Kareena Kapoor HOT in Fevicol Se – Dabangg 2 Pics

Kareena Kapoor is all set to sizzle with her super hot item song ‘Fevicol Se’ in Dabangg 2. Below is a sneak peak into Kareena’s look for the hit number.

Kareena Kapoor in Fevicol from Dabangg 2

Pics: Hot Kareena Kapoor in Fevicol Se from Dabangg 2

Kareena Kapoor - Fevicol SeKareena Kapoor – Fevicol Se (Sexy! ain’t see?)

Kareena Kapoor - Dabangg 2Kareena Kapoor – Dabangg 2

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  • Even her look in Heroine was much better!!! Dabanng 2 Music is such a disappointment!!! Film will be a flop, audiences especially in India will have to stop watching brainless movies like this sooner or later!!! Bollywood relies on pathetic films like these oh dear oh dear!!!!!

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  • Here comes Kareena. The box office records will be shattered – left, right and centre. Taalis going to cheers the stars. Thetres will become stadium. Feel the charisma, machoism, magic of Chulbul Pandey and whole some entertaimenet by Kareena.

    The audience will be hooked to the movie with Fevicol and the figures will rise, rise and rise further after each passing Day.

    Welcome Dabangg 2.

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  • @srk fans hahahahahahahaha go and watch jthj yaar instead of westing time here because your movie is going to be flop hahahah..

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  • Lol……srk fans, welcome, you are always welcome to spread as much negativity,hatred and say all the rubbish blah blah things against salman whereever you want but you also very well know that salman’s movie’s work because of salman unlike srk whose movies work only because of its content. Sorry srk fans, your hatred,negativity and blah blah will not work as usual and in no way will have any effect on outcome of dabaang2’s box office results whatsoever, so dont embarrass yourselves here and take some loan from some banks and try to watch JTHJ atleast 30 times as it is really struggling for collections. And if any one is suffering from severe INSOMNIA (sleepless-ness) just watch JTHJ, 2 hours of sleep is guaranteed provided you close your ears while watching the movie.

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  • All sallu fans are so happy about a masterpiece not doing well though it will be a clean hit.. anyways you guys deserve dhinka chika…
    koi baat nahi abhi bol lo… 15 saal tak to tum log srk se compare sapno me hi karte the… lolzzz

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  • @iamvashist. JTHJ is an all time cult classic and best ever movie which has broken all the records and will end up with an lifetime collection of more than 333333+ crores net and also dabaang2’s opening day will be 0 and lifetime will be 0 rs/-. Ok are you satisfied now. Since you have watched JTHJ (probably more than once) my humble advice is: please visit a mental specialist tomorrow, as i doubt your sanity. God bless you!

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  • @black hell w_yne: Possible bro.. anything is posibble… if he get a good realese on a holiday like 15th Aug or Jan 26th …god knows he may collect 35 crs + …
    For now I hope Dabaanng 2 breaks ETT records of 1st day collections

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  • @iamvashisht
    do u knw S r k was honoured with Doctorate…lollz
    ..plz check ur privates first nd then ur so called brain which contains Bananas,potatos,tomatos..from Dr.Shah Rukh Khan…..
    Address: idk…lollz

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  • Kareena is losing her charm as year progresses. Ek main aur tu was a hit. Agent Vinod was a flop. Heroine was below average. Talash looks dull at the moment. She should stop showing off her so called zero size hot body and do good roles. She is losing her crown to Vidya Balan and Asin. Asin will be no 1. after 3 back to back superhits this year.

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  • @Nio:
    idk..bt it looks impossible ……im sure dabangg 2 will break ETT’s record…nd will set new …

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  • @nio. Well JTHJ was painfully boring and boringly painfull and for non-srk fans(who like entertainers) watching that movie with srk’s irritating acting was a head ache, mental torture and nothing less than a hell.

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  • @vivek, below the belt comedy r u joking man, in jthj they use cheap sentence nd said it is family movie,it also happend with ra.one they called it children movie with adult joke.

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  • Tum kama sutra padke badi hui ho. . . In reply we have se x first then decide love. . . Ah dis is family movie. Dialogues . . . Lol

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  • @NVS: yup movie was lengthy and bit boring…. but Srk’s and Anushka’s acting was the high point they have acted brilliantly in this movie.. and yes Salman can give a entertainer but cannot act like SRK…and u know that…
    I like Salma’s movies cz they are entertainers

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