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Jai Ho Box Office Opening

Jai HOJai Ho has opened well at the box office, but not at the same level as some of Salman Khan’s last few releases. The film took a bumper start at single-screens in mass dominated centres, but multiplexes were below-the-mark for the morning shows. Extreme cold in North India also seems to have affected the early morning shows.

The opening in Mumbai circuit was around 80%, Mysore circuit was 50-55%, Delhi/UP was around the same at 55%. The opening wasn’t great in Andhra/Nizam circuit either.

As far as the opening day records are concerned, Jai Ho is unlikely to come close to the opening day business of films like Ek Tha Tiger, Chennai Express or Dhoom 3 – which was expected as the film released on a non-holiday and was riding entirely on the star power of Salman Khan (Read our box office prediction article for more on this).

However, the reports are good and business should only continue to grow over the weekend.

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  • jai ho will smash every record…it touched my heart….take my word.this movie is best of lot from the recent movies i have watched.

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  • i already saw the movie.. it is super super super….it will become an all time blockbuster

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  • @indicine, don’t give excuse for low opening.. I am also from north and at the time of dhoom3, there was more cold out here, but that movie did well with extreme cold. I remember at the time of dabangg2 also, you were giving the same excuse..

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  • It looks impossible for Jai Ho to touch even 20cr today, because the occupancy at multiplexes is very low !

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  • This was expected bcoz ‘Jai ho’ is totally riding on the shoulders of Salman khan and there is no top actress,director,big banner etc and it is a non holiday release.

    Also there is no cameo or guest appearance of any other superstar or Salman is not giving tribute to any other superstar in this movie.It may not break some records this time but still it will get big opening and hope people like its content.

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  • @sachin, really??? u were all saying salman’s movie dont need anything only his name is enough now what happend? no top actress, director… blah blah blah….
    REASONS everywhere….
    n btw genelia had small role… i heard…
    blockbuster toh dur hai ab hit vi hogi ya nahi…

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  • lol @ dinda11 ‘s comment “‘Jai ho is totally riding on the shoulders of Salman khan”……… wat abt remake factor dinda?

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  • taran adarsh gives it 4,5/5 nd any how will crosss 30crore mark my wrd indicine giving wrong report about occupancy which is close to 100prcent

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  • people blame Bollywood for bad movie when IQ of u ppl is so low than hw can we expect a good movie but jai hoo will be a flop

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  • I am no Salman fan but I must say this is Salman’s most honest effort since the past 6-7 years. I couldn’t believe that this man was the same fellow who made trash like Ready and Bodyguard. If this film doesn’t become a big hit then Salman cannot be blamed for doing only masala films after this. Of course this film is not perfect (terrible actress and music) but for once Salman is not just beating up goondas for no reason.

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  • I saw the movie and it’s super. We should all appreciate this movie because it’s all about our society, what’s happening around us.

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  • In the climax scene, when an army tanker guns down people who come to kill Jai, if you manage to find logic then hats off to you!

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  • @Sachin11 what a joke how can you think that movies work on the basis of acctress,big director,banner,tribute or guest appearance it only works on the basis of big actor
    and about tribute how can you expect from audience to watch the movie for tribute do you know that dubi ghat(another chamcha giri from aamir to salman) was tribute to salman it finish it’s run on life time collection of 14crs do you know that bombay talkies was tribute to 100years of bollywood collect only 6.50crs
    guest appearance:hahaha do you know most of guest appearance of srk,salman,aamir are in flop movies like:ppnh,khele ji jhan si,sharukh bula khubsurat hai,tell me oh khuda and others like bombay talkies(total 20 speacial appearances)
    Director:do you know that bombay talkies directed by four of the leading directors of b-town collect only 6.50cr,ppnh directed by rajkumar santoshi verdict,how can you expect from audience to watch movie 4 director the only director how is crowd puller is rajkumar hirani
    acctress:do you know that movies like zanjeer(priyanka),gtpm(bebo) or rajjo(kangana) why these movies are flop
    ex:do you know that dp have 1 another movie in 2014 finding fanny frenandez this movie don’t have any buzz
    why(arjun kapoor) where hny is 2nd most awaited movie of 2014 according to indicine why(king khan)
    so just chill
    any ways i have just check reviews of jai ho and most of then are good

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  • @Dev il there is no such thing as a remake factor.u mean to say that if a newcomer will make south remake then he will get big opening and movie will become hit.According to your logic newcomers will become superstars if they will do

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  • @dev das- you fail to comprehend the sarcastic nature of my witty brother sachin11s comment….

    The ingredients he mentioned are regular occurences of a Sarkar movie but bhais movie only ride on his broad shoulders which is true. Movie has opened well in India but being a working day its still phenomenal as plexes will grow. But as for the remake factor- thats just a hindrance to bhai jaan because everyone knows that on set bhai improvises alot, something he learnt whilst working with Govinda and David Dhawan. Remake or original script- to bhai it dont matter as its his charm and bravado that matters most for the audience. Other so called actors and self proclaiming stars need a strong script (original or remake) as otherwise they will just hammm they way through the entire movie and their silly fans like you will call it high absorbing emotional dramabaazi nautanki acting…!

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