express, dabang bakwas movie and ce are super flop movies

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  • I watch d movie.such a good movie! Cant believe these kinds of movie can b made here! Guys watch it,d best film of 2013

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  • Loved movie a lot. Brilliant performance by John. Easily his best. Hope so much appreciation will reflect at box office too. So much sincere effort / hard work should be rewarded in terms of monitory gains.
    CE kind of movies are good for industry. (Generate huge revenues)
    but this kind of movies are equally important.
    Hope our khan trio will also do some meaningful entertaining movies soon.

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  • now a trend is every bakhbass movie earned more than 100 crore. and good movie he dnt earnt this is reality of today cinema .so dont go though the actor if you go through the story sir

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  • nowdays mentality of peoples arë change.he dnt understand which one is good movie or bad.he follows the rat race and go to the cinema. i want to say only one thing chennai express jasi bakhbass movie dkne se to acha ghr baitna ha but who tells u so go for a good movie not like this.

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  • chennai express 1st day-30+ cr
    madras cafe 1st day-4.75 cr
    oh yes bollywood is developing and our audience is so intelligent has such a great taste in movies that a movie like ce keeps making records and a movie like madras cafe is ignored.

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  • I’m big fan of SRK but I think madras cafe is much better film than chennai ex.Ofcourse its not funny as chennai express,thuh!.It’s for sure one of the best movie of the year. I was surprise and proud that Bollywood made this movie ,not Hollywood.must watch movie.way to go John AbRam.

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