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Hrithik Roshan battles knee injury, sky-dives for Mountain Dew

Hrithik Roshan Mountain Dew

Hrithik Roshan Mountain Dew

Battling a recurring knee injury, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan recently shot a Mountain Dew television commercial in Bali (Indonesia).

A source close to the actor says “Hrithik had to shoot a sky-diving sequence, but was struggling with his knee injury. The shoot had to be delayed for a few hours, but after a small break and some pain killers, he decided to go ahead and shoot the sequence which required him to sky-dive from a helicopter.”

Hrithik has been struggling with his back and knee in the last few years. Back in 2008, the actor shot for the Krazzy 4 music video with chronic knee pain. He was also suffering from severe back pain during the shooting schedule of Guzaarish.



  • he is too gud nd wee luv u Hrithik roshan muahh to ur family wating for the biggest blockbuster or the decade #Krissh3 ir will be rocking to see u

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  • Get well soon HR! Hope he’ll recover fully from his knee & back problems soon, so that we can see him dancing in “Dhoom” style again.

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  • Take Akshay Kumar for daredevil stunts in movies or television commercials otherwise take body doubles for any other actor.

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  • If Hrithik was having so much trouble then why did he shooted for an ad.audience loves movies not adds.Shooting for a movie with knee injury shows the hunger for the work which should be appreciated whoever the actor is but shooting for an ad with knee injury shows only the hunger for money of that actor.

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  • JMo.. Hrithik has performed all the stunts in all his films. Whether it is Krrish, Dhoom 2, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Krrish 3.. without the use the body doubles.

    Just because Akshay is good with stunts.. doesn’t mean the rest are incapable. Stop being stupid!

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  • ok some morons say only akshay is capable of doing this. haha on your face idiots…. but akshay cant’ act as good as hrithik

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  • Why u r creating a fight bw Hrithik n Akshay
    Hrithik + Akshay >>>>>All d khans
    If both r in d same movie then it will b a real action with best actors

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  • @sachin11, jst shut up dude !! dnt act lyk a moron !! he is nt hungry fr money , he had earlier rejected a huge ad deal jst coz he himself doesn’t use it, he endorses only dose brands wich he connects wid !! bt its so shameful dat losers lyk u jst wnt to degrade a talented n humble person lyk hrithik !! pathetic !!

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  • Hrithik is the best actor in the country today…A Super Duper star…brilliant in acting, sensation in dancing, best looking guy, awesome physique….Krrish 3 will break all records…Hrithik will rule the industry from now onwards for the next 20 years..

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  • sum ppl r jst so jealous of hrithik !! he is d mst dedicated actor in bollywood, evn aftr havin knee injury , he is so dedicated in his wrk !! bt u ppl r bringin him dwn, sad.. u dose ppl comparin him wid akshay, akshay is a trained martial artist, he has long experience in doin stunts !! dnt create rift btwn hrithik n akshay , both r bst in their ways n i respect both, hrithik’s my fav actor bt i think akshay is awesum in comic n raw action ! yes dese two actors giv tuff competition to d khan trio !!

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  • @JMo, okay good, you are akshay’s super fan but why insult hrithik ? both are doing their jobs honestly. if akshay is khiladi then hrithik is greek god.

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  • Dont create fight between Akshay and hrithik,they r fittest actors of bollywood,they r not smokers or drinkers.they didnt create any national controversies or criminal activities,they dont act like anna hazare of bollywood,true inspiration to the youth

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  • @rowdy 786, its jst bttr to nt pay attention to ur filthy cment wich is useless n non sense !! all ppl knw who is copy cat n who is nt !! @boss, yeah true dude bt sum ppl jst dnt undstnd it, dere is already rift wid d khans , nw y do dey wnt a rift btwn hrithik n akshay ?? both r gud !!

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  • @velocity hritik most movies copied from hollywood everyone knw tht forth coin movies are also bang bang is straight remake from hollywood and talk of his actin he dont come to the foot of kamal hassan or aamir khan…not even akshay kumar wen it comes to fan followin any tgis year akki and hritik both hav solo holiday release wil see who will win dude..filthy comments and jealous comments or fan wars are started by 3rd class mentality like you..

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  • @rowdy 786, u crossed ur limits !! bang bang is nt hollywood copy, its official remake where only d theme is similar n d whole screenplay is different u stupid !! where as ur akki has copied many south movie rowdy rathore n yet to com boss,thupakki,ramanna , wat abt dat ??? nw who is d copy cat ??? speak b4 u think !! u r jst a big loser who always wnt to create baseless debates !!

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  • @rowdy 786, i didn’t wnt to say dis bt u forced me to !! ur akshay was nothin b4 2007, where as hrithik has been in d big league since his debut !! akshay is in bollywood fr 2 decades n has done so many movies bt still only aftr 2007 he came to big league, wat wud u say abt it ?? he nvr had highest grosser of d year evr till nw whereas hrithik had 3 tyms 2000,2003,2006 !! hrithik has won numerous bst actor awards bt hw many has akshay got ?? b4 u mek sum arguement, think abt it 10 tyms !! i dnt wnt to say anythin against akshay bt u r mekin baseless arguements here, dats y i had to say !!

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