Jashn Movie Review

Vishesh Films’ is one banner that encourages youngsters and although most of their films are understandably low budget, money is spent wisely. Instead of opting for big stars and pricey foreign locations, Bhatt brothers invest in good music, riveting scripts and talented directors. This business model has worked brilliantly for them so far.

Directed by Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala (The Killer and The Train), Jashn stars Adhyayan Suman, Shahana Goswami, Anjana Sukhani and Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed.

Akash Verma (Adhyayan) is an orphan and is supported by his sister Nisha (Shahana). Despite all his efforts, he is unable to remain competitive in this very competitive world. His sister Nisha is the mistress to a very wealthy and powerful man Aman Bajaj (Humayun Saeed), who financially supports the siblings.

When Akash finds comfort and love in Sara (Anjana Sukhani), fate has a different track planned for him. Sara, who mentored him when he was down, supported and trusted his potential, is none other than his biggest enemy Aman Bajaj‚Äôs sister. Amidst all this troubles, does Akash manage to discover his niche and bag stardom? Is he able to restore dignity in his sister’s life?

Jashn Review

Why you should watch Jashn

  • Music by Sharib Toshi, Aftab Nauman and Sanjay Chandelier is top-notch. Aaye Re stays with you.
  • Shahana Goswami, what a brilliant actress.. Amazing screen presence and even with excess weight, looks HOT!
  • Humayun Saeed is simply amazing in a negative role.
  • Adhyayan Suman tries hard, does well in most scenes. A much improved performance, but isn’t too consistent in emotional sequences.
  • Effective first half with good dialogues and strong performances.
  • Directors Raksha and Hasnain have, for a change, opted for original scripts. Both their previous films were Hollywood rip-offs.

Why you should skip this..

  • From the brief story above, it all seems very predictable doesn’t it. No twist or turns, no suspense or mystery.. Just a old-fashioned tear-jerker, wherein the Hero wins against all odds.
  • Screenplay lacks continuity.
  • Confused lead character (Adhyayan). Is it all about talent? Absolutely no screen time is dedicated to portray the characters determination or hard work needed to succeed. Especially a career, the script is dealing with..
  • Anjana Shukhani is one actress that doesn’t deserve to be called one. She is a huge turn-off on screen.
  • Pace in the second half is extremely slow, worth about 10 yawns minimum. The directors could have conveyed the same, with more impact in less than 2 hours.
  • The Climax is poorly written and horribly executed. Adhyayan’s final emotional burst was as over the top as Himesh in Karzzzz.

Overall, Jashn works to a certain extent but is terribly let down by the poorly scripted and executed second half. Its a typical Vishesh Film, with unlucky self destructive characters. I would suggest, you wait for the DVD or the TV premiere.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


  • vishesh films is such a banner which makes movies after songs are recorded…you take any example.so the script will be a huge turn over..as it happened…sooooo boring movie ….my god..go for movies worth your money.

  • Though the movie didn’t do well, We came across a talented actor Humayun Saeed who I sincerely hope Bollywood recognizes and provides him with more opportunities in the future..

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